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263 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Will Friedner of Montana Life Realty

In Episode 263 of the Mail Right Show Podcast, our Special Guest Will Friedner of Montana Life Realty discussed with Jonathan and me how you could use Youtube effectively as a real estate agent. Will has successfully managed to get 1 million views on his Youtube channel, and 50% of his leads come directly from his videos about moving in and living in Montana. He tried podcast at first but was disappointed with the results until he stumbled across Youtube. He said Youtube for real estate is the number one thing because it is a visual medium and people want to see where they’re moving. Starting his journey, he researched various social media platforms, attended conferences, and worked on his video editing skills. If you’re looking for an effective medium to connect with your audience, YouTube has to be one of the best tools available for savvy online real estate marketers today.

How to Do It Right

When I asked Will how he did it, he said that he studied a lot about SEO for YouTube and his website. Proper tagging and optimization have helped him out immensely. That is why when someone types in Montana, his video is the first one that comes up. Your videos don’t need to be a Hollywood million dollar production film on why you should move to Montana. You have to give people what they want and tell them what they need to hear. To equipped himself, Will bought a microphone for $20 and a $40 camera from Amazon, a video editing software Camtasia for $200, and a PC for editing. To get results, he made sure to have a catchy title, correct tagging, good description, which were all made possible by Google, Tubebody, and Neil Patel.

YouTube Video Contents

Content that Will focused on included breaking down different things people need to know about moving into his market and the different Montana laws. Usually, the videos he made were just around 10 minutes long, and it shows a lot of the area and the scenery. The general information given was unpretentious. He also made videos to inform people about things they need to know about Montana. I even suggested several topics and content that Will might be interested in doing, like answers to questions such as: How do you improve your existing home? What do you need? What are good additions to existing homes here in Montana? Is solar really proactive here in Montana? Stuff like that might get him some traffic from people who actually live in Montana and might get him in touch with some people looking to sell their home instead of just the buyers moving into the city.

Getting Leads Through YouTube

As for how Will explained it, the Youtube algorithm made it possible. When a video ended up in a million people’s feed, that number has a significant conversion rate. Even if you only get a fraction of click-throughs, you can potentially get a significant number of leads from that video. Will usually gets three to four calls or emails from people that want to move to Montana. Over 50% of his sales come from leads directly from his YouTube channel, which is a significant number, especially for his overall sales volume.

If you’re looking to start a YouTube channel for your own business, you can check out Will Friedner for inspiration at: