2024 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

guide and list to the best lead generation companies for real estate realtors and agents in 2023
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Table of Contents

This article provides transparent reviews about real estate lead generation companies/systems and then ranks them by category. 

I have left out a big pay-to-play player: Realtor.com (and all subsidiaries)

You’d be hard-pressed to find experts in the real estate lead generation game that give radically honest information about the strengths and weaknesses of each real estate lead generation company/system listed here.

Time is a factor. Doing detailed reviews takes time. Expertise is a factor. Not too many marketers have both, and those that do likely have other priorities.

Radical Ideas about Choosing a Lead Generation System/Company

Radical Idea 1 

There is no such thing as BEST. Even if one of these lead generation companies consistently delivered MUCH stronger results than another (which they don’t), you need to consider your marketing fundamentals. 

  • Do you understand automated lead nurturing systems
  • How big of a budget have you set aside for layered marketing efforts like automated texting and ISAs?
  • How good are you at tracking marketing results, both long and short term, from within high-volume lead generation environments

Radical Idea 2

You need to start a search for a real estate lead generation company by understanding who YOU are as a customer. The company you chose is not the system. The company is the leadership and its commitment to customer service. In most cases, even the good ones, you are giving up quite a bit of your customary rights, such as: 

  • The right to move your leads from one place to the other quickly and sometimes AT ALL.
  • Extremely aggressive cancellation penalties
  • Unbreakable multi-year contracts (with full financial fulfillment regardless of the reason for cancellation)

Radical Idea 3 

A real estate system needs to serve YOU and your business. Make sure you test service elements and understand their usefulness BEFORE making multi-year commitments. 



Top 12 Real Estate Lead Generation Companies in 2023

No pay-for-play like Op City, Realtor.com, or Zillow.


(Listed Alphabetically)


Bold Leads


Commissions Inc



Real Estate Webmasters

Real Geeks


Sierra Interactive




Using Rankings to select your real estate lead generator

I’ve put insane thought into generating accurate and transparent rankings of the best real estate lead generation companies. However, this article shows the only tip of the iceberg for each ranking. Otherwise, it would be an entire book.

After each section, I’ve provided many further resources in the form of in-depth articles and video reviews. If you read and watch what I provided, you will have an in-depth analysis not only on each company but the methods they use to generate leads.


infographic of the best real estate lead generation companies (rankings)


Website Real Estate Lead Generation 

9 of the 12 companies on this list use websites to support their lead generation efforts. Some are far better than others in both appearance and results. 

If you’d like to know the best real estate website development companies, I highly recommend you check out that article.

It’s the best guide in the universe if you need to have someone build and manage a real estate website, whether for branding, IDX, or lead generation.



1. Real Estate Webmasters Custom and Search Websites with CRMs


It’s both an easy and tough decision to put REW at the top of this list. 

Here are the facts. They have more websites producing more leads than any other company. They have been doing it far longer than any other company on the list. And they get results.

Anyone who makes a list of the best real estate lead generation websites and doesn’t put REW at the top is either under-informed or dishonest.


There are some big catches. This company has a lot of challenges, and you REALLY need to do your due diligence before using them. 

They cost anywhere from 2-4X more than any other company. Generally, you will pay them 15-25% of your total GCI. 

Plus, you do NOT own your website. In other words, switching companies will be difficult and expensive. Essentially, you’ll lose your whole investment.

That’s especially scary because I’ve heard firsthand reports of Real Estate Webmasters doing sudden, significant price hikes with little to no warning.

Their CEO has built the single worst personal reputation in all of real estate technology. (This is a data-driven assessment based on the number of negative reviews that mention Morgan Carey by name).

Personally, I have difficulty recommending that kind of company to anyone. 

Overall, they are the best at what they do. But that does not mean they are the best choice for the average agent.



  • Best all-in-one website
  • 15+ years of consistent results
  • Plenty of website design options
  • Agent and Team websites
  • Deep SEO knowledge 
  • Top 3 search experience
  • Detailed neighborhood and city options



  • You don’t own the website.
  • Three-year agreements with stringent cancellation policies that are enforced
  • Most expensive upfront and ongoing costs bar none.
  • The NEW CRM is not as good as the old one.
  • REW does not play nice with its clients or other providers creating all sorts of difficulties long term
  • Unpredictable leadership almost always affects clients negatively. (Forced upgrades, price increases with little notice, and limited options to opt-out are just a few recent issues, egregious contract policy enforcement)
  • REW has been around for 15 years and does NOT provide exclusive territories. If you’re in a metro marketplace, there is a strong chance you will compete with many other REW sites.

Find a more detailed review about Real Estate Webmaster’s lead generation, go to the beginning of the video above or check out our 2023 REW review 



2. Sierra Interactive Search Website and CRM


Sierra Interactive would be number one on this list if not for Real Estate Webmasters’ more extensive portfolio of LIVE websites.

A solid number two, Sierra Interactive has consistent ROI in many marketplaces. They deliver a solid all-in-one solution and have much better customer service than Real Estate Webmasters. 

They also cost about 25% less. Sierra Interactive has mediocre content development functionality, but the best SEARCH functionality available in a real estate website bar none. 

Finally, you do NOT own this website, which has its own consequences, especially on ROI.



  • One of the faster real estate websites money can buy
  • Deep understanding of server and website technologies that impact speed, usability, and integrations with other services
  • 12 years of experience with 2000+ clients
  • Rock-solid CRM that stacks up against all but the best “stand-alone” options
  • Solid all-in-one solution (Website, CRM, Follow Up system)
  • Best search-based website bar none
  • Good to excellent customer service
  • Particularly good about integrating with other services
  • The site performs well for SEO when you hire an outside service or learn and understand SEO yourself


  • You do not own the website.
  • There are no exclusive territories, so you’ll likely compete against other Sierra Interactive websites if you’re in a metro area.
  • A complicated system with unfriendly user guides (see my hour-long review trying to explain the system)
  • Not as mobile-friendly/forward-thinking as many of its competitors.
  • Old school content management system (Not great on the content creation side)

Find a more detailed review about Sierra Interactive’s lead generation at the 7:43-minute mark on the video above. 

Alternatively, you can check out my full review on Sierra Interactive services. 


3. BoomTownROI Search Websites 


While the company is just as established as Real Estate Webmasters, they have fallen behind in website building over the last few years. For a full review, including an end-user functionality review, go to Inboundrem’s Boomtown ROI review.


 Boomtown ROI PROS

  • Tons of experience with a large client base
  • Relatively affordable setup costs of $750-$1500
  • Fast websites


  • Declining quality of website builds, especially as mobile-friendly websites become increasingly essential.
  • Same design principles for over a decade

Find a more detailed review about BoomTown’s lead generation at the 13:14-minute mark on the video above.


4. Real Geeks Search Websites 


Real Geeks excels at providing super-fast websites that work well for PPC. However, they produce a sub-par product if you want a forward-thinking, mobile-responsive website that generates long-term ROI.



  • Fast websites
  • The very affordable startup cost of $700 
  • Decent CRM


  • Poor, often off-putting design
  • They still have not embraced a mobile-first approach to website design. 

Find a more detailed review about Real Geeks’ lead generation at the 15:28-minute mark on the video above.

You can also read our full comparison review of Real Geeks vs EAP.

5. Inbound Real Estate Marketing (Inboundrem Inc)


It’s always tough to rank your own company and be transparent with yourself about the pros and cons of your business. 

Because I understand my competitors in a way very few do, I think I am safe in saying we are number three on this list. 

We are the only real estate lead generator that provides ownership of the website and focuses heavily on inbound marketing concepts

We lead the pack for our mobile experience, and we’ve solved the IDX challenge of making property results appear as original content to Google. 

To the best of my knowledge, we are the only company that has licked the problem of website ownership. 

Since we build on WordPress, we use one of the best content management systems in the world. Plus, we’ve altered it to work especially well for real estate.

We’re still high touch, and we cost about four times less than an equivalent website from our competitors provide.




  • You own the website
  • Best CMS (with alterations and adaptations for real estate)
  • Great mobile experience (I haven’t seen anything better but that’s subjective)
  • Strong SEO knowledge and performance
  • The only high-touch provider in the top 5 (personal attention to your account from the leaders of the company)
  • Unique content/functionality
  • Highest long-term ROI of the Top 5
  • Protected Territories (2-account limit per hyper-local market type)
  • You get a lot more website for the money



  • At five years old with 200+ accounts, IREM is the newest and smallest company in the Top 5.
  • Not an all-in-one system
  • Our ROI timeline is longer than others on this list.

Find a more detailed review about InboundREM’s lead generation at the 17:14-minute mark on the video above.

Alternatively, you can read the Inbound Real Estate Marketing ROI Case Study.


CRMS used for lead management and generation (Ranked)


This section ranks the best companies that provide a lead generation website and a Customer Relationship Management platform. The CRM can be either an external platform or built-in to your website backend. Some companies provide a lot of pre-built backend mechanisms, and while these combine with CRMS and follow-up mechanisms, I refer to those services as systems.

Remember that CRMs are easily the most complex part of online lead generation.  Understanding the CRM before you purchase the website can be crucial to your success.

On the other hand, it’s important to note that CRMs do not lend themselves to deep relationship-building strategies. In my opinion, and many others, this is vital to your long-term prosperity.

As you choose the best real estate lead generation company, consider keeping both these aspects at the forefront of your mind.



1. Sierra Interactive – Search Website and CRM 

One of the most significant aspects of Sierra Interactive CRM is its friendly stance towards non-native integrations. Sierra Interactive has over 50 pre-built two integrations, including many with competing realtor CRMS.  If you tried this kind of data transfer before, you know what a massive headache it can be. The fact the SI team makes it easy in many cases is a major bonus and gives you the best opportunity for centralized lead distribution. 

Additionally, many teams have multiple CRMs, so the two-way integration provided by Sierra Interactive allows them to be on more lists as a possible vendor selection. 



  • Very fast websites
  • CRM works for both teams and agents
  • Scalable platform that grows with you
  • CRM data transfer fluidly from other CRMs and integrates well with other CRMs you may have set up
  • Affordable setup pricing


  • High monthly maintenance fees ($399-$599)
  • You do not own your website
  • Limited Content Management System

For more information, go to the 0:51 minute mark on the video above.

If you’d like to do a deep dive, I encourage you to check out my Full Review of Sierra Interactive, including their CRM.

2. BoomTownROI –  Search Website and Team CRM combo


While BoomTown still deserves the Number 2 ranking, the sophistication of its CRM isn’t keeping up with the competition’s development. 

At the same time, they will likely be rolling out new technological advances in the next couple of years. For now, however, it’s anyone’s guess what that timeline will look like.


Boomtown ROI – Website and CRM  PROS

  • A large client base using their CRM that proves its effectiveness
  • Established and reliable company with lots of industry experience
  • Great Team dashboards
  • Aimed at larger teams
  • Incredible integration with Mojo

Boomtown ROI – Website and CRM CONS

  • High monthly maintenance fees, plus significant fees per additional realtor/user on the CRM
  • Currently using somewhat outdated CRM technology.
  • The most expensive monthly system cost
  • CRM and its functionality is now very overpriced and slightly outdated

Find a more detailed review about BoomTown’s Website + CRM combo, go to the 5:44-minute mark on the video above.

3. Commissions Inc. Search Website and CRM Combo



  • Another established and reliable company with a proven track record
  • Many internal filters on the CRM which is highly useful for tracking and designating leads (for example, to a lender partner)
  • Somewhat friendly CRM in terms of integrating with other CRMs


  • Fairly expensive, inflexible pricing ($900-$1500/month)

Find a more detailed review about Commissions Inc.’s Website + CRM combo, go to the 10:24-minute mark on the video above.

If you’d like to do a deep dive, I encourage you to check out my Full Review of Commissions Inc, including their CRM.

4. Real Geeks Search Website and CRM Features


Overall, Real Geeks is a very strong option for those on a budget. The services and technology you get are certainly inferior, but the value for the price is excellent.


Real Geek CRM PROS

  • Very affordable pricing starting at $275/month.
  • CRM is simple but effective, allowing for texting, lead tracking, limited filters, dialing and texting systems
  • Tons of agent testimonials demoing various ways agents use the CRM to track prospects, create speed-to-lead scenarios, and automated responses that were working four years ago when they were filming the reviews.

Real Geeks CRM CONS

  • Works best for single agents and possibly small teams
  • Lacks a lot of advanced features that have become common over the last 5 years
  • Requires tons of research or additional experts to be successful
  • No longer owned by an engaged leader
  • Little development or CRM additions since Real Geeks was sold to FNF Group on July 25th, 2017.

Find a more detailed review about Real Geeks’s Website + CRM combo, go to the 15:11-minute mark on the video above.

If you’d like to learn more, I encourage you to check out my Video Review of Real GeeksAlternatively, you can read my comparison article on Real Geeks vs Easy Agent Pro.

5. kvCORE Cloud CRM and Lead Management System


In short, I’d recommend kvCORE for agents working in regions with lower average home values. Or very large teams. Kyle Handy and many others have tons of reviews up, or if your looking for a profound dive, you can take a look at my user review of the KvCore/Kunversion cloud CRM



  • Established company with a large client base
  • CRM has decent filters for tracking and designating leads
  • Cloud-based CRM makes maintenance and updates easier

KvCore Cloud CRM CONS

  • Cloud-based CRM makes the system slower 
  • Not a good option for anyone servicing areas with above-average home values

Find a more detailed review about Real Geeks’ Website + CRM combo, go to the 17:21-minute mark on the video above.

If you’d like to find out more information, I encourage you to check out my Full Review of kvCORE, including their CRM.

Systems and Services used for real estate lead generation (No Website)


I highly recommend a diverse base of marketing strategies, anywhere from 4 to 20 different tactics. Non-website lead generation companies can be an effective contribution.

However, before committing to Zillow or Realtor.com, I’d encourage you to read Companies with Highest Lead Acquisition Costs below.

While easy to use, Zillow and Realtor.com are the most expensive options on this article to generate real estate leads. 



1. Zillow Lead Generation Service


Zillow is a beast. They have some of the most talented minds in real estate working for them. At the same time, realtors are not experiencing the success they were a couple of years ago.

I’ve surveyed my clients that use or used Zillow. Their budgets range from $600 to $70K a month. From the many conversations I’ve had, I learned this: the more you spend, the lower your ROI.

My clients get between a 2:1 and 4:1 ROI. Anything over a 3:1 ROI is great, but what you have to take into consideration is how much work you have to do in the process.

In that sense, Zillow is an excellent option. While it may not give you the best ROI, there’s little additional work necessary. 



  • Easiest to set up and use
  • Very quick results
  • Numerous plans for a variety of budgets
  • You benefit from Zillow’s ranking authority
  • Hot transferred leads


  • Not the best ROI
  • Sub-par conversion rates

Find a more detailed review of Zillow’s lead generation at the beginning of the video. 

You may also be curious about how Zillow and Trulia are stealing your leads.

2. Realtor.com Lead Generation Service


I have fewer clients using Realtor.com than Zillow. The two business models are very similar. However, with Realtor.com you don’t get hot transferred leads.

These leads still convert about the same, between 1:20 and 1:30. This statistic is important because Realtor.com is less expensive than Zillow.

Another top complaint is that agencies using these platforms have difficulty getting their agents to call the generated leads. 

You may consider this a management problem rather than an issue with the quality of the leads. If you don’t have a team of hungry realtors, you may also run into this issue.



  • Easy to set up and use
  • Very quick results
  • Numerous plans for a variety of budgets
  • You benefit from Realtor.com’s ranking authority
  • Less expensive than Zillow


  • Not the best ROI
  • Sub-par conversion rates

Find a more detailed review of Realtor.com’s lead generation at the 6:35-minute mark on the video.

3. Bold Leads CRM and Lead Funnel System


This lead generation platform works differently because they are specifically a Facebook marketer. The potential lead clicks on a Facebook advertisement, redirecting them to a landing page.

I have been recommending Bold Leads for years as part of an overall marketing strategy. I continue to stand by that recommendation. 

They aren’t the best real estate lead generation platform without a website, but they are worth trying.



  • Fractional monthly cost compared to Zillow and Realtor.com ($600 compared to $1200-$2000)
  • Especially great for new real estate agents who just need an influx of potential leads
  • Simple to use


  • Sub-par quality leads (Between 1:50 and 1:60 conversion rate)

Find a more detailed review of Bold Lead’s lead generation at the 12:05-minute mark on the video.

You can also read my full Bold Leads review, including an interview with the founders.

4. Zero to Diamond Coaching System


Ricky Carruth has developed a training program for circle prospecting. It’s a deviation from the other options on this list because it’s more of a strategy and resource center than a lead generation platform.

But his coaching program is free, and it works. I have 35 years of experience with making sales over the phone, and his tactics are rock solid.



  • Free to use
  • Effective circle prospecting techniques
  • Includes live examples of cold calling


  • Requires significant effort on your part

Find a more detailed review of Zero to Diamond’s lead generation at the 14:25-minute mark on the video.

Highest Priced Real Estate Leads (Ranked EST ROI)


To be fair, an exhaustive data-based comparison would be complicated. 

So much depends on which packages and options you choose. Of course, I also don’t have access to the data for every company and client on earth. 

Still, three companies clearly have the highest cost per acquired lead.



1. Zillow High Priced Leads 


The majority of my clients use Zillow at some point. However, the majority of those Zillow clients also cancel eventually. 

The reason is simple. They are getting a relatively low ROI. Plus, there aren’t enough ancillary benefits, like strong referrals.


Zillow High-Cost Leads PROS 

  • High-quality, hot transferred leads
  • Almost instantaneous 
  • Zillow qualifies most leads for legitimacy

Zillow High Cost Leads CONS

  • Estimated 2:1 ROI
  • Agencies have difficulty getting their realtors to use Zillow-generated leads consistently.
  • A direct competitor to most real estate agents
  • MUST have a high conversion rate to be worth the cost

Find a more detailed review of Zillow’s acquisition cost at the beginning of the video.

You may also want to find out how Zillow and Trulia are stealing your leads.

2. Real Estate Webmasters Highest Website Lead Acquisition Costs


While REW is expensive across the board, many of these costs are worthwhile. You’ll pay relatively high costs for the website build and SEO marketing solutions. 

But some of these costs are fair because REW provides a good website and excellent lead generation solutions.

The rub is their $500-$1000/month service fee. This is especially problematic because a real estate SEO website can take years to gain powerful traction. Combined with their mandatory 3-5 year service agreement and a black and white policy of never allowing clients to cancel the said agreement without paying in full, this company is easily the most expensive, risky real estate lead generation provider. You’re looking at $30-50K with no advertising. Triple that with advertising. 



  • Diversified, high-quality leads
  • Premium SEO marketing talent


  • Costly monthly costs
  • Poor ROI, especially for the initial “building years”

Find a more detailed review of Real Estate Webmaster’s acquisition cost at the 2:53-minute mark in the video.

3. Realtor.com


The issue here is the same as with Zillow since Realtor.com has essentially the same business model as Zillow. They’re just a bit cheaper for slightly less high-quality leads. 



  • Easy and quick leads
  • Somewhat cheaper than Zillow


  • Estimated 2:1 ROI

Find a more detailed review of Realtor.com’s acquisition cost at the 7:20-minute mark in the video.

Lowest Priced Real Estate Leads


Naturally, paying as little as possible for a lead is attractive. But of course, the quality of leads can vary greatly. Time spent is a verifiable metric when evaluating the true value of a lead which is ROI. 

This ranking of the best real estate lead generation companies can be helpful, but when taken with a grain of salt.



1. Ylopo Website – CRM – System – Paid Advertising lead generation


They focus primarily on lead generation through Facebook. Expect to pay $1100-$1500 each month for an effective setup.


The PROS of using Ylopo to acquire low cost leads

  • Excellent automated texting systems
  • Facebook leads are very inexpensive at $2-$3 per lead
  • Excellent registration tactics
  • If you’re willing to put in the work, you can generate a strong ROI

 The CONS of using Ylopo to acquire low-cost leads 

  • Target leads through Facebook, which are generally the lowest quality leads.
  • Lots of work is necessary to ensure strong results
  • Getting results requires extremely aggressive tactics such as 10-30 text messages in a month. This pushes more prospects out of the funnel than it pushes further down the funnel, likely eliminating them forever as prospective clients.

Find a more detailed review of Ylopo’s acquisition cost, go to the beginning of the video above.

 If you’d like to do a deep dive, I encourage you to check out my Full Review of Ylopo.

2. Bold Leads facebook and PPC advertising with landing pages (Funnel)


This company is a close second to Ylopo. In essence, they are cheaper and less effective. Expect to pay $750-$850 each month.


  • A strong option for new agents with low budgets and a willingness to work hard
  • Easy to use and understand CRM
  • Many leads to help newer agents practice scripts and call conversion skills.


  • A fairly basic system lacks the sophistication necessary for teams and established agents. 
  • Super low quality leads little better than cold calling.
  • Reps for this company tend to be unhelpful and lack any kind of deep industry knowledge

Find a more detailed review of Bold Leads’ acquisition cost, go to the 4:15 minute-mark on the video above.

If you’d like to find more in-depth information, I encourage you to check out my Full Review of Bold Leads.

3. Real Geeks Facebook Listing Leads (Low Cost)


Historically, Real Geeks has focused more on PPC rather than Facebook leads. However, they also have a very inexpensive, $50 add-on for Facebook. Of course, it’s not nearly as sophisticated as Ylopo or Bold Leads.


PROS of using real geeks for low-cost Facebook leads

  • Very inexpensive at ~$250 per month and probably about $3-4 per lead
  • It’s a super easy system. About as easy as any you will find
  • Connecting to a decent CRM makes calling and working leads easy.
  • Gives newer agents an opportunity to learn scripts and processes.


  • You need to learn the Real Geeks system and build your website yourself.
  • Leads are VERY low quality.
  • You must have listings or be willing to use other agents in order to make the system work.
  • You must be willing to call and text a lot plus have excellent organizational skills.

Find a more detailed review of Real Geeks’ acquisition cost, go to the 7:09 minute-mark on the video above.

If you’d like to learn a lot more, I encourage you to check out my comparison article on Real Geeks vs Easy Agent Pro.

Google Pay Per Click (High Intent Real Estate Leads)


Pay-Per-Click lead generation is when you pay each time a Google user clicks on an advertisement to your landing page. These ads appear in the search results. 

Almost all of the listed companies do PPC quite well. Additionally, PPC leads are very high-intent. In other words, people who click on the ads almost always are actively searching for a property.



What’s The Difference between PPC and Inbound Content Marketing


Notably, the best-performing PPC campaigns require aggressive (read: intrusive and annoying) methods for getting visitors to register. 

However, if you want to do inbound content marketing on your site, this will be detrimental. It makes your site seem unfriendly and maybe even predatory. 

If you’re doing inbound content marketing (like blog posting), you want to give your visitors the exact opposite impression.


1. Real Geeks Uses Google Adwords (PPC)


Real Geeks optimizes PPC like none other. Their landing pages (and their websites in general) are explicitly designed to excel in this method of lead generation.

If your primary driver of online leads is PPC, Real Geeks is the best option. Their setup and monthly service costs are also very reasonable. Expect to pay around $1700 per month for an effectively managed PPC campaign using their Real Geeks website and managed PPC services


PROS of using real geeks Adwords lead generation

  • Best designed websites for PPC
  • A huge resource bank for optimizing your site for PPC
  • All Real Geeks websites come with a custom, out-of-the-box PPC setup
  • Very reasonable setup and monthly service costs

CONS of using the Real Geeks team to manage your Adwords campaign

  • Requires significant work, research, and education on your end 
  • Alternatively requires hiring a third-party party
  • Not the best all-around lead generation website option
  • Poor choice if you prefer non-invasive marketing strategies
  • Expensive management fees ($500 m/o)

Find a more detailed review of Real Geeks PPC at the beginning of the video.

2. Ylopo Google Adwords 


Unlike Real Geeks, Ylopo was designed to crush it on Facebook marketing. As time progressed, they added Google PPC.

One of the upshots of the Ylopo system is their ability to remarket extremely well. In other words, they can provide targeted ads that appear to the same visitor again and again. 

Naturally, this improves the chances that potential leads will register. And it’s part of their standard setup, so there are no additional costs.


PROS of using Ylopo’s Google Adwords lead generation strategy

  • First-class PPC support systems, especially remarketing
  • Automated text messaging systems for potential leads
  • A world-class CMO (Gue) running the show and being directly involved in AdWords targeting strategies.

CONS of using Ylopos PPC team

  • Inferior PPC landing pages compared to Real Geeks.
  • The automated text messaging creates a lot of angry pushback among specific potential leads (more info in the video at the 14-minute mark)
  • Extremely High Management fees

Find a more detailed review of Ylopo PPC around the 9-minute mark in the video.

For a more comprehensive article on Ylopo, check out this honest review.

3. BoomTown Google Adwords (PPC) 


BoomTown works; there’s little doubt about it. But the service can be quite expensive. Expect to pay around $3000 monthly for an effective Google Adwords marketing campaign. Like most other platforms, Boomtown charges a very healthy fee for Adwords management, and unlike Ylopo, they don’t have an inspired market dictating their PPC strategy. 


PROS of using BoomtownROI’s in-house PPC team

  • Smart, non-aggressive techniques for registering leads
  • Well-designed landing pages with a custom mapping system
  • Tour-In-Person feature
  • Strong CRM and back-end features for lead distribution and tracking

 CONS of using BoomtownROI for Adwords advertising

  • Clients don’t optimize the functionality of their landing pages, possibly because of a lack of encouragement and tutorials from BoomTown.
  • Extremely Expensive both for the platform and the management
  • Sub Par PPC management

Find a more detailed review of BoomTown PPC around the 14-minute mark in the video.

4. Commissions Inc. Google Adwords Campaigns


CINC is another company that uses PPC as a cornerstone marketing method. Expect to pay around $2500 per month for an effective marketing campaign.


PROS of using commissions inc for PCC

  • Improved (but still relatively below average) remarketing methods.
  • Many filters and specific landing pages
  • An enormous amount of pre-built options for working with partners (Mortgage officers and such)
  • Better marketing tracking than most of their competitors.

CONS of using commissions inc for PCC

  • Generally very basic quality websites.
  • Expensive and unimaginative PPC campaigns.
  • Very inflexible when it comes to PPC strategy.

Find a more detailed review of Commissions Inc around the 18-minute mark in the video.

You can also check out this comprehensive review of CINC, including way more pros and cons.

5. kvCORE Google Adwords (team lead generation)


PROS of using KvCore for Google Adwords Lead Generation

  • A decent set of landing page features
  • Strong URLs for PPC
  • Birth to death lead tracking
  • Automated responses
  • Ability to sort leads based on an Agent landing page, which allows for splitting advertising costs

CONS of using Kvcore for PPC

  • Less intuitive, slow webpages
  • Very antiquated design
  • A terrible Content management system, which means terrible landing pages
  • Have to used forced registration for success

Find a more detailed review of kvCORE PPC around the 20-minute mark in the video.

 Facebook Real Estate Leads

It’s important to understand that Facebook leads are the lowest quality leads. Companies that excel at getting the best quality Facebook leads still deliver poor-quality leads. On the other hand, they can have a meager cost of acquisition. 



1. Ylopo Facebook Leads 


The company was founded around the idea of driving real estate leads through Facebook marketing, so this is Ylopo’s bread and butter. On this front, they are a mile ahead of everyone else.



  • High conversion rates
  • Constantly changing advertisements
  • Best at filtering for higher quality leads
  • Homebot and other value adds


  • Low quality leads, as with all Facebook marketing leads
  • Overall system is very agreesive

For a more detailed review of Ylopo’s Facebook marketing, check out the beginning of the video above.

Alternatively, you can read this overall review of Ylopo with pricing.

2. Real Geeks Face Book leads 


Real Geeks is good at both Facebook and PPC marketing. Plus, they have excellent customer reviews and inexpensive pricing.

However, because their platform is geared toward these short-term techniques, it is a poor setup for long-term techniques like SEO content marketing.



  • Facebook marketing tool built-in to their CRM
  • Easy and cheap lead generation strategy
  • Automated Listing ad creation
  • Inexpensive ad creation tool
  • Great YouTube channel (Before Jeff Left)


  • Very low-quality, often-unqualified leads
  • Expensive professional help available
  • In 2022 Listing ads are outdated and generally yield poor results.
  • Leadership is lackluster after Jeff sold the company.

For a more detailed review of Real Geek’s Facebook marketing, go to the 1:50-minute mark on the video above.

3. Bold Leads Facebook Marketing


Bold Leads, now owned by Property base, is an option.



  • CRM has a simple, easy-to-learn Follow-Up system 


  • Very low-quality, often-unqualified leads

For a more detailed review of Bold Leads’s Facebook marketing, go to the 3:15-minute mark on the video above.

You can also read my full review of Bold Leads, including a video interview with the founders.

The best options for using SEO to generate real estate leads


Inbound lead generation through SEO is a vastly underused strategy in the real estate marketing world. 

Inbound marketing is essentially giving away high-value content for free. You get a long-term presence on Google, demonstrate authority, and create trust. Naturally, these create leads.

You continually pay to generate leads when you do short-term tactics like PPC. Every month, again and again. Alternatively, you can pay for or create amazing content once and see continual leads for years. 

It’s the difference between fetching water from a river and building a well.

Only a few companies do SEO/Inbound Marketing very well. Only one company combines both SEO and inbound marketing. That leads us to our rankings.



1. Inbound Real Estate Marketing (InboundREM Inc) 


InboundREM is the only company that is founded around the powerful intersection between SEO and inbound lead generation. The very reason you’re reading this article is that my strategies work.

I list myself first because nobody creates content that’s as powerful and effective as mine. My content ranks and converts highly. Plus, companies that do similar work charge much more for inferior content.



  • Deeply researched, well-written articles that rank and convert highly
  • Top-notch SEO knowledge
  • Very reasonable pricing (2-10x less expensive than Real Estate Webmasters)
  • You own your website


  • To fully optimize your inbound leads through SEO, you’ll need to create some content with your own voice.
  • Certain larger teams or specialized teams might not want a bespoke solution (custom)

For a more detailed review of InboundREM’s inbound SEO marketing, go to the beginning of the video above.

You can also find out how our services create the best long-term ROI by reading this client case study

2. Real Estate Webmasters SEO


Like InboundREM, the founder of REW is first and foremost an SEO expert. They have many high-performing websites grounded in strong SEO techniques.



  • Deep SEO expertise
  • Numerous effective websites


  • Very expensive
  • You do not own your website

For a more detailed review of Real Estate Webmaster’s SEO, go to the 8:20-minute mark on the video above.

3. Sierra Interactive


Importantly, Sierra Interactive owns a few of the Top 10 best real estate agent websites in the world for SEO. That’s because they provide an excellent website, which can be very well optimized by the realtor or perhaps a third party team.

But that does not mean that if you have an SI website, it will definitely be powerful. It will require lots of work and additional spend to optimize the platform they provide.



  • Top-notch platform with lots of potential
  • They’ve built many successful, high-conversion websites


  • You don’t own your website
  • Relatively expensive

For a more detailed review of Sierra Interactive’s SEO, go to the 9:40-minute mark on the video above.

Of course, you can also read my comprehensive review of Sierra Interactive.


Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies For Short Term ROI


By short-term ROI, I mean your Return On Investment after 12 months.



1. Ylopo


Putting Ylopo first isn’t very cut and dry. You may wait 3-4 months before you start converting leads. However, they have extremely consistent results in all of the case studies I’ve read.

In terms of offering the best suite of tools for short-term ROI, Ylopo provides the best option. However, as if often the case, many of their users don’t make full use of the tools.

If you’re not going to remain deeply invested in the project, there’s a good chance your money would be better spent on a non-website lead generation platform.



  • Often generates between a 4:1 and 6:1 ROI for a 12-month period
  • Wide variety of short term ROI marketing tools


  • Potential for overpaying because you or your team won’t make the best use of the platform and Ylopo very well may not educate and encourage you to do so
  • Higher startup cost

For a more detailed review of Ylopo’s short term ROI, go to the beginning of the video above.

Additionally, find more information on my complete review of Ylopo

2. Real Geeks


For more information about Real Geeks’ short-term potential, check out the PPC and Facebook marketing sections.



  • Strong PPC and Facebook campaigns
  • Inexpensive setup and running costs
  • Very positive customer reviews


  • Generally poor-quality, often-unqualified leads
  • Sub-par long-term ROI potential

For a more detailed review of Real Geeks’ short term ROI, go to the 2:07-minute mark on the video above.

3. Bold Leads


For more information about Bold Leads’ short term potential, check out the PPC and Facebook marketing sections.



  • Strong PPC and Facebook campaigns


  • Generally poor-quality, often-unqualified leads
  • Not the best for long-term ROI marketing strategies like content marketing

For a more detailed review of Bold Leads’ short term ROI, go to the 2:07-minute mark on the video above.

4. Commissions Inc. 



  • Their platform now features remarketing (for an additional setup and monthly cost)
  • Strong 12-month ROI


  • Higher setup cost
  • Not great potential for long-term ROI marketing strategies

For a more detailed review of Commissions Inc.’s short term ROI, check out the PPC section or go to the 3:25-minute mark on the video above.

5. Zillow


While Zillow actually has a poor ROI, they appear on this list because of their potential to close a lead within 30 days of signup. 



  • Very easy to use and setup
  • Potential for quick hot transferred leads


  • Poor-quality leads
  • Generally low ROI

For a more detailed review of Zillow’s short term ROI, check out the No Website section or go to the 4-minute mark on the video above. 

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies For Long-Term ROI


By long-term ROI, I mean your Return On Investment after 36-48 months.

There are major benefits to pursuing long-term marketing strategies like SEO content marketing. They produce continuously strong and increasing ROIs, whereas options like Zillow always stagnate.

The best ROI from Zillow you can hope for is 6:1. Most likely, it’ll be 2:1 or 3:1 and will never top that. However, with SEO content marketing, your ROI could hit an upward trajectory that goes to 50:1 or 100:1.

Plus your investment is far more evergreen. You can invest for 5 years into a website, get the wheels turning, and then leave it completely alone. It will still generate leads for years.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s the difference between building a well and fetching water from the river.



1. InboundREM


IREM does not have as many established sites as Sierra Interactive or Real Estate Webmasters. But there are two main advantages over these two contenders.

First, Inbound Real Estate Marketing is significantly less expensive while still providing top-notch content that performs well. 

This not only increases our long-term ROI, but it also allows clients without huge 50K budgets to enjoy the benefits of excellent content marketing.

Second, we’re experts in video marketing and personalizing your website. These elements are key in converting, which also leads to much better long-term ROIs.



  • Low monthly maintenance fees ($0-$79)
  • Absolutely provides the best value for your money
  • You own your website


  • Less of a track record as the other options

Go to the 13:28-minute mark of the video above or read this case study on InboundREM ROI to find out more.

2. Sierra Interactive


A major player in the game, Sierra Interactive has some of the most high-performing websites in the real estate world. 



  • High-performing websites when you invest deeply
  • Positive customer reviews


  • High monthly maintenance fees ($399-$599)
  • You do not own your website
  • Limited Content Management System

For a more detailed review of Sierra Interactive’s long term ROI, go to the 9:10-minute mark on the video above.

Of course, you can also read my comprehensive review of Sierra Interactive.

3. Real Estate Webmasters


While REW is absolutely among the best at what they do, they are also very expensive. It’s also important to note that REW is a website design company first and a lead generation company second.



  • Top-notch SEO talent
  • Huge track record of successful clients


  • Very expensive
  • You don’t own your website

For a more detailed review of REW’s long-term ROI, go to the 5:28-minute mark on the video above.

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