50 Experts’ Best Advice on Being a Successful Real Estate Agent

50 best tips on becoming a successful real estate professional
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How to Become the Best Real Estate Agent You Can

Embarking on the journey to become a highly successful real estate agent involves navigating a multifaceted landscape, where expertise and insights from industry leaders play a pivotal role.

In this extensive list, we’ll delve into the best tips on real estate success from distinguished experts such as Tom Ferry, Gary Keller, Kevin Ward, and myself.

If you don’t know me yet, my name is Robert Newman. You can learn more about my expertise in the digital real estate lead generation space

Whether you’re initiating your real estate career or looking to refine existing practices, these expert-driven insights will illuminate the path on how to become a successful real estate agent.

If you truly develop yourself according to the advice in this article, success is just a matter of time. 

Let’s explore the essential principles that can empower you to thrive in the dynamic and competitive real estate market.

1. Focus on Hyperlocal Lead Generation
"Hyperlocal strategies like Google Business Profiles are the best way for agents to get leads in 2024."
Robert Newman

Don’t take my word for it. Here are 10 reasons you need to focus on Google Business Profiles right now.  

It’s an extremely exciting time for agents to leverage hyperlocal SEO. It can be free, generates high-quality inbound leads, and InboundREM has discovered algorithm hacks that will blow even the strongest competition out of the water

Start the process by checking out these articles:

2. Build Confidence in Your Worthiness

"Success in real estate starts when you believe you are worthy of success."
Gary Keller
Author of "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent"

Keller emphasizes the importance of self-belief. Confidence and a positive mindset are crucial for overcoming challenges, handling rejections, and building a successful real estate career.

He echoes what many highly successful people have been saying for a long time. Agents who earn their success believe in themselves. Compared to others, they think of their futures in a more limitless way. 

Take a note from Keller. Fantasize about a future as a successful realtor, and remind yourself that it’s 100% possible. Because it is. 

3. Embrace a Customer-Centric Approach
"Place the needs of your clients above all else."
Mario Jannatpour
Author of "The Honest Real Estate Agent"

Jannatpour stresses the importance of a customer-centric approach. Building trust and prioritizing client satisfaction leads to repeat business, referrals, and a stellar reputation in the industry.

Besides being a more human way of doing business, this is also a highly effective foundation for lifelong success. 

My own company, InboundREM, prides itself on having several client-first policies that the rest of the industry lacks. For example, our clients OWN their websites. 

Other real estate website companies make you lease the website you paid to build, and if you end the contract, everything is lost. 

Over the last years, we have grown by leaps and bounds while the rest of the industry struggles. Much of that has to do with putting our clients first

4. Master the Art of Getting a 'YES'
"The ability to get a 'YES' is the most valuable skill you can learn in real estate."
Kevin Ward
Author of "The Book of YES"

Ward underscores the significance of effective communication and negotiation skills. Mastering the art of persuasion helps agents secure deals, build relationships, and thrive in the competitive real estate market.

Here are some of my favorite tips for winning people over

1. Have a mutual acquaintance make an introduction. 

You get the value. It’s like an “Advance to Go, Collect $200” card.

2. Give freely, and trust in the psychology of reciprocity.

That includes advice, time, and resources like our eBook, 300 Ideas to Sell Your Home Faster

3. Discover “uncommon commonalities”. 

So much of business comes down to “I (don’t) like that guy.” Don’t be contrived about finding shared interests, like some greedy sociopath. 

But when you find unique ways to connect with someone, you immediately become “co-conspirators” in a way. That kind of bond makes your career more enjoyable and rewarding.

5. Leverage Technology for Efficiency
"Embrace technology to streamline your real estate processes."
Real Estate Educators Association

The REEA stresses the importance of incorporating technology into your work. They are really onto something.

Do you want to know something important? The real estate niche is about a decade behind in leveraging technology to get results, compared to many other industries. 

Because established real estate professionals often rely on referrals, there’s a decreased pressure for the best agents to find cutting edge solutions to remain competitive. 

Enter you, equipped with that information. If you want to get started on the lead generation strategies of the future, focus on:

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6. Understand the Power of SEO
"Real Estate SEO is the best strategy for an agent's long-term ROI."
Robert Newman

SEO content marketing means providing highly-valuable, no-strings-attached content as a way of warming and capturing inbound leads. This article itself is an example. 

Building an SEO-focused website takes time to get snowballing. It’s not for brand-new realtors or those who might change their career in a couple of years. 

If you do have the bandwidth to invest in real estate SEO lead generation, it’s the best method to set yourself up for explosive, life-changing, long-term success.  

The leads come to you already impressed, so conversion becomes far simpler. Plus, once you’ve set up this lead generation machine, it can bring a steady stream of low-maintenance leads for years to come. 

I highly recommend you start with your Google Business Profile if you can’t afford a proper SEO-focused website. 

7. Develop a Powerful Listing Presentation
"A compelling listing presentation is your key to winning clients."
Patricia Cliff
Author of "The Art of Selling Real Estate"

Cliff emphasizes the significance of a strong listing presentation. Crafting a compelling pitch that highlights your expertise and marketing strategies can set you apart and attract potential sellers.

8. Utilize Proactive Prospecting Strategies
"Prospecting is the backbone of real estate success."
Jeb Blount
Author of "Fanatical Prospecting"

Blount highlights the necessity of proactive prospecting. Successful agents consistently seek new opportunities to maintain a healthy pipeline of potential clients.

Feel free to check out 60 Prospecting Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Real estate infographic about free lead real estate leads ideas
9. Set and Track SMART Goals
"SMART goals are the foundation of a successful real estate business."
Karen Briscoe
Author of "Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day"

Briscoe encourages the use of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) goals. This strategic approach helps agents stay focused, motivated, and on track toward achieving long-term success.

At InboundREM, we recommend using SMART goals as part of our Real Estate Marketing Plan, Strategies, and Calendar

10. Leverage Social Media Powerfully
"Social media is a powerful tool for real estate marketing."
Realtor Magazine

Realtor Magazine emphasizes the importance of utilizing social media platforms. Establishing a strong online presence and engaging with potential clients on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can enhance your reach and visibility.

Like Google Business Profile campaigns, social media can be a free marketing and lead generation technique. 

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, check out 150 Powerful Social Media Content Ideas for Real Estate Agents for fresh ideas. 

11. Stop Overlooking Video Content
"Agents love to ignore the fact that video is the future of real estate marketing and lead generation."
Robert Newman

Yes, I’m talking about property tours and drone videography. Properties with virtual tours have 87% more views.

But what I’m really talking about is YouTube marketing. I promise it doesn’t have to be scary, and it can easily revolutionize your business. 

One of the absolute best videos you can create to generate clients is the neighborhood tour. Your face doesn’t even have to be on camera. Check out these guides to the highest-converting YouTube videos for success in real estate.

Then expand your knowledge with these guides:

Finally, check out our complete list of YouTuber Spotlights, where I dissect the strategies used by the most successful real estate YouTube agents in the nation.

12. Build a Robust Online Presence
"An online presence is your digital storefront."
Zillow for Professionals

Zillow emphasizes the importance of a strong online presence. A well-crafted website, professional profiles on real estate platforms, and positive online reviews contribute to building trust with potential clients.

And guess what? Most of them are misinformed, underinformed, or simply not doing digital marketing well. 

Digital marketing is the FUTURE of real estate, and the majority of agents are doing it poorly or not at all. That spells opportunity for you.

If you’d like to have an exciting, no-strings-attached conversation about how your online presence can skyrocket your success, click below. 

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Let’s chat about how an SEO-focused website that YOU OWN, Google Business Profile Campaigns, or Custom Email Campaigns can generate high-quality leads and exceptional long-term ROI. If my services aren’t the best move for you, I’ll gladly point you in the right direction

13. Leverage a Unique Value Proposition
"Successful real estate marketing is about differentiation."
Realtyna Blog

Realtyna Blog emphasizes the need for differentiation in marketing strategies. Agents who creatively showcase their unique value propositions and market expertise stand out in a competitive landscape.

If you can’t answer what makes you different from your competition, your clients certainly cannot either. 

That leaves a very awkward pause when someone asks, “Why should we hire you?”

If you can’t answer that question at the drop of a hat, it’s time to reflect on your Unique Value Proposition. 

14. Leverage the Power of Specialization
"Laser-focus your efforts on a specific market or niche."
Daniel James Lesniak
Author of "The HyperLocal HyperFast Real Estate Agent"

Lesniak advises agents to specialize in a particular market or niche. Specialization establishes expertise, making it easier to stand out and attract clients looking for a specific skill set.

Check out our 50 Real Estate Niches, including a bunch of expert money-making tips to go with them. 

15. Continuously Hone Negotiation Skills
"Negotiation skills are a real estate agent's superpower."

Realtor.com emphasizes the value of honing negotiation skills. Effective negotiation can lead to favorable outcomes for both buyers and sellers, establishing an agent’s reputation and contributing to long-term success.

16. Network Strategically Within the Industry
"Networking within the industry opens doors to opportunities."
National Association of Realtors

NAR emphasizes the importance of strategic networking. Building relationships with other real estate professionals, attending industry events, and joining relevant associations can lead to valuable partnerships and insights.

If you want to go the extra mile, one great strategy for becoming a successful realtor is hosting your own networking event. I can give two big tips if you want people to show up.

One, go for adult-friendly (aka boozy) over family-friendly. Don’t forget great food. Two, include activities to minimize the need for awkward mingling and small talk. 

17. Attend Real Estate Conferences
"Real estate conferences offer unparalleled learning and networking opportunities."
Inman Connect

Inman Connect highlights the benefits of attending conferences. These events provide a platform to learn from industry leaders, stay updated on trends, and connect with like-minded professionals.

Here are some of the greatest hits:

18. Focus on Building Long-Term Relationships
"Long-term relationships are the cornerstone of real estate success."
National Association of Real Estate Brokers

NAREB emphasizes the value of building lasting relationships. Prioritizing client satisfaction and maintaining connections with past clients can lead to referrals and repeat business.

As you probably know, people buy a home every 5-7 years on average

Of course, there are some families keeping their home for decades. It’s less likely you’ll come into contact with them because they aren’t searching for realtors. 

So while the average American buys a house every six years, your average client will probably purchase more often. 

"Treat every closing as a beginning, not an ending, and you'll find yourself becoming a more successful real estate agent."

19. Follow-Up Like a Ninja
"Ninjas know that the fortune is in the follow-up."
Larry Kendall
Author of "Ninja Selling"

Kendall emphasizes the power of consistent and thorough follow-up. Successful real estate agents build relationships over time, and staying connected enhances client satisfaction and referral opportunities.

20. Continuously Educate Yourself
"Continuous learning is the key to real estate success."

BiggerPockets highlights the importance of ongoing education. Staying informed about industry trends, regulations, and best practices ensures that agents remain competitive and adaptable.

Here are some great pieces to further your educational journey:

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21. Master the Art of Active Listening
"Active listening is the foundation of effective communication."
Kaplan Real Estate Education

Real Estate Coaching Radio emphasizes the significance of active listening. Understanding clients’ needs and concerns builds trust and allows agents to tailor their approach to better meet their clients’ goals.

The average person who hasn't worked to develop good listening skills is likely to understand and retain only about 50% of any conversation, and that's immediately after the conversation. 48 hours later, average retention drops to less than 25%.

Those statistics are great reasons to always take notes and develop active listening skills. Communication is one of the most often cited skills when clients leave reviews for successful real estate agents. 

Plus, active listening skills will help your non-professional relationships as well.

22. Understand and Navigate Real Estate Contracts
"Proficiency in contracts is a non-negotiable skill for real estate agents."
Real Estate Coaching Radio

Kaplan Real Estate Education emphasizes the importance of understanding contracts. Proficiency in contract negotiation and interpretation ensures smooth transactions and protects clients’ interests.

23. Develop Resilience in the Face of Rejections
"Resilience is the key to overcoming rejections in real estate."

Forbes highlights the need for resilience. Rejections are inherent in real estate, and agents who can bounce back, learn from setbacks, and stay motivated are more likely to achieve long-term success.

For example, we did an interview with Krista Mashore, who overcame numerous setbacks to become a Top 1% agent. Check out her inspiring story. 

24. Engage in Community Outreach
"Community engagement enhances your reputation and market presence."
Real Estate Business Institute - REB

REBI stresses the importance of community outreach. Involvement in local events, charities, and initiatives not only benefits the community but also enhances an agent’s visibility and reputation.

In our article 60 Prospecting Tips for Real Estate Agents, we recommend becoming your “Neighborhood Mayor” along with 10 other community outreach prospecting tips. 

25. Cultivate a Strong Work Ethic
"Success in real estate is directly tied to your work ethic."
Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone emphasizes the correlation between work ethic and success. Hard work, dedication, and a consistent effort to go above and beyond are essential for building a thriving real estate career.

In my opinion, this is directly linked to how much you enjoy being an agent. The more you love your job, the more naturally work ethic will flow. That’s key to becoming successful as a real estate agent.  

26. Implement Effective Client Communication
"Clear and consistent communication is the cornerstone of client satisfaction."
Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry highlights the importance of effective communication. Keeping clients informed, setting expectations, and promptly addressing their concerns contribute to a positive client experience.

Highly successful real estate agents became that way through round-the-clock availability. It’s usually not something that can be avoided if you want to make it to the top. 

27. Embrace Innovative Marketing Strategies
"Innovation in marketing sets successful agents apart.
Real Estate
Complete Guide to Getting Listings - Udemy

Udemy emphasizes the need for innovative marketing. Real estate agents who leverage new and creative marketing strategies can capture the attention of potential clients in a crowded market.

Like I mentioned earlier, real estate professionals tend to be 10 years behind other industries in terms of leveraging technology for their success. 

That’s because top-performing agents usually rely on their referral pools, making it less necessary to find innovative lead generation strategies. 

Again, here are some great places to start if you want to make this fact work in your favor: 

28. Develop a Comprehensive Business Plan
"Innovation in marketing sets successful agents apart."
Realtor Magazine

Realtor Magazine stresses the importance of a comprehensive business plan. A clear plan outlines goals, strategies, and actions, providing a roadmap to guide an agent’s day-to-day activities and long-term success.

29. Emphasize Professionalism in All Interactio