Tips on How to Advertise using Instagram

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Do You Know How IGTV works?

Do you want to know some tips and recommended tools to use in advertising using Instagram?

We talked about Instagram functionality, and how it captured the youth market.

This podcast discusses the launch of IGTV and how IGTV works.

Do you know how this IGTV works? You can record 1-hour length of the video and post it on Instagram and you can easily share it on Facebook.

Amazing isn’t it? But the unusual thing is, with IGTV you have a Vertical view instead of horizontal which is totally cool but unusual.


We also talked about some editing software that you can use, recording tools and tips on how to advertise Instagram that will definitely help you to boost your search leads.

What Do You Need to Record and Manage Professional Video Content?

1. A Method To Capture Video On Your Desktop

There are several options to capture video on your desktop for use on multiple platforms. Some of the most popular options are as follows:

EcammLive Mac only $79

Screencast O Matic: PC & Mac Solo Deluxe $20 per month

ScreenFlow Mac Only $129

Camtasia Studio Pc & Mac $249


2.Managing your Instagram on your Tablet or desktop

You can manage your pictures and videos with the help of these two applications


Instagram App For PC Free


3. Auto Publishing Services to Instagram for free

And last but not least is using these following applications that will allow you to automatically publish your content.





Here are some of the resources that you might want to check.

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In this youtube video, we’re going to tell you more information about this tools and how to use it, so click the link below and watch this!

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