How To Use Video To Personalize your Brand in 2020

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Mail-Right Podcast Episode 232: How To Use Video To Personalize your Brand in 2020!

Stephen Pacinelli is our special guest for this episode. He’s an expert at helping his clients reach their marketing and branding potential through the use of videos. He’s the Chief Marketing Officer of BombBomb, a company dedicated to helping you communicate effectively with your audience through the use of videos. The videos he builds focus on online marketing, video communication, lead conversion, consumer psychology, and sales automation.

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Marketing Through Video vs. Relationships Through Video

Video is an excellent way to communicate effectively with your customer base. Using them for marketing and as a relationship-building tool is an essential skillset realtor should learn. Most real estate professionals typically use marketing with video. Using it to communicate and build relationships, however, is quite rare in the industry. Using your videos to introduce yourself, setting up the meeting, or face to face before your first contact are excellent ways to leverage the technology on your many online platforms. An excellent way to start is by doing one-to-one videos for individual clients, which will help you build your confidence and video taking skills.

Using Video to Replace Typical Messaging

Stephen adds that their service encourages clients to use fact to face videos with people when connecting with them. Whether through email, text, and social, they provide the necessary tools and training to allow you to do video messages to your customers. Other messaging applications they use this on are LinkedIn messages and Facebook messages.

Using video to communicate in this way lets you get face to face with your audience 99.9% of the time. They provide an easy-to-use platform to allow you to record and send out messages easily. For example, instead of typing a message on Gmail and sending it out, you press the record button, do your message and then hit send. This ensures that your message is much more clearer, and they hear the emotion and tone of your voice.

Videos for Marketing

It’s always a great skill and tool to have videos for your marketing efforts. Video provides additional value that the standard text and image presentations do not provide. You can engage your customers a lot more effectively, which you can leverage on your social media and website.

Encouraging Clients to do Videos

Confidence and anxiety can be a big issue when it comes to transitioning to a one on one video messaging system. You have to think about sending videos as a way to do a face to face meeting. You would never turn down to meet with a potential client due to trivial matters. There may be hurdles in the beginning, but as you get used to the process, you learn to accept that video messages is a fantastic way to communicate effectively with your clients.

Final Thoughts from Stephen on his advice to realtors for 2020

“Customer experience, fanatical view perspective, and actions around creating a great customer experience. Because any industry that’s right for disintermediation. And there’s a bunch, you know, out there, people want to come in and cut out the middle man and make things better, more efficient or what have you. That’s where relationships win. And building an incredible customer experience, whether using video to help you do that or you are just a great person. And you are mindful of your customers and think about the experience that they get before they meet you, while they’re working with you and after they work with you. That would be if I were getting into real estate right now. I would build a point of view, a set of core values that were all around a fanatical customer experience process.”