Inbound Real Estate Marketings Content Services


Content is the cornerstone of any SEO campaign. But all content is NOT created equal and oftentimes it doesn’t need to be. I reference content in tiers. This page explains what the tiers mean and provides example pages. 


Tier One Content Lead Master  – 300 Words with 1-6 images(optimized) and a loosely related YouTube Video. H1 and H2 only 5-6 outbound links to highly relevant resources. (Schools, Hospitals, Wikipedia) 

Tier One Content Brand Master – 500 words – Highly structured content including page jumps and a strong internal linking. This page is all about formatting making it easier to digest with higher quality writers doing deep dives on the research side. 

EXAMPLE Lead Master


This content serves three purposes.  

ONE – Target a low competition keyword. 1-5 on the ahrefs keyword difficulty scale.  

TWO – Used in a tiered content approach when pursuing more difficult or important keywords. An example would be creating 2-3 neighborhood pages with a link to a much “deeper” content page targeting a primary keyword. Like Holmby Hills, with a link to a page targeting the keyword Beverly Hills Real Estate

THREE – We will oftentimes produce TIER ONE CONTENT off-site in the form of blog posts on other websites. This is another form of tiered content approach and about 50% of the time tier one content will work. 


These pages take no longer than a few hours each to produce. 


Individual Pricing ( See Below )


Tier Two Content – 500-1000 Words with 3-4 optimized images and a directly related YouTube Video. H1, H2, and H3  7-8 outbound links that are authoritative and useful. 

This form of content would be used as a lifestyle blog post (Targeting non-related keywords as a topically supportive content piece for the website as a whole) an extended bio page targeting a client’s own name or as a particularly aggressive subpage for a tiered content approach. We will occasionally post tier two content as a guest blog post in order to support more competitive search terms.


Tier Two content takes 2-3 times longer to produce than tier one for about a total of 5-7 hours per page. As a long form post, we look for a higher degree of expertise to be transmitted. All content is useless unless someone reads it and a page has some element whether it’s text or images that someone takes a moment to review. 



Individual Pricing ( See Below )


Tier Three Content 1000-1500 words with 5-6 optimized images preferably with at least ONE custom image or infographic. While a highly specific YouTube video will work it would be even better to have a video directly from the client. h1-h5. 7-8 outbound links to highly authoritative and USEFUL links. It is worth mentioning that Tier Three content is rarely necessary for all but the most competitive Real Estate keyword targets. The examples below are from a non-real estate client.





The objective is to make the most useful and informative content page you can find anywhere on the internet. This content is also referred to as cornerstone content. It takes 10X longer than Tier One for an estimated 10-20 hours per page. All tier-three content will be promoted socially, have 1-2 tier one support guest blog posts with links directed to it. Web 2.0’s and other link diversity campaigns are possible as well. 


We will occasionally quote upfront or “one-time” content development services. These prices tend to be slightly higher unless a client is ordering over $2000.00 total in “one-time” work OR they are ordering in conjunction with an existing campaign. 


TIER ONE “on-site” content page $75 Ea. 

TIER ONE “off-site” content page $75 Ea.


TIER TWO “on-site” content page $150.00 Ea. 

TIER TWO “off-site” content page $150.00 Ea.