How to Attract Gen Z Customers

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How to Attract Gen Z Customers

The real estate industry has several outdated marketing strategies. Most of which targets the older generation with the likes of millennials and boomers, leaving out the younger generation, gen Z. Generation Z or iGen refers to the age of kids born after millennials between the years 1998 – 2010s. Raised with unlimited access to the internet and social media, with the oldest of the generation finishing college by 2020 and entering the workforce. THis Mail-right’s episode, Chad Carrodus of Metro Atlanta, Georgia, discusses with us different marketing mistakes realtors make that doesn’t cater to younger clients.

Chad Carrodus

Chad is a native Atlantan and is the youngest person ever to be named to Georgia Trend’s 40 Under 40 list. Chad brings a rare perspective, which translates into a first-class client experience in luxury real estate and as a CEO for a software company. Chad thinks that Generation Z is a highly misunderstood generation in the sense that most real estate agents believe that they have the same spending habits as those of the older generation. Marketer mistake iGen behaviors and would try to target them like how they would target millennials or boomers.

Generation Z

However, unlike the previous generations, Generation Z is laser-focused on authenticity. With this, they value developing organic relationships online and offline. Traditional marketing strategies of making sure everything looks picture-perfect will not resonate with them. One way to combat this mistake is by producing organic and real content online. Video is a big part of Generation Z’s entertainment consumption. As a realtor, you can leverage this through vlogging neighborhood reviews or live open houses. It is relevant to note that as you talk to the camera, you, communication with clients must be authentic and genuine.

Digital Marketing Tools

Additional digital tools include instant messaging and collaboration tools like Slack. Slack is an application that allows real estate agents and brokers like yourself to have a virtual office on the go. CRM is also a tool integrated into most digital devices with a complementing user-interface or user experience with these tools. Tools like Slack caters to the younger mentality who prefers easy and streamlined processes. Although traditional marketing strategies still do generate leads, in a few years, that will have to change. While some states even bank on referral strategies, Chad feels that it’s best to start integrating modern marketing tactics as early as now. Other digital marketing applications may require 10 to 60 hours to learn and set up. It may be much time, but it is an excellent investment in the long run. With industries like real estate now being driven with lead generation by digital marketing, don’t you think it’s time to adapt while you still can?