Biographical Highlights

Robert Newman is among the foremost real estate digital marketing experts. His company, InboundREM, focuses on SEO-driven inbound lead generation. 

His star-studded client list includes Joyce Rey, the First Lady of Real Estate and the first woman to reach a billion dollars in residential sales. Other real estate legends include Marisa Zanuck and the powerhouse duo Rayni & Branden Williams, who have a combined $4 billion in sales.

Over his extensive career, Robert has provided almost 5000 one-on-one online marketing consultations with real estate professionals from all over the U.S in every sort of vertical.

In addition, he co-hosts The Mail-Right Show, a podcast that discusses all corners of real estate digital marketing. Famous guests have included D.J. Paris, John Giffen, Michael Hellickson, Stephen Pacinelli, Krista Mashmore, and Mitch Ribak.

His approach to speaking engagements mirrors his approach to marketing. He champions a highly personal and selflessly transparent communication style that relays massive benefits. 

Robert regularly offers continual, personalized advice to any real estate professional with no strings attached, simply because he is passionate about helping people succeed.

Founding InboundREM

After running the largest independently-owned call centers on the West Coast, he transitioned in 2007 to real estate marketing. He rose through the ranks at Agent Image before becoming a consultant. 

While working for various real estate technology companies, he noticed a key phenomenon. The real estate industry was vastly underserved by true technology experts, but the companies providing those services often fell regrettably short with customer interactions.

Another large gap in the market was the lack of in-depth analysis of real estate technology. Robert began plugging that hole through a blog that eventually grew into a company with a heavy focus on customer engagement. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Digital Marketing, including Websites, Social Media, IDX, CRMs, SEO, Blogging, and Email Marketing
  • Analysis of Real Estate Technology and Respective Companies
  • Developing a Niche-Focused Online Brand 
  • Leveraging YouTube and Video Marketing
  • Hacking Local and Hyperlocal Marketing
  • Generating Multi-Million Dollar Leads