4 Real Estate Blogging Ideas To DOMINATE Your Market

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Types of Real Estate Blog Ideas

Generally speaking, it’s smart to take a two-pronged approach to your blog content strategy. The very best real estate blog ideas focus either on lead generation or broad engagement. 

We provide excellent model articles for each kind of real estate blog topic. We break down what makes each piece of content exceptional. Once you know how to match the quality of each article, we explain how to surpass it.

Lead Generation Posts

Lead generation posts are self-explanatory. They get prospects knocking on your digital door. However, these kinds of real estate blog ideas often focus on quite niche topics (or long-tail keywords in SEO speak) and may not generate lots of traffic and user interaction. 

By user interaction, I mean things like clicks, comments, shares, newsletter sign-ups, and most importantly, backlinks. Also sometimes called votes, backlinks are when other websites link to your website. The more authoritative the website, the more valuable the backlink. In the SEO world, we often call this SEO juice.

Broad Engagement Posts

On the other hand, engagement posts fill the role of generating interaction. They signal to Google that your website is authoritative, helpful, and appreciated. Of course, the Google algorithm doesn’t track or care how much of your traffic converts to commissions. It measures the value of your site according to the metrics listed above, as well as a thousand others.

The more interaction on your website, the more valuable it becomes in Google’s eyes. In turn, that boosts your lead generation articles even higher, resulting in more leads.

Best Blog Ideas for Real Estate Lead Generation

1. Neighborhood Guides

There was a time when simple neighborhood pages generated leads. Now the game has changed. Neighborhood guides need to include lots of helpful content.

houston properties tanglewood neighborhood guide

Paige Martin produces probably the best Neighborhood pages and perhaps the real estate blog content in the world. 

Her articles are perfect examples of evergreen content that provide choice information, drive insane traffic, and generate a wealth of leads. Each article dominates the search results, usually ranking #1 for the focus keyword and every related keyword.

Here’s an example from her Tanglewood, Houston Neighborhood Guide.

real estate blog article ranking #1 for multiple keywords

What's Great About This Article

It's Extremely Comprehensive (Must Read)

Every HP neighborhood guide is so developed that they also function as eBooks. In fact, she creates downloadable PDF versions of each article, a clever repurposing of the content that gets clicks and email signups.

Her content is so comprehensive, she even has to use a different format for the Table of Contents to make it more scannable.

Paige’s neighborhood guides are typically 3000-5000 words, divided into these sections:

  • Neighborhood Overview/Highlights
  • Multiple Maps
  • Downloadable PDF Guide
  • IDX Listings with Large, Beautiful Photos
  • Contact Form with Her Headshot & Awards
  • Things Buyers Should Know
  • Detailed Location Breakdown
  • Social Proof (Recent Awards & Reviews)
  • Nearby Neighborhoods
  • Property and Scenic Photos
  • Detailed School Breakdowns
  • 10-Year Real Estate Trends (Including Charts & Graphs)
  • Property Sale Trends (Single-Family, Condos & Townhouses)
  • Neighborhood History
  • Things to Do (Dining, Nightlife, Parks, Shopping, Groceries)
  • Related HP Article Cards (Example Below)

Can you create an equally impressive article without a team of graphic designers, coders, and writers? It’s doubtful.

Leverage This Real Estate Blog Idea

But with WordPress and Elementor, you can produce a close approximation of this article that can still dominate the search results. Contact forms, related article bars, downloadable PDF bars, slideshow-style review bars, and many other features are available on Elementor.

The formatting, stylization, and graphic design of HP articles is pretty flawless. But those elements have little to do with SEO, apart from encouraging readers to stay on page and easy navigation.

The clean design also demonstrates professionalism, which can help with generating leads, especially for luxury real estate. But far less aesthetic websites produce a flood of leads.

For now, take the sections above as a model for your neighborhood guides. Try not to skimp even if you have zero competition. Ideally you create an article that will be the most comprehensive resource for the next 5 years.

Think of it this way–you want to create content so good that your competitors hesitate to create similar content. Include lots of external links, for example to the websites for local condos and schools. Fortunately, you should be able to easily compile all of the recommended information.

Extensive Visual Elements

This is one area where Houston Properties outshines the competition. Maps, local scenery photos, listing photos, realtor and client headshots, related articles with featured images, graphs, and tables elevate this article significantly.

Large blocks of text bore and overwhelm readers, while a variety of visual elements provide value and encourage readers to keep reading. Plus they have SEO benefits, which we cover in the On-Page SEO section in the step-by-step blog writing guide below.

Loads of Social Proof (Must Read)

Aim to include as many of the same kinds of visual elements as possible.

Recent Awards
Local Rankings
Sidebar Client Reviews
Headshot Banner with Awards (1)
Headshot Banner with Awards (2)
Complete Awards List
Slideshow of Client Reviews with Headshots
Core Values and Unique Selling Points with Headshot

Obviously Paige has LOTS of social proof to leverage. However, you do not need to be an award-winning realtor to optimize a comprehensive neighborhood resource into a lead generation machine. But if you have it, flaunt it!

Practically every realtor should be able to collect convincing customer reviews, ideally including at least a few with portraits. Like Paige, you should intersperse these throughout the article. Provide a block or three of useful content followed by social proof. Then repeat.

Related Real Estate Blog Idea Hacks

Another super clever tactic is a slideshow of customer reviews. This encourages visitors to click and interact with the article, which is increasingly paramount to SEO.

Beyond client reviews, you can express your USP and core values at the bottom of the article. It may be wise to create a block of content similar to HP’s “Our Commitment” section and provide client reviews proving each point.

It’s also highly effective to include your face as much as possible. In this article, Paige has 4 professional, smiling headshots. It’s the next best thing to a video.

Personally, if I was a direct competitor to Houston Properties, I would create a 10-15 minute neighborhood tour video and place it near the top of the article. Then I would create a 2-5 minute personal introduction video and place it at the bottom.

How to Outperform This Article

Neighborhood Video Tours

I talk extensively about the INSANE power of neighborhood video tours. For now, suffice it to say that even low-budget videos elevate an article from an encyclopedic resource to a window into real life.

Video does a better job of convincing people to contact you than any other website feature. The introduction video on my homepage has generated over a million dollars in sales.

Houston Properties creates near flawless content. The one chink in their armor is a lack of video marketing. Apart from spending tens of thousands on backlinks, it’s the only way you could outperform such a powerhouse article if Houston was your market.

Map-Searchable IDX Listings

IDX Map Listings are another great resource that Houston Properties lacks. Here’s an example from Cabo Real Estate Services.

The above IDX Map is a feature available exclusively to my clients. It’s one of the many ways we can elevate a real estate website to a whole new level. To find out more about how we can create a powerhouse website for you that generates leads year after year, give me a ring!

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example real estate blog article

A client of mine specializes in golf course homes. The neighborhood pages include lots of detailed information about the local golf courses for each neighborhood, including tee times, rates, and info on the course layout. 

Their website traffic increased 3000% from these pages, and they are generating so many leads that we’ve lost count. 

Take this as a great case study for your efforts. Select unique aspects of a neighborhood, and provide as much info as you can. Is there a local school? Mention the sports and academics, sure, but also the parking, outstanding teachers, and every little detail you can find. 

In this case, the article is even more specialized. It covers information about a specific golf course, Sugarloaf Country Club. From this page alone, the Farkas Real Estate Group gets around 650 monthly visitors. It even outranks the official country club website!

seo metrics for sugarloaf country club real estate page

What's Great About This Article

User Interaction Features

The article includes an interactive map, property listings, a clickable image carousel, and well-displayed links for local hospitals, schools, and services. The clickability of the article is probably the main reason it outranks the official country club website.

I can’t say it enough–Google’s algorithm prioritizes user interaction more and more. It’s essential that blog articles include numerous features that invite visitors to engage with the content.

Pro Tip: Set the timer on your image carousels to slow intervals. On ADL’s Sugarloaf Country Club page, the images change about every 5 seconds. That’s a bit longer than people are willing to wait to see the next image. Accordingly, visitors click 10-15 times to power through the images. Then Google’s eyes turn into red cartoon hearts.

How To Outperform This Article

Increased Content

The article only includes about 400 words of text, which is relatively few. In this case, it’s enough because the competition isn’t fierce.

But if you wanted to outperform it, the first step after matching the interactive elements would be to include more textual content. In particular, the additional content should pivot around local properties, rather than the club itself.

Because 1200 people search for “sugarloaf country club homes for sale” each month, it would be worthwhile to do a video tour of the course. And who knows? Perhaps asking permission from the owner would lead to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Free eBooks for Agents

Free eBooks for Real Estate Agents

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2. Local Real Estate Niches Articles

💥 Los Angeles Victorian Homes

example real estate blog article

So far we’ve covered neighborhood guides. Another excellent blog topic is anything related to your real estate niche. Take this article on Victorian homes from Ruby Home. It generates 2500 monthly visitors. It ranks #1 for the keyword “Victorian homes in Los Angeles”, for which 50 people search every month. 

Beyond that, it reaches at least 2500 people every month with information on Victorian homes. This broad net means that it also functions as an engagement blog article, which we cover below.

seo metrics for local real estate blog niche page

What's Great About This Article

Content Length (Must Read)

Typically speaking, blog articles should be at least 2000 words. However, local real estate niche pages can be an exception. They used to rank well with only a couple lines of text, so this 1000-word article is relatively robust.

Another rule of thumb you can use is to create a blog article with at least 1000 words and at least 25% more words than the longest competitor article.

The Ruby Home article includes key information like which LA neighborhoods are the best for Victorian home shopping, a tutorial on how to analyze online listings, and a brief history of Victorian homes in Los Angeles.

Strong Calls-To-Action (Must Read)

A Call To Action is an invitation to the reader to take a further step of contact. It could be writing an email, downloading a resource, signing up for a newsletter, and a hundred other things.

This article has two CTAs. The first is at the top, inviting the reader to sign up for a free account so they can receive real-time updates about new listings. It’s a tempting offer, as all CTAs should be.

The second CTA is at the bottom, informing readers that Ruby Home realtors are ready to assist readers with buying or selling a home.

I would note that the vast majority of people reading this article are more interested in buying a home rather than selling one. It would have been smarter to spend more time trying to hook homebuyers.

A juicy, relevant statistic like “Ruby Home realtors have helped hundreds of people buy Victorian homes in Los Angeles for 7% less than the average listing price compared to other agencies,” would have been the cherry on top of this CTA.

MLS Listings (Including a Map)

The system that allows realtors to integrate MLS listings onto their website is called an IDX (Internet Data Exchange).

It can be a little complicated, but it’s not impossible to learn. For a real estate niche page related to actual listings, it’s essential if you want to rank and drive leads. Of course, this is one of those complex tasks that a real estate digital marketing company can take off your hands.

InboundREM’s claim to fame is providing clients with amazing long-term ROI. Agents typically don’t track exactly where every lead comes from. One rare exception is Dean Short, a client of mine who enjoyed a 3:1 ROI after 18 months during COVID. Now that the epidemic has subsided, his agency is on track to have a 12:1 ROI next year.

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Headings with Keyword Phrases

It’s important to avoid keyword stuffing, but it’s still smart to place your focus keyword and related keyword phrases in headings. Many neighborhood pages that are smart enough to include a significant text fail to organize that text according to headings.

In this case, the article has 5 headings:

  • Los Angeles Victorian Homes for Sale
  • Available Victorian Homes
  • About Victorian Homes
  • Victorian Home Search
  • LA Victorian Home Realtors

The use of the phrase “Victorian Home” in all 5 headings is not the best practice. It would be better to replace 1-2 headings with the phrases “Victorian Properties” or “Victorian Listings”. But generally speaking, the use of varied phrases in several H2 or H3 headings is a great way to stand above the competition.

How To Outperform This Article

Neighborhood Video Tours (Must Read)

Real estate video marketing is the present and future of a powerhouse lead funnel. Google loves it because readers spend several minutes on your article. Readers love it because they don’t have time to visit every neighborhood and check out the vibe. It’s a massively valuable feature.

Unfortunately, agents often hesitate to get on camera. But that actually spells a great opportunity for you.

I can almost guarantee that agents who make a series of neighborhood tours videos will consider it one of the best lead generation moves they ever made.

They work and work and work. Check out the User Interaction section for a beginner’s guide on making neighborhood tour videos. As an example of an easy-to-make, low-budget Los Angeles neighborhood tour video, check out this content from Christophe Choo.