Top Apps and Services for Realtors to Get Stuff Done

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Apps and Services for Real Estate Professionals

Password Management

Passwords are essential for keeping accounts for the business secure. Whether you are in the real estate business or not, it is vital to keep a password management tool. Most people want to have different passwords across different sites and applications. Applications that are suitable to have a master password to keep those login details secure are 1Password and LastPass. They have key functionality for saving and sharing passwords. Also, they work for both Windows and Mac for free on desktop devices.

Social Applications

There are various social applications and platforms out there. Each of them captures a specific social group of users. Facebook is essential for an older audience, while Instagram attracts the younger generation. LinkedIn is more likely to be an application for professionals. Other social media applications include Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. You only have to know which one fits your business. A real estate agent may need to create a Facebook page to manage an ad campaign. It is also worthwhile to consider Instagram, which could be prominent in the future for videos and photos for open houses.

Property and Neighborhood Information

A lot of real estate professionals access property information on Real Property Resource (RPR) through the MLS system. It is free from the National Association of Realtors. Agents use it to identify the ownership information, physical characteristics, tax information, and loan information of a specific property. You should also consider other apps that curate various information about a neighborhood, such as the performance of schools. Examples include FirstAm, CoreLogic, REIS Source, Property Shark, Yelp,, and more. They are all good for desktop and mobile devices and can do a good job. Most agents use these tools to have a comparable sales analysis.

Microsoft and Apple Applications

Everyone is familiar with Microsoft Office in terms of Word, Excel, PowerPoint software. These programs have their counterparts for Mac users. Real estate professionals should have tools to manage PDF files as they do their flyers and materials. Agents need an app that can take capture receipts or other documents and convert them into PDF format. Evernote and PDF Expert are suitable applications for these tasks. One could also affix his signature in PDF files. For keeping contacts, FullContact is a free application with a paid version upon reaching a specific limit.

Cloud Storage

For cloud storage, people are familiar with using Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote. They make it easy to store documents in the cloud and across multiple devices at the same time to free up some space on a storage device. These programs apply the concept of having backup files by keeping a copy of it in cloud storage. Google Drive is a popular one, but the basic interface search and capability to share links, and the actual UX design of Dropbox is still superior to Google Drive. Various Google tools are associated with Google Drive, like Google Photos. In case of loss, you even got a backup of your files.

News and Audio Applications

Everyone wants to get updated on current events. For Mac users, they could subscribe to Apple News. Agents could also check Flipboard to get some news. It is also essential to pick some local news. Being a neighborhood expert will help you generate more leads and communicate in your marketplace. Multitasking is a common thing for people nowadays. There are instances that it is better to listen to something than reading them. With audio, you only need to look to get the information you need. Stitcher has audio news service to keep yourself more updated. Other forms of audio tools include podcast applications.

Bonus Content: Other Applications to Generate Better Quality Leads

Videos are suitable marketing materials in the new era. There are a lot of video apps you can use, such as BombBomb. A YouTube channel is necessary for promotions and uploading videos. Ripl, Adobe Spark, and Magisto are excellent for editing videos and branding. Videos are becoming more relevant. Podcasts and Facebook Live are unique avenues to build an audience.

For office setups, sending multiple text messages is still necessary. Emails have 23-24% open rate while text messages reach to 95-97% open rate. HeyMarket, which is priced at $49, could send thousands of texts. For phone calls, using Slydial could let you make ringless voicemails. Another relevant field in real estate is traveling. Waze and Google Maps are very helpful in getting directions.