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TitleCapture – The Title Quote Platform With No Long-term Contract

Title Capture

Title agencies in the United States have widely used Title Capture. It is a platform used by professionals in the real estate and title agencies to generate net sheets, closing cost estimates together with other associated fees in a local market area. It is like pulling the data from different title companies in the country to be able to arrive at these estimates. Moreover, a new tool associated with Title Capture, called sheet.com, was recently introduced wherein a real estate professional can add a widget onto his website to connect directly to their clients. An individual can run this tool and aids the real estate agent to be in the lead. To be able to use this tool, the real estate professional should register for free and have the code embedded into their site. Using this new technology, a real estate agent will be able to drive more traffic into his website.


The accuracy of Title Capture estimates is probably within a couple of hundred dollars from the actual closing costs. Also, the resulting cost could be more accurate by getting more specific. Some of these APIs are giving an accuracy of hundred percent. An example of which is picking a first American relationship all over the country, which involves pulling of title and escrow fees directly from first American calculators. However, you can’t expect the resulting costs to be perfect since those are just estimates. With these estimate at hand, you can give the consumers a choice to put in a commission rate.

Ongoing Research

One of the surprising observations after releasing the net sheet tool in New York is that a lot of real estate agents want to be on the lead after entering the address as an input. It is now the aim for improvements for this tool. It is also possible to take the data and dump it down into a CRM. This technology was initiated since a lot of these software systems can generate net sheets or closing cost estimates but more complicated. This situation causes some problems in terms of auditing and creates more actions to be done. This tool allows generating, saving, opening, and revising these estimates. Moreover, it is mobile friendly for convenience. It is not an app, but Title Capture netsheet.com is accessible to any mobile device since it works just like a website.

Technological Trends in Real Estate

Title Capture is a simple system wherein everything is all integrated. Technological trends in real estate lean towards this type of tool, which is a place that does everything but is not complicated to use. Recent trends are becoming more sophisticated with data and its use. One opportunity that seems to make a revolution in the real estate industry is the retirement or passing of baby boomers leaving their homes to the younger generation, which makes more opportunities on the probate side. A company has introduced a trade-in program for houses, which is similar to the market of automobiles.

The Market and New Technologies

There is an opportunity on the direct title side of the real estate. It could be possible to connect Title Capture to various sinks such as BoomTown. The use of Title Capture and netsheets.com needs to generate more interest in the real estate industry. Moreover, there is a possibility of connecting this system directly to MLS.