kvCORE | Kunversion – Pros and Cons from an end user

kvCORE | Kunversion Review

Pro’s and Cons of using kvCORE | Kunversion | K+ kvCORE / Kunversion is a real estate lead generation provider that integrates a simple website, CRM (customer relationship manager), and marketing management in a single platform. There are other reviews of the platform that are in-depth and by actual end-users. What makes THIS review unique…

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10 companies making the best real estate websites in 2020

      10 companies that build great real estate websites in 2020         (Listed Alphabetically)     Agent Image  Boom Town  Dakno Easy Agent Pro InboundREM Placester Real Estate Webmasters Real Geeks Luxury Presence Sierra Interactive Each year in August (End of summer) I review and publish a list of companies making the best…

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I Used Commissions Inc. (CINC) | Here are the Pro’s and Cons

The Pros and Cons of the CINC lead Generation Platform

Commissions Inc – Real Estate Lead generation platform. Pros and Cons after an end-user run through   I was granted access to a live use CINC pro account in 2019. When I reviewed this article recently I changed it slightly to make it relevant in 2020. Here is an index to my review categories. Some…

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Agent Image Review | Website Examples

Agent Image

Agent Image Website | Service Information     From 2000-2018 Agent Image has produced three types of real estate websites. Custom websites, semi-custom websites and templated websites. For this review, I’ll be covering some of the services that Agent Image offers. I have an in-depth comparison posted on this website since Agent Image has made been our list of companies making the best real estate websites in 2017 and 2018. You…

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Real Estate Lead Generation Websites| Easy Agent Pro V Real Geeks

Real Estate Lead Generation Websites | Cover Image

Real Estate Lead Generation Websites: Easy Agent Pro Vs. Real Geeks     Real Estate lead generation websites are plentiful. Good ones that will actually generate leads are not. I am going to compare the two best options available to real estate agents and brokers.         Real Geeks VS. Easy Agent Pro |…

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Blog, Blog Well, Blog Often (The 4th Commandment of Real Estate Websites)

Why Blogging is Still the Key to Real Estate Lead Generation   You might think that blogging is totally passé, now only something that only raging nerds do as they fight over which superhero would win in a fight in some darkened corner of the internet, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Ready to know…

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Use Responsive Website Design (The 3rd Commandment of R.E.W)

Get Twice as Much Activity on Your Real Estate Website by Making This One Simple Change. Twice as much activity? With one simple change? Sounds a little crazy, we know, but hold tight while we give you some facts. According to a study performed by networking giant Cisco , almost half a billion mobile devices…

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Why and how you gave up the rights to the information on your OWN website.

  What is the second most common mistake real estate agents make? Giving up the copyright to their own work. Don’t believe me? Read on. What is a Copyright? According to the U.S. Copyright Office, a copyright is defined as:   …a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Constitution and granted by law for…

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