InboundREM Return On Investment

InboundREM Client Testimonial Article on ROI

How We Calculated ROI Return on Investment refers to the ratio of expense vs. earnings. As a real estate marketer, it’s difficult to find clients willing to track lead and sales generation. I have many clients generating leads from InboundREM websites. But only a small handful sorts our leads from other lead sources. Only 1…

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Christophe Choo – Real Estates #1 Video Marketer?

Real Estate Video Influencer Christophe Choo

What can Christophe Choo teach YOU about real estate video marketing?   Christophe Choo started using real estate video marketing in 2008. His YouTube channel which focuses on luxury real estate and the Lifestyle in Los Angeles that goes with it has 9.5 MILLION views. He has 29.9k subscribers. Only Josh Altman has more. I…

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