Connections and Social Media Marketing is Important in a Business

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Meet Josh Elledge, an entrepreneur expert in social media marketing. He will tell us how local influence is so important.

Josh is an entrepreneur who owns the website UpMyInfluence

TheUpMyInfluence website is previously known as the upendPR. It mainly focuses on helping entrepreneurs to attract the perfect audiences and grow their brands without spending a huge amount of money. Furthermore, UpMyInfluence (UMI) has evolved into a purpose-driven platform bent on totally DEMOCRATIZING access to influence. Josh believes that his website has an educational value to help entrepreneurs own their expertise, share their wisdom, and serve the world with their collective messages.

In the video below, he mainly tells us how important local influence and social marketing in a business and how local influence make your brand known.

He recommends not just optimized your facebook account but also Twitter and LinkedIn as Social media plays a great role in targeting an audience and build a brand.  He also tells us that sharing social media information on your website is one of the best ideas to build a brand with strong authority. And we must target a fun topical subject that makes audience hooked and will keep watching you.


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