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Websites You Own

Almost all real estate website companies* force you to lease the website you paid thousands or even tens of thousands to build. Not InboundREM.

No Hidden Fees

Unfortunately, nickel-and-diming is another common practice for real estate SEO companies. At InboundREM, you always know beforehand if you’ll be charged for a service.

Top-Tier Content

Check out our samples of typical SEO-focused blog content below. Our articles are tricked out and results-driven.

Powerful Results

Check out our Portfolio for client success stories and deep-diving case studies into how we generate powerful ROIs for real estate agents.

5-Star Client Satisfaction

Our perfect rating means every single one of our hundreds of client reviews is 5 stars. Of course, we make mistakes sometimes, but we also make up for them.

Client-First Cancellation Policy

Beyond our client-first policy of website ownership, we’re also proud of our hassle-free, no-fee cancellation policy.

Competitive Pricing

Part of the beauty of being at the forefront of digital technology is leveraging cost-effective strategies before everyone else.

Transparent Sales Team

Our sales team is interested in your success. If we’re not a perfect match, we’ll point you in a better direction.

The Only SEO-Focused Website Builder

We're the only ones building real estate websites with SEO content marketing and hyperlocal SEO as the primary foundation.

Robert Newman

Meet Robert Newman

InboundREM is headed by Robert Newman, a long-standing real estate SEO and lead generation expert.

Closing in on two decades of real estate digital marketing and technology experience, Robert is a well-known powerhouse in the real estate world. 

His mission is to provide real estate professionals with powerful real estate SEO websites and services that leverage the best digital marketing strategies.

We proudly put clients first and offer outstanding service that has resulted in a perfect 5-star rating, a feat no other real estate SEO company has achieved.

Real Estate SEO Websites and Digital Marketing Services


SEO Website

High-ROI Lead Generation Websites with Monthly SEO Blogging Campaigns


SEO Website

Hybrid Websites with Customized Branding and SEO-Focused Lead Generation

Google Business Profile Campaign

Hyperlocal SEO

Targeted GBP Campaigns to Dominate Local Google Maps & Search Rankings

Email Marketing Campaign

Custom Email Blasts

Custom Email Campaigns Integrated to SEO Blogging Campaigns

On Working with Robert:

All-In-One Real Estate SEO Websites

The power of Search Engine Optimization is in the long-term ROI. Our contracts are for 18-months because that’s a normal timeline for websites to reach maturity. At that point, it’s typical for SEO real estate websites to snowball into the single greatest investment of an agent’s career.

Not only is real estate SEO the best current lead generation investment, it is also the strategy of the future. Realtors tend to be about 10 years behind in leveraging technology to their gain. That spells a huge opportunity for those smart enough to get in on the ground level now.

SEO Website Builds

We build template and semi-custom SEO-powered websites. Our main two products are the LeadMaster and BrandMaster websites.

LeadMaster sites include expert website builds focused completely on generating leads through traffic. BrandMaster sites offer a clever balance of luxury branding and SEO potential.

Standard Website Content

Full-Suite Service Features

In addition to SEO-focused, WordPress websites, InboundREM provides real estate professionals with a full suite of lead generation and nurturing services. These offerings can include:

*We also offer 3 tiers of SEO campaigns for existing websites.

LeadMaster SEO Websites

Our Lead Master Website builds are finely calibrated for SEO to generate a steady flow of high-quality, inbound leads. Once set into motion, they become evergreen lead generation machines.

Every element dovetails beautifully with search engine algorithms. We showcase highly valuable information, encourage deep user interaction, and formulate content in ways that Google loves.

Example Lead Master Websites

LeadMaster Website Pricing Plans

Tier I LeadMaster

Small City (5K-150K) Plan

$4,000 Setup$750 / Mo

For 18 Months

SEO-Focused Lead Generation Real Estate Website

Tier II LeadMaster

Medium City (150K-450K) Plan

$4,500 Setup$1,000/ Mo

For 18 Months

SEO-Focused Lead Generation Real Estate Website

Tier III LeadMaster

Large City (450K+) Plan

$5,000 Setup$1,500/ Mo

For 18 Months

SEO-Focused Lead Generation Real Estate Website

BrandMaster SEO Websites

Our BrandMaster Websites feature an clever synthesis of SEO principles with beautiful branding. It represents a completely unique offering in the world of real estate SEO companies.

Often the design principles of gorgeous branding contradict the kind of website construction that Google values best. In essence, our BrandMaster websites are revamped versions of LeadMaster websites. We upgraded the design aesthetics in every way possible without impeding the SEO engines of our flagship product.

BrandMaster Website Examples

BrandMaster Website Pricing Plans

Tier I BrandMaster

Small City (5K-150K) Plan

$5,500 Setup$750 / Mo

For 18 Months

Semi-Custom Branded Real Estate Website Service

Tier II BrandMaster

Medium City (150K-450K) Plan

$6,250 Setup$1,250/ Mo

For 18 Months

Semi-Custom Branded Real Estate Website Service

Tier III BrandMaster

Large City (450K+) Plan

$7,000 Setup$1,750/ Mo

For 18 Months

Semi-Custom Branded Real Estate Website Service

Hyperlocal SEO Campaigns

Google Business Profiles are the most overlooked lead generation strategy in residential real estate.

Though local searches like “realtor near me” have increased 44x since 2015, only 5% of realtors have tried to optimize their Google Business Profiles.

InboundREM spearheads hyperlocal real estate SEO by combining 15 years of hyperlocal expertise, top-tier hyperlocal software tools, and a series of groundbreaking GBP best practices derived from in-house case studies.

We boost your Google Business Profile to the top ranks for the most profitable of keywords, generating a stream of high-quality leads.

Because GBP accounts are free and evergreen, we can offer this service at very cost-effective pricing and require relatively minimal effort on your part to leverage it explosively. Our Hyperlocal Campaigns represent a low-cost investment with strong potential for powerful and even swift ROIs.

Google Business Profile Campaign