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Why A Post on Real Estate Memes?

Well, I was curious to see exactly which real estate memes were most prevalent. I also get to show YOU these nifty things:

I was inspired to write this post based on my experience with Inbound Real Estate Marketing’s Pinterest account.

You see, I have 63 boards, 703 pins, and ONE pin accounts for 80% of all my Pinterest impressions. It is NOT part of my TOP 50 REAL ESTATE MEMES LIST. If your curious I am going to ask you to subscribe to my website. I promise you this post has 50 completely original memes to enjoy and you can browse all of them registration free.

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The number one real estate meme
The number one real estate meme


Real Estate Pinterest Analytics

How I Ranked Real Estate Memes.

Ranking memes are clearly going to be subjective. Real estate is a very defined niche, so only most contributions only came from a handful of websites. Here they are in no particular order:

Wherever possible, I used social shares and comments to gauge popularity. I also frequently ran across the same memes on different sites, so I also took into account repetition and overall shares.

I’m going to arrange these memes into five groups of ten. I will arrange each group of 10 showcasing examples of how you might use these on your blog or social channels.

Real Estate Meme Marketing Tip Number One: Use humor to describe your daily activities. Stories using memes are relatively widespread, as many of these memes were used that way originally.


 11:10 am  – My clients, a husband and wife, arrive late and flustered.

Keep Calm Real Estate Meme
[/tweet_dis_img] [1] Real Estate Memes – Keep Calm and Let’s Find You a New Home
11:20 am – My clients are agitated and question my qualifications. I put on my game face.

 Real Estate Meme - I WILL find you the perfect house
[2] Real Estate Meme – I WILL Find You the Perfect House
11:30 am – We’ve looked at the first property, and I ask the client if they have arranged financing.

Pre Qualify
[3] Real Estate Meme – Pre-Koalify
12:30 pm – We are still parked out in front of the second home. There is a lack of clarity about whether financing was arranged.

 Real Estate meme - I am NOT a marriage counselor
[4] Real Estate meme – I am NOT a Marriage Counselor!
12:45 pm – STILL out in front of the second house and, feeling brave, I volunteer an opinion.

Real Estate Meme - It's better to be pre-qualified
[5] Real Estate Meme – It’s Better to be Pre-Koalified, er Qualified
1:00 pm – Three calls, two arguments, and one email later my now pre-qualified clients and I get out of the car. Only then do we notice the following sign in the yard:

Real Estate Meme - Not haunted
[6] Real Estate Meme – Not Haunted. Really.
1:45 pm – We have now safely established the house is not haunted. The client indicates they would like to make an offer on the property.

Real Estate Meme - Contract Negotiation
[7] Real Estate Meme – I Prepare to Negotiate a Real Estate Contract
7:45 pm – As my job as a professional real estate agent requires, I request disclosures.

Real Estate Meme - Waiting on disclosures
[8] Real Estate Meme – Waiting on Disclosures
8:00 am – The listing agent (who is a triathlete and up for her morning run) gives a somewhat inadequate disclosure. My client has thought about how we should respond.

Real Estate Meme - Home Inspections
[9] Real Estate Meme – Home Inspections
10:45 am – Feeling good, I snap a selfie as I head out to meet with my next client.

Real Estate Meme - Real Estate isn't stressful
[10] Real Estate Meme – Real Estate isn’t Stressful
Real Estate Meme Marketing Tip Number Two: Everyone loves animals, and there are never enough memes with animals in them.

10.  Raccoons are underestimated.

Real Estate Meme - Term - Double ended
[11] Real Estate Meme – Term: Double-Ended
9. Not the first time you’ll see a squirrel on this list.

Real Estate Meme - No Nuts!
[12] Real Estate Meme – No Nuts!
8. Any dog lovers out there?

Real Estate Meme - I require a hot tub.
[13] Real Estate Meme – I Require a Hot Tub.
7.  Anything with a little attitude makes me smile.

Real Estate Meme - How I feel when I book the listing contract
[14] Real Estate Meme – How I Feel When I Book the Listing Contract
6. A cat with a firm set of requirements.

Real Estate Meme - I hear your offer and raise you two cans of tuna
[15] Real Estate Meme – I Hear Your Offer and Raise You Two Cans of Tuna

5. Patience is key.

Real Estate Meme - Not ready to sell
[16] Real Estate Meme – Not Ready to Sell
4.  Who said I was playing with matches?

Real Estate Meme - Little structural damage
[17] Real Estate Meme – A Little Structural Damage
3.  My cat’s TRUE nature.

Real Estate Meme - Make me a subpar offer
[18] Real Estate Meme – Make Me a Subpar Offer
2. I told you squirrels would be back.

Real Estate Meme - I've got a friend
[19] Real Estate Meme – I’ve Got a Friend
1.  But I didn’t say they would TOP the list… muahahaha!

The number one real estate meme
[20] Real Estate Memes – The Number One Real Estate Meme
Real Estate Marketing Tip Number Three:  WHEN/WHAT/THAT/YOU real estate memes have been rapidly growing in popularity.

10. We all love when someone says YES!

Real Estate Meme - When your clients offer gets accepted
[21] Real Estate Memes – When Your Client’s Offer Gets Accepted
9. Murphy’s law.

Real Estate Meme - 10am on a saturday
[22] Real Estate Memes – 10 am on a Saturday
8. Nothing says unprofessionalism like unreturned phone calls!

Real Estate Meme - When the sellers agent hasn't returned your call in in 24 hours.
[23] Real Estate Memes – When the Seller’s Agent Hasn’t Returned Your Call Within 24 Hours
7. Sometimes negotiations fail for unexpected reasons.

Why sellers should NOT be at listing appointments
[24] Real Estate Memes –  Why Sellers Should NOT be at Listing Appointments
6. Sometimes you wish you had met your client at their home before accepting the listing contract.

 Real Estate Meme - When your client is a hoarder
[25] Real Estate Memes – When Your Client is a Hoarder
5. Who says victory dances are for football?

Real Estate Meme - How I feel when my clients offer gets accepted.
[26] Real Estate Memes – How I Feel When My Client’s Offer Gets Accepted
4.  I love it when my friends tell me that Realtors are overpaid.

Real Estate meme - When you show a buyer 30 homes and they decide to rent.
[27] Real Estate Memes – When You Show a Buyer 30 Homes, and They Decide to Rent 
3. “YES” is the best three letter word.

Real Estate Meme - That moment when your clients find their dream home
[28] Real Estate Meme – That Moment When Your Clients Find Their Dream Home
2. Sometimes I forget things.

Real Estate Meme - That moment you enter a lock box code into your microwave
[29] Real Estate Meme – That Moment You Enter Your Lockbox Code On Your Microwave
1. To all those DIYers.

Real Estate Meme - You have a for sale by owner sign. I too like to live dangerously
[30] Real Estate Memes – I Too Like to Live Dangerously
Real Estate Marketing Tip Number Four: Create memes that suit your personality.

10. How I feel when my friends ask me to do something on the weekend.

Real Estate Memes - TGIF - We're realtors robin
[31] Real Estate Memes – We’re Realtors, Robin!
9. Sold!

Real Estate Memes - Sold is my favorite four letter word
[32] Real Estate Memes – SOLD is My Favorite Four-Letter Word
8My Facebook Status.

 Real Estate Memes - In a relationship with real estate.
[33] Real Estate Memes – In a Relationship With Real Estate
7. Today’s version of a land owner.

 Real Estate Memes - In a relationship with real estate.
[34] Real Estate Memes – It’s Good to Have Land
6. Yesterday’s version of a land owner.

Real estate memes - Buy land they aren't making it anymore.
[35] Real Estate Memes – Buy Land, They Aren’t Making it Anymore
5.  I have this meme saved to my cell phone for my client’s questions regarding “zestimates.”

 Real Estate Memes - Collage of Zillow estimates that are correct.
[36] Real Estate Memes – Collage of Zillow Estimates That Are Correct
4. Back to real estate future.

Real Estate Memes - Zillow hasn't updated the listing.
[37] Real Estate Memes – Zillow Hasn’t Updated the Listing
3. How I feel when looking through Zillow.

Real Estate Memes - How I feel when looking through Zillow listings
[38] Real Estate Memes – How I feel when looking through Zillow listings
2. This one isn’t a slogan. BUT IT SHOULD BE!

Real Estate meme - Show homes to an unapproved buyer
[39] Real Estate Memes – Show Homes to an Unapproved Buyer
1. Another version of “who says real estate is stressful?”

Real Estate Meme - Who says real estate is stressful
[40] Real Estate Memes – Who Says Real Estate is Stressful?
Real Estate Marketing Tip Number Five: Gather up memes that make you laugh. If you’re laughing, others will likely be too! Note that many social channels like Tumbler, Instagram, and Pinterest, are mostly visual and require little to no preamble.

Real Estate meme - You get what you pay for.
[41] Real Estate memes – You Get What You Pay For
Real Estate memes - You want to overprice your home!?
[42] Real Estate Memes – You Want to Overprice Your Home?
Real Estate Memes - Interest rates will drop
[43] Real Estate Memes – Interest Rates Will Drop
Real Estate Memes - Your realtor is playing candy crush
[44] Real Estate Memes – Your Realtor, is Playing Candy Crush
Real Estate Memes - Where's the lock box key?
[45] Real Estate Memes – Where’s the Lockbox Key?
 Real Estate memes - Lender won't call me back
[46] Real Estate Memes – Lender Won’t Call Me Back
 Real Estate Memes - The most interesting man in the world.
[47] Real Estate Memes – I Don’t Always Haul 2 – 4 People Around in My Car
Real Estate Memes - Hire a professional or DIY.
[48] Real Estate Memes – Hire a Professional
 Real Estate memes - House is haunted
[49] Real Estate Memes – The House is Haunted
Real Estate Memes - Wrote you a ditty
[50] Real Estate Memes – I Wrote You a Ditty
I hope you’ve gotten some idea of how you might use memes like these on your blog or social media channels. If you get used to integrating humor into your blogging strategy and visual content like memes into your social strategy, I promise you’ll see an increase in traffic. If you liked this post you might also like my LATEST blog post The 50 greatest real estate quotes of all time

Presented without comment.

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