Who is Robert Newman?

Likely the most experienced Real Estate Online Marketing Consultant in the U.S.

I’m a storyteller, cat dad, Angeleno, and Evangelist of Inbound Marketing for the entirety of my 32-year career in sales. For the last 16 years, I have been helping real estate agents and brokers use Inbound Marketing to generate better relationships online. This produces better leads and more sales.  

Here is a SMALL handful of my more visible clients.

Marisa Zanuck – Fourteen-year veteran of Hilton and Hyland. Co-founder of the LA Nest Seekers office, Marisa was famously married to Dean Zanuck, and she’s an alumnus of Beverly Hills House Wives.

Joyce Rey – The first lady of Los Angeles Real Estate. Joyce is a legend. She was most recently in the press for selling Robin William’s former estate. She was one of the first women (EVER) to have one billion in lifetime residential real estate sales. She’s on the cutting edge of technology and credits Instagram for some of her current success. In 2016 she was still listed as one of the Top 25 Hollywood Real Estate Agents. A list she’s been on pretty consistently since 1976.


Rayni and Branden Williams – Five of the last six years have been legendary for the Willaims. You’ll find them on tons of “Top of” lists. They have 3.5 billion in combined residential real estate sales.

These clients would never write a review

You can find 55 reviews (about me) on Facebook, Google, and Yelp. But you won't see any from big corporations or brokers doing over 100 million in revenue. Why? They don't want you to do any business with my company or consult with me. Then they would have compete with you. (Since I am the ONLY company in the US focusing on an SEO first strategy for driving traffic and leads there is virtually no competition).

Get educated before making major marketing investments.

I am passionately committed to making sure Real Estate professionals can get EDUCATED advice and reviews for the technology they are considering buying… BEFORE THEY BUY IT.

If you don’t want to learn but instead want to hire a company that will do all the hard work for you, I founded a company that will do exactly that. InboundREM will build a website you own, create an inbound marketing-focused website that will generate more traffic and higher quality leads than PPC, Facebook marketing. Plus we’ll do it for less money.

If you DO want to use other forms of marketing to get faster results then our websites will convert at higher percentages with better lead quality than anything else you can currently buy. Best of all you will OWN the results as opposed to leasing other marketing companies’ services and having THEM KEEP ALL OF THE LONG TERM value for the dollars you are spending.

I’ve been using inbound marketing strategies for the last 14 years, secretly providing HUGE amounts of leads and exposure to some of real estate’s top producers.

2024 will be the last year I am personally accepting consultative calls.