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inboundREM is abbreviated for Inbound Real Estate Marketing. It is MY blog. I’m Robert Newman. Hi!

inboundREM is Robert Newman’s Real Estate Blog. I provide real estate online marketing reviews, tips, and inspiration (because online marketing can be hard). My website is for real estate professionals.


Who’s this Robert Newman guy?

It is likely I am the most experienced Real Estate online marketing consultant in the U.S. 

From 2007 to 2017 I’ve had an estimated THREE THOUSAND one on one online marketing consultations with Real Estate Professionals from all over the U.S in every sort of real estate vertical. These conversations have focused on Websites, Social Media, IDX, Lead Generation, CRM’s, Local Marketing, SEO, Blogging and of course Real Estate Lead Generation is a recurring favorite. 

From 2007 to 2014 these conversations would occur while I was a sales contractor representing Agent Image and/or imFORZA. In both cases, I wore many hats(mostly senior or leadership roles) but one of my primary responsibilities was always consumer facing (meeting real estate agents and brokers especially high end or well known real estate professionals). Here is a SMALL handful of my more visible clients.




Real Estate Blog Testimonial Image | Marisa Zanuck

In 2013 Marisa Zanuck was a Co-Founder of Nest Seekers along with Ryan Serhant who was also a client.




Marisa Zanuck –  Fourteen year veteran of Hilton and Hyland – Co-founder of the LA Nest Seekers office Marisa was famously married to Dean Zanuck AND an alum of Beverly Hills House Wives.  







Real Estate Blog | Image of Joyce Rey a client and part of my about page information.

My interactions with Joyce Rey’s team in 2009 was the ADVANCED crash course in Luxury Real Estate.


Joyce Rey – The first lady of Los Angeles Real Estate. Joyce is a legend. She was most recently in the press for selling Robin Williams former estate. She was one of the first women (EVER) to have one billion in lifetime residential real estate sales and is on the cutting edge of technology. She credits Instagram for some of her current success. In 2016 she was still listed as one of the Top 25 Hollywood Real Estate agents. A list she’s been on pretty consistently since 1976. 



Real Estate Blog | Image for Robert Newmans About Page

In 2016 Williams & Williams sold over 300 million in residential real estate sales


Rayni and Branden Williams – Five of the last six years have been legendary for the Willaims. You’ll find them on tons of “Top of” lists. They have 3.5 billion in combined residential real estate sales.





Why a Real Estate Blog?

I can sum it up for you in THREE bullet points. 


  • For every ONE real estate online marketing product that MIGHT make a real estate professional money, there are TWENTY that won’t. 


  • The ones that CAN make you money are NOT advertised transparently and almost always have “hidden costs” such as advanced learning, add on’s or lengthy incubation periods before you see a return. 


  • While there IS a large amount of free qualified advice on the topic of SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Online Marketing in general there isn’t a lot that focuses on the real estate profession so learning from scratch means taking information designed for OTHER businesses and adapting it to Real Estate which is a VERY time consuming process.


I am passionately committed to making sure Real Estate professionals can get EDUCATED advice and reviews for the technology they are considering buying… BEFORE THEY BUY IT. I want to provide DETAILED information for real estate agents and brokers that want to learn SEO, Social Media Marketing, Lead generation best practices and online marketing in general. I want to actually USE the same services real estate agents use and create video walkthroughs and recommendations filling in the oftentimes HUGE gap between purchasing something cool and then learning how to use it. 

That’s why there is an inboundREM. 

Now that you know the WHY — Here is the HOW.



Real Estate Websites | Top 10 Companies making real estate websites



Warren Buffet Image | Cover photo for the 50 greatest real estate quotes of all time #warrenbuffet #quotes

Who better than the richest man in the world that also happens to own a real estate brokerage.




50 Visual Slogans and Taglines

Hit the first page of Google in its first 30 days for BOTH of it’s targeted keywords.


Real Estate Blog | Image for reviews section of my blog.

Placester is the Most Popular Real Estate website provider with 400,000 active real estate customers.



Real Estate Blog | Image I am using to promote a Zurple review located elsewhere on my blog.

I managed and I am STILL managing a Zurple account on behalf of a client in Denver. This review is based on PERSONAL experience.



                       Schedule a consultation with Robert Newman.

In May of 2017, I started taking new clients again. I have discovered the only way for my customers to be truly successful in a
reasonable timeline is I HAVE to provide a FULL 100% inclusive service so I can get everything done fast and efficiently. Here is what that looks like:


  • I build A WordPress website for FREE.  The client gets the website files after 12 months.
  • I build all the necessary social channels to do well with LOCAL search marketing and SEO
  • When necessary I find an expired domain name or select one that will do well with SEO
  • I host, secure and update the website. I include 1-3 PREMIUM plugins (fancy language for saying I spend extra money for better versions of programs that enhance website and SEO performance including SPEED,SECURITY AND SEO)


I charge a monthly retainer. All retainers are variable based upon the client’s location and GEO specific marketing target. But agents with a SINGLE geo-specific target range from $600-$1500 per month. Here are TWO examples of websites built under that agreement. You can CLICK THE IMAGES to see the “live” version of these websites. 

Real Estate Blog | Real Estate Website Example

Real Estate Blog | Real Estate Website Example











Brokerages have multiple geo specific targets that usually they want to target simultaneously. $2500-$5000 m/o is the range most times though regional and aggressive brokerages can be more. If need be I WILL build a FULL custom website including features like custom maps. Here is an example of a full custom brokerage website with a custom map. You can also “click” this example.

Real Estate Blog | Real Estate Website Example



 The COO of Gotham Properties Intl consulted with me in April of 2017. Here is what he has to say.


Want to know if you’re qualified or if I am still accepting clients in the GEO specific area that you service? The calendar below is INTERACTIVE. Click on it and follow the prompts to schedule a free consultation with me.