What content should be on my website?

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#220 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Christy Murdock Edgar

What content should be on my website? Content creation has come a long way from its earlier forms of blogging. Today, more and more realtors have figured out the benefits of content creation and have begun utilizing it on different platforms. To find out more about content creation trends and strategies for your website, Robert and Jonathan have invited Christy Murdoc Edgar, a faculty member of Florida Realtors and consultant with Writing Real Estate for a short yet enlightening discussion on online content.

What content should be on my website?

“What content should be on my website,” is probably the first thing that comes to mind when building your website. But with the development of IDX Feed, the priority of web creators have shifted from useful content to data connection that transfers listings data between a real estate agent’s website and a Multiple Listing Service. For Christy, realtors are better off putting time and expenses into creating content for the site. A fundamental way to improve your website’s content is through the assistance of keywords.

Doing the Proper Keyword Research

Keyword Research helps a lot in deciding on a blog topic that is right for your niche. Check out Google Search Results that are related to the things you do for the business. If you find out that you’re not ranking high enough on Google, you must evaluate both the front-end and the back-end of your website to tweak its language to suit the keywords you prefer to target. Get in the head of your client; this way, you can figure out how they would seek your services out and look at other competitors who are in the same space you want to be, compare your optimization tactics, and identify search terms that bring their web page up.

Becoming a Subject Matter Expert

In regards to ranking, it can get a little tricky writing in-depth content that Google recognizes as an expert opinion. Nonetheless, Christy shares a couple of guidelines that will help you optimize your website content. If you are introducing a video or a bonus visual content, it is recommended that you add a 300-word synopsis as opposed to a 150-word summary. If you prefer to gain more traction from real estate blog post, a minimum of 650 to 700 words is a must. For more in-depth blog posts, long-form articles of up to 2000 or 3000 words are encouraged. The goal for these articles is to become readable content. The length and quality of your content, as well as additional elements of the website, establishes its authority. 

Investing in your Digital Marketing Efforts

Almost everybody in real estate has felt the urgency to switch to digital marketing and are thinking hard on how they can better position themselves. They are now more willing to put in the time, effort, and financial resources to improve the content, thus increasing engagement and web traffic in the long run. Because everyone is following suit, it is essential to remember to set yourself apart. Christy shares a final note on creating your content for your entrepreneurship: Be a meaningful specific as opposed to a wandering generality.