How To Use Video on YouTube and Your Website To Get More Leads

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Content is king, as a testament to that, the internet is home to a multitude of entertaining and informative content. Currently, videos have become one of the biggest trends in content marketing. For this Mail-right episode, we discuss how to leverage videos for traffic and which Google tools to best use with it. We will also be going to talk about free Google tools like Google maps, Google local search, and using video to get great results when it comes to local search. Join Robert and Jonathan as they explore strategies to increase the amount of traffic for your real estate website without shelling out too much cash.

Growth of Digital Marketing in the Real Estate Industry

Admittedly, most of the available strategies for real estate are direct marketing. But with the progressing development of the digital economy, realtors and other business owners are now provided with plenty of options for marketing their businesses. Online management systems and social media now offer many tools to attract creators into making content your target market needs. While entertainment is a great way to start some traction, informative content is still highly preferred by most audiences. Such information will help you establish your credibility in the industry, thus driving people to your online pages.

Collecting the Right Data for your Marketing Efforts

Data collected from case studies and research drives marketing strategies and assures its success. In a case study on direct marketing through videos, Robert Newman, founder of InboundREM, found two Google tools that help drive traffic up in any new site. According to Robert, business pages should integrate video content, which may be two – four-minute videos that comprise of 10% – 20% sales talk and about 80% – 90% entertainment. Within 30 days, Robert’s case study has driven up traffic and leads well without the help of search engine optimization (SEO).

Although it may take time creating content, the internet especially has a big space for direct marketing and can develop results right away. Inbound marketing, like SEO, on the other hand, can most often take months or years to kick in. While business owners may see this as a bad thing, inbound marketing tends to be permanent and yields more high-quality results.

Tools you Can Use to Improve your Marketing Strategy

Together with the video, Robert has uploaded on his client’s site; Google tools were also utilized to improve the performance of the marketing strategy better. One of which is the Google snippets tool, an optimization tool that allows webmasters and content publishers to strategically construct titles of pages that result in attention-grabbing listings in Google’s organic search results. Through the snippets tool, real estate agents can maximize their click-through rate from Google, thus increasing organic search engine traffic for your page’s unique keywords.

Another tool that realtors can capitalize on is Google maps or Google local search. When utilized in business pages, these tools can set up a plan on your site. The use of these tools promotes hyper-localization, which sends signals directly to Google’s algorithm and, in turn, improves the reach and utilization of your website. The Google tools plus customized video content get exceptional results when it comes to local search, especially for real estate listings.