30 Things to do in Your First Month as a Real Estate Agent Part 1

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30 Things To Do for First-time Realtors Part 1

This episode will discuss the article for new real estate agents, entitled, “30 Things to do in Your First Month as a Real Estate Agent.” This content shares some tips that will equip the new real estate agents to generate leads.

Get Organized

This article aims to guide the new real estate agents on how to get their business started. The first tip is to order business cards, which is necessary. Purchasing your Ekey to access and show homes is next, this step depends on your brokerage and other factors. The third tip is getting decent photos of properties. It is better if your broker has a photographer where you can get a good deal. You’ll need to write a personal bio which is preferably short and straightforward. Lastly, you need to start gathering names, addresses, and emails to build a database.

Agents may add researching about the real estate business to the category of getting organized. You need to prepare both traditional and digital business plans. Get yourself some books to understand the basics of starting the business. The next step is to have a digital outline. They could start with a Google profile. Very few agents skip this step since it is crucial when creating your network.

Let People Know About Your Real Estate Career

You need to introduce yourself to the real estate industry. The initial step recommends creating a short letter. You may ask for advice from others in developing your content. Then, agents should create a MailChimp.com eNewsletter account which can also be done with Mail Right. As a starter, try to avoid spending money if you could avail them for free, especially for your first six months. Facebook, Trulia, and Realtor.com are all free platforms, to begin with, your business. MailChimp lets you send 2000 messages per month for free. You’ll want to create accounts for Zillow, Homesnap, Trulia, LinkedIn, Yelp, and a Facebook page, and Google My Business page.

Understanding the Market

The next section in the article is about understanding the market. Firstly, it recommends to go and show yourself a few homes. You will need to call everybody on the database and try to set appointments with them within the month. This time you must select a demographic and a specific niche. Then, you need to pick a neighborhood you want to work in every day. As a beginner, you should spend your first few days looking at various locations. Next one is to get real estate market reports using the MLS. Everybody should join an MLS and get a license. Lastly, offer free home variation reports to your friends. This tip is an excellent way to build your database, which in turn would be your first emails.

Connect with Other Agents

You’ll need to build your network in the industry; open houses are excellent ways to meet experienced realtors in your locality. As a new agent, this is a unique way of presenting yourself and building your credibility. You need to have a process or method for getting new possible clients. An open house is an excellent strategy for starters since established agents do not usually do it. An additional tip is to use Nextdoor.com as homeowners have discussions in this platform about the neighborhood in general. An open house will require ways to disseminate the information, so you need to spend on posters and have it in high traffic areas.

Bonus Content: Finding a Mentor

In doing an open house, you may opt to do Facebook advertising a week before the event. You should have a micro plan on how you are going to execute it. The next tip is to offer to show homes to other agents. Experienced agents offer mentorship in exchange for fees, but it depends on your personality and determination. You can ask advice from others and do favors for them in exchange for business coaching or ideas from them. It goes with the next tip, which is to shadow another real estate agent. Several agents do mentorship to help new ones, especially if you plan to make a team. A good tip is by finding a brokerage that fits your vibe and a reliable agent to mentor you.