InboundREM Return On Investment

a safe full of money

Why Should You Care About ROI?   It’s the only number that matters if you’re spending over $10,000 per year on marketing. Eventually, long-term inbound marketing strategies can allow you to make 10-30X ROI with the same amount of effort as short-term strategies. It can require a little more patience upfront, but the end result…

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Christophe Choo – Real Estate’s #1 Video Marketer?

What can Christophe Choo teach YOU about real estate video marketing?   Christophe Choo started using real estate video marketing in 2008. His YouTube channel which focuses on luxury real estate and the Lifestyle in Los Angeles that goes with it has 9.5 MILLION views. He has 29.9k subscribers. Only Josh Altman has more. I…

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