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Move away from spending thousands of dollars on a site you’ll never own and create a platform that establishes you as the go-to realtor in your area today!

Dean Short Avatar
Dean Short
3 months ago - Google

We have done business with Robert and his team at Inbound REM since August of 2018. We made a serious commitment to have an SEO driven website and the offering from Inbound REM fit our needs perfectly. We have an agent site for my wife and I and we are now competing on page 1 with the top brokerage sites in our market. Robert’s SEO strategies have been extremely successful for us with our feature pages (Condos,... read more

Luther Ragsdale Avatar
Luther Ragsdale
4 months ago - Google

I would recommend Inbound real estate to anyone. Great company!!!

Deborah Scott-Riggs Avatar
Deborah Scott-Riggs
4 months ago - Google

Robert is a wealth of information. He is very knowledgeable in his field. He gave me so many "nuggets" . He was very informative about other companies and offered his suggestions on how to increase my web traffic and never spoke bad about any other companies. I truly respect a true business person who is willing to help others. My preference has always been to support small businesses and this is one I would not... read more

Marsha Dudley Avatar
Marsha Dudley
6 months ago - Google

Robert was impactful, meaningful, honest and EXTREMELY knowledgeable. His conversations crossed many important borders relevant to not only my success as a Realtor/Broker, but my own personal development. He educated me on the challenges I would face and how to overcome them. In just a short window of time, he educated me on how to work with the platforms and explained to me about the different real estate marketing companies and services and provided unbiased advice about... read more

Keith Petersen Avatar
Keith Petersen
7 months ago - Google

Robert was very quick at responding when I reached out to him. He went above and beyond and was very detailed and knowledgeable when answering my questions. I appreciate that he was very honest in what my options were and even though he might not be making a sale he was more than happy to help and point me in the right direction. Thank you so much for your insight and time.

Glen Ross Avatar
Glen Ross
7 months ago - Google

As a new agent and feeling incredibly confused about where to turn for online leads, I saw Roberts video review of Ylopo, went straight to his website, filled out his contact form begging for help and he called me personally within 30 minutes. I couldn't believe it!!! His knowledge of the industry and overall unbiased insights are AMAZING. He gave me excellent advice and pointed me in the right direction. Can't thank him enough for his time and STILL can't... read more

Emo Rowe Avatar
Emo Rowe
9 months ago - Google

Hands down the most knowledgeable person I've ever spoken to regarding CRMs....and that's saying something! He took time to ask questions and then really understand what I needed before giving advice.

Amanda Williams Avatar
Amanda Williams
10 months ago - Google

I'm a new Real Estate agent, being new I've been spinning my wheels on how to get leads, covert leads, and repeat. Robert was kind enough to spend 45 minutes of his time to give me advice on where to go get my website, leads, CRM and more. He told me to come back in 3-5 years because I'm not ready for his products yet. Robert was kind, full of so much fantastic information, and extremely professional. Robert could have... read more

Shawn Money Avatar
Shawn Money
11 months ago - Google

I had the best online consultation today. Robert was professional, honest, and cared more about my business than earning my business. It turns out that I am not ready for his services, but his recommendations were spot on and will certainly propel my business in the direction I need it to go. I look forward to having Robert build me a site that I own and produces organic leads in the next year or so. Thanks... read more