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5 Client SEO Case Studies

This list of success stories is limited to new IREM clients whose websites we built. I opted to exclude long-term clients and those who came to us with pre-existing custom websites.

Instead, this set of case studies focuses on newer websites that already draw around 200-3000 monthly visitors. As any SEO expert will tell you, the first few hundred monthly visitors are the hardest. From there, things tend to snowball.

Note: I wrote that in 2023. Check out what happened in the last 12 months…

2024 Update (Must Read)

I have updated each of these success stories with current traffic results. Spoiler alert, things get crazy. Check out these wild traffic boosts. 

  • Local Property Inc went from 3576 annual page views to 91,417.
  • Jared Benson went from 2712 annual page views to 59,963.
  • SGV went from 2328 annual page views to 21,531.

Now, not all 5 of these clients currently have active SEO campaigns. We allow pausing and even cancellations with no questions asked. 

But I’ll give you one guess which of the 5 not only continued, but ramped up their InboundREM services. That’s right, Local Property Inc, which is nearing 100K yearly page visits. 

It basically doesn’t get any better than that. All the evidence is below. 

In case you’re still thirsty for even more results, check out one of our several in-depth case studies on individual clients.

So let’s get into how many of our clients enjoy SEO success well ahead of the typical curve for organic lead generation.

JP Sazon heads up Cristal Cellar through Century 21. They have a medium-sized team of 21 members serving the San Gabriel Valley in California. Their website has established itself already with over 2700 well-targeted monthly visitors.

Of the whole area Cristal Cellar represents, Pasadena has the most listings. We created a Pasadena Neighborhood Page and an accompanying blog post on the Top Pasadena Neighborhoods.

By doing so, we’ve captured numerous keywords and ranked on Page 1, including Rank 1 keywords and a featured snippet.

Articles like these prioritize leads over traffic. The volume may be lower, but the leads are hotter.

We also excel at creating high-traffic blog content. The leads are less warm, but the added traffic and user interaction helps the overall SEO health of the site.

Take this Best Restaurants in West Covina article for example. As you can see below, it’s all over the first page for lots of relevant high-traffic keywords. Not only that, but it’s still on the rise.

The article is rubbing elbows with Yelp and TripAdvisor. Plus, it’s overtaken huge sites like The Culture Trip and OpenTable. Below I’ve highlighted a metric called “Domain Rating (DR)”, which is also sometimes called Domain Authority.

This metric represents the amount of authority Google gives to a particular website overall. In the last decade, Google has placed special importance on what it calls Brand Authority. In other words, it highly values the content of huge, proven sites over newer sites.

That said, Google balances its algorithm by valuing excellent user behavior signals. That means newer websites can outperform big sites if the visitors interact heavily with the article.

As you can see, Cristal Cellar has a DR of 23. That’s pretty impressive for a brokerage website. But look at the Domain Ratings for our competitors.

On the first page alone, we’ve outranked 5 websites with DRs in the 70 to 91 range. I’d love to share the ways we manage to outperform Goliath websites, but in this case I’m going to keep our secret sauce secret.

I can say that we manage this feat by producing content that people love. In turn, Google loves our content.

Additionally, this article has a lot of what you might call “staying power”. In the screenshot below, I’ve put a pink box around several multicolored lines. These lines represent new articles on the Best West Covina Restaurants.

In the last year, several new articles have appeared, but Cristal Cellar’s article has retained its excellent ranking despite the flood of new competitors. It’s just another measure of how InboundREM hits home runs for our clients.

Cristel Cellar - Position history

Neighborhood Pages SEO Results

Here I want to highlight two more trends of InboundREM websites. The first is the way keyword capture tends to snowball. Below is a list of the keywords that moved onto the first page of Google just in the last week. As you can see, it’s pretty extensive even though it’s a partial list.

Obviously our restaurant articles are blowing up. But there are also 4 Neighborhood Pages that began ranking on Page 1. This is a particularly amazing achievement because the competition is stiff.

You’ve got Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, Trulia, RE/MAX, Movoto, NextDoor, Neighborhoods.com, and other brokerages competing for keywords where the searcher wants to see listings. Yet here we are outranking the big names.

That keyword gets 200 monthly searches. Here’s another example with 100 monthly searches. In this case, both our Neighborhood Page and Cristal Cellar’s neighborhood tour are outranking RedFin.

If the area you serve contains plenty of smaller communities, neighborhoods, and enclaves we can target, you’re an especially great candidate to get killer SEO results with InboundREM.

June 2023 Update

A week after I collected this data, this happened…

2024 Update

I’ll try to keep this brief since I’ve covered Cristal Cellar already in depth. The website retains its dominance. 

One especially amazing development I’ll draw attention to is how our hyperlocal pages are outranking names like Redfin, Trulia, Realtor.com, Nextdoor, and Neighborhoods.com. 

Overall, the Cristal Cellar website has generated about 19,000 page views from almost 10,000 people over the last 12 months. 

Of course, those are highly encouraging numbers. That’s 10,000 people per year coming to JP Sazon via a lead generation machine he owns. 

He doesn’t continually pay for those leads, they come organically for no more than the minimal cost of hosting a website. 

But if you think that’s crazy, hold on your toupee. It’s about to get wilder and wilder. 

If you’re interested in how we can create the same success for you, check out our InboundREM Services Page. Or set up a meeting below.

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Local Property is a medium-sized team of 27 wonderful agents serving Baldwin and Mobile Counties in Alabama.

As you can see from photos of their office space and Our Team page, they’ve nailed a clean branding style that reminds me of crisp, luxury hotel bed sheets and immaculate modern design. Their brand whispers fine taste and consummate service.

They trusted InboundREM to create a Tier 3 LeadMaster website to encapsulate their digital brand. But they also trust us to use clever SEO strategies to draw white-hot leads on an evergreen basis. Right now, they are sitting pretty with about 300 website visitors per month.

I want to use Local Property Inc to highlight a couple other ways we manage to generate significant traffic. First up is how Zip Code Map landing pages draw visitors from Google Images and Google Image Search Packs, which appear at the top of standard Google search pages.

As you see below, this tactic draws over 100 visitors per month through our Baldwin County Zip Code Map.

If we check the Google Image search, we find that our beautiful and easily readable zip code map is the first result. Our map for the neighboring county of Mobile is also a top result, despite being outside the typical search intent.

The screenshot below makes plain why our zip code maps perform well. They are the most clickable maps in existence.

Another strong tactic we use to funnel people in the market to the LP website is blog articles on local property taxes. As you can see, our article draws about 100 visitors per month. Actually, the reality is more than what Ahrefs estimates.

The article also outranks a few local government websites about property taxes. As you can imagine, that’s no small accomplishment.

By explaining municipal issues in everyday language, we manage to draw a significant portion of traffic away from government websites because we provided the simple answer people needed. Google rewarded our efforts by placing us at the top of the FAQ Dropdown SERP.

I’m sure everyone reading this can relate to the gratitude you feel when an article provides the simple answer you’ve been searching for. It’s that Finally, thank you feeling. Of course, that’s exactly how you want potential clients to feel during their first impression of you.

Additionally, we provided high value content in terms of how locals can save on their property taxes.

As you know, providing potential clients with helpful answers and saving them money are two powerful steps in converting them to leads. InboundREM does that work for Local Property Inc for over 1000 people every year with a single article.

In this way, we’ve used content to exemplify the consummate service branding that Local Property champions.

2024 Update

Like many InboundREM client websites, Local Property blew up. Over the last 12 months, they have received over 90,000 page views from about 40,000 users. 

Jared Benson represents the highly competitive real estate market of Fort Worth, Texas. Despite having a new Tier 1 LeadMaster website, which is our lowest level lead generation package, he’s seeing some nice results.

The Ahrefs calculation of 225 monthly visitors is another underestimate of the actual results.

Here I would like to highlight how a niche Neighborhood Page about La Madera, Aledo has risen powerfully in the search results. Jared ranks Number 2 for this luxury enclave.

If you check out the top ranking article for the highest traffic (100 searches per month) keyword “La Madera Aledo TX,” you’ll see that it’s pretty unimpressive. I doubt such a bare bones landing page will be able to hold the top spot much longer.

In any case, it belongs to the company that builds the community’s homes, not a competing agent. The more relevant, but lower volume keyword “Homes for Sale in La Madera Aledo TX” belongs to us.

Not only that, but if you check out our Neighborhood Page, you’ll see that our comprehensive guide forms a much better impression on potential clients. There are several other real estate agencies trying to corner this enclave, but InboundREM’s content is the most powerful lead conversion piece.

2024 Update

Oops, we did it again. Over the last 12 months, Jared Benson has enjoyed 60,000 organic page views from 11,000 users. 

I’ll let you do the math of what happens when 11,000 people view an average of more than 5 pages on your real estate website. The majority of those views are on listings pages. 

Ellen Zusman serves Tampa, Florida for residential real estate and multifamily investment properties. Their website draws over 1000 visitors per month, as they’ve been with us a bit longer than other clients featured in this article.

Every client success story focuses on different areas where InboundREM client sites shine.

For Ellen’s site, Your South Tampa Home, I want to draw attention to how we immediately rose to Rank 4 for the powerful keyphrase “South Tampa Neighborhoods”. Less than a year later, we not only maintained our ranking, but rose to the number 1 Google result.

The top list with the two pink bubbles represents the keyword ranking for July 9, 2022, which was only a single month after publication. The bottom list shows the article currently holding the top rank 10 months later.

By earning the top rank, we’ve outperformed websites like Wikipedia, Niche.com, the official Tampa Government Neighborhood Guide, and competing real estate agent websites.

To show we’re not a one-hit wonder, check out the parallel success of Cristal Cellar’s website below.

2024 Update

Here near the beginning of 2024, traffic has risen from about 1,100 monthly visitors to 4,300. 

That’s an estimated 50,000+ organic inbound leads every year. These are virtually free, since the only necessary costs to maintain them are standard hosting costs. Plus, these numbers would likely continue for years if Ellen stopped creating new content. 

As for the ranking for “South Tampa neighborhoods”, Ellen remains number 1, celebrating another year at the top.

If you look closely, you’ll see several other real estate agents have created pages targeting this keyword in the meantime. Of course, none have overtaken Ellen. 

Kevin Kwan of SGV Listings also serves Pasadena like Cristal Cellar. After analyzing some of the SEO results for their website, I’ll talk about our policy of taking on only 2 clients per geographical area. In time, we expect all our client websites to succeed.

This policy ensures our clients don’t have to compete with the success of other InboundREM clients.

SGV SEO Results

Kevin Kwan’s new website draws 200 visitors per month. In some cases, he and the Cristal Cellar team dominate the same search results, holding the #1 and #2 spots. Like I said, this is the most inside competition I want my clients to experience.

For SGV Listings, I want to highlight how our Pasadena Cost of Living article earned the top rank and SERP Featured Snippets for fantastic lead generating keywords.

These Featured Snippets are sometimes called Rank 0. They double the size of your real estate on the first page of Google and highlight you as a strong and trusted resource.

Local Services Pages

The SVG Knowledge Center includes pages on local restaurants, hospitals, and schools. It also includes a page for local services for home cleaning, auto repair, and home repair.

While a helpful resource for potential clients, this page is also a clever addition to your website because it allows you to form connections with local small businesses.

2024 Update

Surprise, surprise. Another traffic blowout. Kevin’s website currently pulls about 21,500 annual page views from about 13,800 visitors. 

InboundREM Client-First Policies

Here I would like to note that InboundREM onboards only 2 active agencies per target market.

It’s one of several client-first policies we have because we trust our services to work. If we had several clients per area, we would become our own greatest competitors.

We also have zero contract cancellation fees, allow you to own your website, and never nickel-and-dime you with hidden fees or unexpected price hikes.

That’s in contrast to the vast majority of real estate website builders. Because each converted lead generates a large commission, most companies can easily promise decent ROIs.

Once you’ve signed a contract, those same companies have several policies in place that make it extremely expensive and time-consuming to switch providers.

Many of you know exactly what I’m talking about. People contact me every week complaining that they’ve already been burned a few times by website providers. They have to get it right this time around.

My competitors often rely on these “client-second” tactics to maintain a strong bottom line, rather than simply providing excellent service with strong results.

InboundREM works differently. We design our client relationships so that our only safety net for retaining clients is impressing them. There are no cancellation fees, and you own your website, so you won’t have to start over again if you switch providers.

I also don’t want any of my clients to suffer financially and personally because they encountered an unexpected financial burden and need to temporarily pause their contract with us.

Maybe you’re a husband and wife team and your real estate business takes a hit because of a sudden hospitalization. You should be able to make a quick phone call, pause your contract, and give your