350 Real Estate SEO Keywords to Generate the Best Leads

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Real Estate SEO Keywords

Did you find this article by googling “real estate keywords”?

Did you click because we generated the most comprehensive list of real estate SEO keywords?

If so, stop right there.

Real estate professionals trying SEO often make this HUGE mistake.

They try to cast a wide net by writing dozens, even hundreds, of blog articles and landing pages, each of which targets a single real estate keyword.

That’s a fantastic way to waste a year of your career building a real estate blog that never gains traction.

In this article, I will teach you everything you need to know about real estate SEO keywords. For those of you champing at the bit, here’s my ultimate list first.

But make sure you jump to my guide below, which includes advice that could save you hundreds of hours and make you tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As a shameless strategy to ensure you learn what you need to know, I’m placing my list of the best real estate keywords at the end of this article.

Location-Based Keywords

  1. [City/Neighborhood] real estate
  2. Homes for sale in [City/Neighborhood]
  3. [City/Neighborhood] real estate market
  4. Best neighborhoods in [City]
  5. Living in [City/Neighborhood]
  6. Houses for sale in [City/Neighborhood]
  7. [City] property listings
  8. [City] homes for sale by owner
  9. [City/Neighborhood] luxury homes
  10. Affordable homes in [City/Neighborhood]
  11. Condos for sale in [City/Neighborhood]
  12. [City/Neighborhood] investment properties
  13. Waterfront homes in [City/Neighborhood]
  14. [City/Neighborhood] vacation homes
  15. [City/Neighborhood] rental properties
  16. [Neighborhood/City] real estate trends
  17. Best places to live in [City/State]
  18. [City/Neighborhood] housing market update
  19. Top-rated schools in [City/Neighborhood]
  20. Affordable neighborhoods in [City/State]
  21. [City/Neighborhood] real estate statistics
  22. [City/Neighborhood] property values
  23. [City/Neighborhood] real estate forecast
  24. [City/Neighborhood] homes with a view
  25. [City/Neighborhood] real estate investments
  26. Luxury homes in [City/Neighborhood]
  27. Upcoming developments in [City/Neighborhood]
  28. Family-friendly communities in [City/State]
  29. Hidden gems in [City/Neighborhood]
  30. [City/Neighborhood] real estate market analysis

Buying/Selling Keywords

  1. How to buy a house
  2. Tips for first-time homebuyers
  3. Steps to selling your home
  4. Selling your home fast
  5. Real estate negotiation tips
  6. Importance of home inspections
  7. Closing costs explained
  8. Selling your home without an agent
  9. FSBO (For Sale By Owner) tips
  10. Avoiding common home buying mistakes
  11. Home staging tips
  12. Preparing your home for sale
  13. Understanding real estate contracts
  14. Benefits of using a real estate agent
  15. Selling during a seller’s market vs. buyer’s market

Investment Keywords

  1. Real estate investment strategies
  2. Investing in rental properties
  3. Flipping houses
  4. Real estate crowdfunding
  5. Passive income through real estate
  6. Rental property management tips
  7. Analyzing real estate market trends
  8. Tax implications of real estate investment
  9. Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  10. Commercial real estate investing
  11. Investing in vacation rentals
  12. Long-term vs. short-term rentals
  13. Real estate investment loans
  14. 1031 Exchange explained
  15. Real estate investment partnerships

Home Improvement/Interior Design Keywords

  1. Home renovation ideas
  2. DIY home improvement projects
  3. Interior design tips for small spaces
  4. Kitchen remodeling inspiration
  5. Bathroom renovation tips
  6. Energy-efficient home upgrades
  7. Flooring options for homes
  8. Creating a home office space
  9. Smart home technology trends
  10. Outdoor living space ideas
  11. Curb appeal tips for selling your home
  12. Landscaping ideas for front yard/backyard
  13. Home organization hacks
  14. Sustainable home design
  15. Home decor trends

Finance/Mortgage Keywords

  1. Mortgage pre-approval process
  2. Types of mortgage loans
  3. Fixed-rate vs. adjustable-rate mortgages
  4. Mortgage refinancing options
  5. Understanding mortgage points
  6. Mortgage payment calculators
  7. Getting a mortgage with bad credit
  8. Down payment assistance programs
  9. Qualifying for a mortgage with self-employment income
  10. FHA loans explained
  11. VA loans for veterans
  12. Jumbo mortgage loans
  13. Mortgage insurance explained
  14. Private mortgage insurance (PMI)
  15. Home equity loans vs. home equity lines of credit (HELOCs)

Legal/Regulatory Keywords

  1. Real estate laws in [State/Country]
  2. Understanding property taxes
  3. Homeowners association (HOA) rules
  4. Zoning laws and regulations
  5. Land use restrictions
  6. Eviction process explained
  7. Tenant rights and responsibilities
  8. Fair housing laws
  9. Title insurance explained
  10. Escrow process in real estate transactions
  11. Property deed types
  12. Real estate disclosure requirements
  13. Eminent domain laws
  14. Short sale process
  15. Tax implications of real estate transactions

Retirement/Active Adult Community Keywords

  1. Retirement communities in [Location]
  2. Active adult communities
  3. Benefits of downsizing for retirement
  4. Senior living options
  5. Assisted living facilities
  6. Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs)
  7. 55+ communities.
  8. Amenities in retirement communities
  9. Downsizing tips for seniors
  10. Choosing the right retirement community

International Real Estate Keywords

  1. Buying property abroad
  2. Overseas real estate investment
  3. International property listings
  4. Retiring abroad
  5. Investing in vacation homes overseas
  6. Legal considerations when buying property abroad
  7. Currency exchange and international real estate
  8. Tax implications of owning property overseas
  9. Buying property in [Country]
  10. Renting property in [Country]

Commercial Real Estate Keywords

  1. Office space for lease in [City]
  2. Retail space for rent
  3. Industrial properties for sale
  4. Warehouse space for lease
  5. Commercial real estate investment opportunities
  6. Mixed-use developments
  7. Restaurant space for lease
  8. Medical office space for rent
  9. Tenant representation services
  10. Commercial property management

Luxury Real Estate Keywords

  1. Million-dollar homes
  2. Luxury real estate market trends
  3. High-end property listings
  4. Luxury home features
  5. Exclusive gated communities
  6. Celebrity homes for sale
  7. Ultra-luxury real estate
  8. Luxury vacation homes
  9. Private island properties
  10. Prestigious penthouses

Neighborhood/Community Keywords

  1. [Neighborhood/Community] homes for sale
  2. Living in [Neighborhood/Community]
  3. Family-friendly neighborhoods in [City]
  4. [Neighborhood/Community] real estate agents
  5. Top-rated schools in [Neighborhood/Community]
  6. Parks and recreation in [Neighborhood/Community]
  7. Shopping and dining in [Neighborhood/Community]
  8. Safety ratings for [Neighborhood/Community]
  9. Commute times from [Neighborhood/Community]
  10. Community events in [Neighborhood/Community]

Property Type Keywords

  1. Single-family homes
  2. Condos
  3. Townhouses
  4. Apartments
  5. Luxury properties
  6. New construction homes
  7. Foreclosed homes
  8. Fixer-upper properties
  9. Gated communities
  10. Eco-friendly homes
  11. Historic homes
  12. Ranch-style houses
  13. Duplexes
  14. Multi-family homes
  15. Mobile homes

Property Features/Attributes Keywords

  1. Open floor plan homes
  2. Homes with waterfront views
  3. Mountain view properties
  4. Homes with pool/spa
  5. Energy-efficient homes
  6. Homes with a fireplace
  7. Homes with a view deck/patio
  8. Smart home features
  9. Homes with hardwood floors
  10. Homes with stainless steel appliances
  11. Homes with a walk-in closet
  12. Homes with a bonus room
  13. Homes with a mother-in-law suite
  14. Homes with a home theater

Home Buying Process Keywords

  1. Understanding earnest money
  2. Home inspection checklist
  3. Importance of a home appraisal
  4. Title search process
  5. Contingencies in a real estate contract
  6. Steps to qualify for a mortgage
  7. Negotiating repairs after a home inspection
  8. Understanding closing costs
  9. Benefits of pre-approval vs. pre-qualification
  10. Pros and cons of adjustable-rate mortgages
  11. Importance of a final walkthrough
  12. Rent-to-own home options
  13. Pros and cons of buying a foreclosure
  14. Steps to buy a short sale property
  15. Understanding the escrow process

Home Selling Process Keywords

  1. Staging your home for sale
  2. Benefits of professional home staging
  3. Pricing strategies for selling your home
  4. Benefits of a home warranty for sellers
  5. Marketing strategies to sell your home fast
  6. Hosting successful open houses
  7. Dealing with multiple offers on your home
  8. Importance of professional photography
  9. Creating a virtual tour for your home
  10. Tips for writing a compelling listing description
  11. Importance of curb appeal when selling
  12. Disclosure requirements for sellers
  13. Understanding the seller’s net proceeds
  14. Steps to take when relocating for work

Real Estate Market Trends/Analysis Keywords

  1. Real estate market forecast [Year]
  2. Housing market trends in [City/Neighborhood].
  3. Average home price in [City/Neighborhood]
  4. Days on market (DOM) statistics
  5. Buyer vs. seller market conditions
  6. Housing affordability index
  7. Impact of interest rates on the housing market
  8. Seasonal trends in real estate
  9. Inventory levels in [City/Neighborhood]
  10. Local economic indicators affecting real estate
  11. Impact of COVID-19 on the real estate market
  12. Rental market trends in [City/Neighborhood]
  13. Impact of new developments on property values
  14. Housing market outlook for [City/Neighborhood]
  15. Emerging real estate hotspots

Real Estate Technology/Tools Keywords

  1. Real estate mobile apps for buyers
  2. Virtual reality home tours
  3. Real estate CRM software benefits
  4. Online mortgage calculators
  5. Real estate analytics tools
  6. Real estate website design tips
  7. Drone photography in real estate marketing

Real Estate Investment Strategies Keywords

  1. Value investing in real estate
  2. Fix and flip real estate strategy
  3. Buy and hold investment properties
  4. Real estate wholesaling tips
  5. Tax lien investing explained
  6. Real estate crowdfunding platforms
  7. Passive real estate investment options
  8. Real estate syndication opportunities
  9. Distressed property investing
  10. Real estate arbitrage techniques

Real Estate Market Analysis Keywords

  1. Comparative market analysis (CMA)
  2. Real estate market segmentation
  3. Hyperlocal market analysis
  4. Real estate market saturation
  5. Absorption rate in real estate
  6. Real estate market liquidity
  7. Market equilibrium in real estate
  8. Real estate market correction indicators
  9. Demographic trends in housing
  10. Real estate market volatility factors

Real Estate Regulations/Legislation Keywords

  1. Fair Housing Act compliance
  2. Anti-discrimination laws in real estate
  3. Real estate licensing requirements
  4. Property disclosure laws
  5. Real estate agency relationships
  6. Legal considerations in real estate contracts
  7. Real estate ethics and standards
  8. Real estate transaction recording
  9. Environmental regulations in real estate
  10. Land use planning laws

Real Estate Keyword Expertise

If you don’t know me, I’m Robert Newman. I’m the head of InboundREM, which builds SEO-focused websites for real estate professionals.

But I don’t expect you to trust my real estate SEO keyword expertise on that fact alone. Here’s evidence of a website we recently built that got half a million interactions within one year. That includes over 200,000 page views. 

The overwhelming majority of those interactions from prospective clients came from SEO-drawn traffic.

There will be plenty more evidence that this is my area of expertise as we move forward, but let’s jump into common real estate keyword mistakes.

#1 Real Estate Keyword Mistake

The biggest mistake real estate professionals make is churning out dozens of 500-word articles, each targeting a single real estate keyword.

It shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how real estate SEO works. Agents have this “Build it and they will come” mentality, thinking as long as they grind out something, anything, eventually it will work.

Not only will this strategy get you painfully low traffic, but it will also get you zero leads. Certainly zero commissions.

The internet is a massive graveyard of mediocre articles. It does not need your 750-word article on the Pros and Cons of Buying Foreclosures because it has already buried a hundred other versions in its backyard.

If that strategy resembles your current real estate SEO content map, stop right there.

How to Fix This Mistake

Instead of casting a wide net, use a surgical approach. There are two types of articles you should focus on, lead generation articles and broad engagement posts.

The best lead generation article types are Neighborhood Guides, Local Real Estate Niche articles, and Local Financial and Tax Info articles.

The best broad engagement article types are localized “Living In..” and “Moving To..” articles.

Fortunately, I’ve broken down exactly how to approach and write these kinds of articles in 4 Real Estate Blogging Ideas To DOMINATE Your Market.

That guide is a 4000-word beast that shows you examples of the absolute best content examples for each type of article. Those model articles rank for a range of valuable real estate keywords and actually drive leads to you.

Take your education a step further with 20 Real Estate SEO Hacks and Secrets to Boost Traffic.

#2 Real Estate Keyword Mistake

The second biggest, equally wasteful, mistake I see agents making with real estate SEO keywords is focusing on global keywords over local real estate keywords.

An example of a global real estate keyword would be the phrase, “home staging tips”.

Let’s say by some SEO miracle, you write an article that ranks in the Top 3 for this topic.

Your website gets flooded with thousands of visitors each month. Comments roll in. Your metrics look spiky, shiny, and sexy. Occasionally, a humble brag slips out at a networking event.

Who cares?

99.99% of your traffic will never move to or from your area. The one visitor per year that’s actually local will never sign a contract with you because they’re already DIY staging their home and the listing belongs to another realtor.

Possibly an agent who read this article before you did 😉

Now, there is a benefit to writing articles with broader appeal than “5 Things to Know Before Buying Waterfront Property on Okojobi Lake”.

Google measures all kinds of metrics to understand the value provided by your website. And it can’t make decisions about some of those metrics if nobody ever visits.

For example, Google cares a lot about the average time people spend reading your content. But it will never take that metric seriously if you have very minimal data.

How to Fix This Mistake

Though I wrote a list of 350 real estate SEO keywords for this article, 99% of agents should ignore most of them. Local and hyperlocal real estate keywords are absolutely key to dominating your market through SEO.

The main reason I wrote that big list is to get your attention so I can educate you on the right approach.

There are three main ways to focus on capturing local real estate keywords. Two are from your website, which are blog articles and landing pages. The third is your Google Business Profile.

1. Blog Article Real Estate Keywords

If you follow the 4 Real Estate Blogging Ideas To DOMINATE Your Market, the keyword research strategies below, and the real estate keywords list at the bottom, you’ll be in pretty good shape.

But if you haven’t realized this yet, DIY real estate SEO content marketing is an entire full-time job beyond your other responsibilities as a real estate agent or broker.

You could download all of the free real estate marketing eBooks I’ve written, study the dozens of deep-diving real estate lead generation articles I’ve written, and watch the hundreds of YouTube videos I’ve made.

Free eBooks for Agents

Free eBooks for Real Estate Agents

Download any or all of our real estate marketing eBooks. These books contain cutting edge information, deep-diving case studies, actionable hacks to skyrocket your business.

You’re still not going to be able to achieve the ROI that an SEO-focused real estate website builder and SEO campaign provider can.

If you know my content well, you’re aware that I’m happy to teach real estate professionals how to skyrocket their success even if I don’t benefit financially.

If you’re a newcomer, I hope you sense that my approach to lead generation is providing insane value for free and trusting that my people will find me. Because it is. And they do.

To be honest, I say all kinds of things that may not be in my best financial interest. Hopefully, you’ve also discovered the paradoxical power that radically transparent honest has. In both my shoes and yours, being extremely authentic is the best way to earn dedicated clients.

So I hope you can trust when I say that real estate SEO content marketing is wildly powerful, but doing it yourself is only worthwhile for less than 1% of realtors.

If you’d like to talk about why that is, I’d love to chat with you about your business.

Let's have a talk

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Let’s chat about how an SEO-focused website that YOU OWN, Google Business Profile Campaigns, or Custom Email Campaigns can generate high-quality leads and exceptional long-term ROI. If my services aren’t the best move for you, I’ll gladly point you in the right direction

2. Landing Page Real Estate Keywords

Blog post articles are appropriate for targeting real estate keywords like “Moving to Los Angeles” or “Denver property taxes”. But some local keywords like “West Los Angeles homes for sale” or “Bel Air luxury properties” require a different approach.

That’s because the search intent is different. People searching these latter real estate keywords usually want to see property listings, which Google understands very well.

For that reason, webpages with local MLS listings are going to outrank every attempt to capture these searches. Landing pages that also have TONS of local information and user interaction features are Google’s favorite.

Here’s an example that InboundREM created for our client that gets 500,000+ website interactions each year.

Homes for sale in West Lake Okoboji - Okoboji Realty - okobojire.com

As you can imagine, creating such a complex landing page for every neighborhood and community you serve is not a simple task.

The example above has:

  • Custom embedded dynamic map
  • Static neighborhood map
  • Custom IDX property listings
  • Jump links
  • Linking hierarchy to several smaller communities
  • Links to several local activities and their respective pages
  • Links to resources like mortgage calculators and zip code maps
  • Contact forms with built-in meeting schedulers
  • Social media buttons
  • Much more

That’s what it takes to outrank big names like Realtor.com, Zillow, and Trulia. As you can see below, that’s just what we’ve done for Okobojire Realty.

how our client ranks above competing websites

Though I would happily share a hundred hacks to reproduce our success, you just can’t achieve these results by yourself. There’s just so much technical SEO and web development expertise necessary to beat Zillow as an agency.

You would literally need a team of several full-time, well-experienced professionals.

Feel free to check out InboundREM Services and Pricing. Or go through the success stories, ROI case studies, and website tours on our Client Portfolio.

3. Google Business Profile Keywords

If you’ve been following me at all the last year, you know I’m obsessed with the power of Google Business Profiles. It’s the best lead generation strategy for 2024 and beyond, which includes its potential to capture local real estate keywords.

Bret Wallace, one of my clients, generated $101,700 worth of Google Business Profile leads in 10 weeks. You can also achieve those numbers.

That’s especially true if you follow my secret hacks and invest in my highly cost-effective Google Business Profile campaign. Bret’s ROI was 68X during those 10 weeks.

Here’s some of the content I’ve produced to jumpstart your success.

Check out our full suite of hyperlocal content to optimize your Google Business Profile and dominate your local market.

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Let’s chat about how an SEO-focused website that YOU OWN, Google Business Profile Campaigns, or Custom Email Campaigns can generate high-quality leads and exceptional long-term ROI. If my services aren’t the best move for you, I’ll gladly point you in the right direction

#3 Real Estate Keyword Mistake

A common misconception is that the best way to create content with a strong reach is to find a single real estate keyword with high-traffic and low ranking difficulty.

In fact, the best performing articles generate huge traffic because they target a “pool” of related keywords.

Take my article on real estate slogans for example.

The article generates about 5000 page views per month. But the keyword “real estate slogans” only generates 1100 searches per month.

How is that possible?

Well, there are dozens of other related keywords with similar wording. Check out all the keywords we rank #1 for with this article.

Evidence of high traffic articles having lots of keywords

When creating a content map based on your real estate keyword research, it’s important to keep this in mind. The best strategies involve using Ahrefs or SEMrush to check the “Traffic Potential”, which takes into account these “keyword pools”.

It’s also smart to check how much traffic the Top 3 results generate, which can provide another perspective on the total traffic potential.

How to Find Real Estate Keyword Opportunities

Let’s delve deeper into the process of discovering real estate keywords.