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Boomtown Review Synapsis

Lead Generation
Client Satisfaction
Overall Rating

BoomTown is best for large brokerages of at least 20 agents that specialize in converting PPC leads through long sales funnels and phone dialers.

The company boasts lots of highly satisfied customers, but is an expensive product, especially considering its outdated website designs and the quality of leads. 

Small or medium teams should consider platforms like Real Geeks or Ylopo for similar quality leads at a much better price point. Teams who want to own their website to avoid monthly licensing fees and retain control of their data should consider InboundREM or Agent Image.

Read on for the deepest 2023 BoomTown review out there.

In-Depth Video Review (CRM/Backend)

Video Highlights

1. Mojo integration is good for some, bad for others.

Clients can integrate their BoomTown website with a CRM of their choice. However, the Mojo integration is customized to fit seamlessly into the BoomTown backend.

If your team is unfamiliar with Mojo, there will be a learning curve to consider. It can take 10-20+ hours for each team member to learn the new system effectively. 

2. BoomTown works decently at generating PPC lead through Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

BT’s bread and butter is the focus of most real estate website platforms. It’s my opinion that BoomTown doesn’t leverage PPC campaigns any better than anyone else.

There are significantly cheaper options like Real Geeks that perform just as well for a fraction of the overall cost. 

3. Their Lead Breakdowns outshine the competition. 

For example, the backend can also sort your lead pool according to 17 different filters. That’s A LOT. It’s excellent and necessary for teams dealing with a large lead pool. 

4. BoomTown probably earns revenue through its partnerships with Mojo and other integrations.

For large teams, this is actually good news. A highly structured real estate website platform makes things easier. For small teams, the lack of flexibility with integrations is often a hassle. 

Boomtown Backend/CRM Ratings

I rate Mojo at 5/10 for new users and 10/10 for current users. That’s simply because it’s a good CRM, but educating a team on a new CRM is a hassle. 

For a more detailed explanation of BoomTown’s PPC marketing, check out the video above. Lots of great information there!

The automation feature is very useful. It could be better than 6/10, but the tutorial videos do not disclose how many filters are available. That’s a crucial aspect. 

It’s a rare but wonderful feature that sets BoomTown apart from many other platforms.

The part of the backend that tracks where your leads come from, whether a PPC lead or from a billboard. However, the BoomTown CRM is pretty limited in the different sources it can actually track. Follow Up Boss is much better, and it’s what my clients use. 

The dashboard that breaks your leads into different engagement metrics might be the best I’ve ever seen. Very robust reporting.

General Ratings

I rank them at 5/10 for small teams and 8/10 for large teams. BoomTown has a number of high-profile integrations available, which is great. However, if you want to integrate a system they do not partner with, it will be very difficult or impossible. Again, this plays better for large teams but not well for small teams. 

Like almost all real estate website platforms, BoomTown retains ownership of your website and the data on it. That has two main consequences.

First, you will pay heavy monthly fees to lease and use the website you paid to build. Second, you do not own the data collected by your website, which means you will probably have LOTS of trouble exporting that information. 

BoomTown has amped up its training resources for users big time. There are hundreds of pieces of tutorial content available, which is fantastic.

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BoomTown Client Reviews

I went through and read dozens of online BoomTown reviews. I’ve also talked with many BoomTown clients. Overall, the results are quite impressive. They rate 4.5 stars across several platforms.  They have loads of very satisfied customers and perhaps even more impressively, very few critical testimonials. 

As a final note, there are three software review websites–Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice–that feature completely duplicate reviews. When you analyze BoomTown reviews yourself, just stick with one of these websites.

Positive Client Testimonials

If you want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, you can check out the BoomTown success stories on their website. 

Happy customers often cite the aspects that I’ve ranked well above. Clients often praise the lead breakdowns with their numerous filters and the overall ROI.

Additionally, mid-level managers can easily monitor their agent’s lead funnel, making it a great platform for ensuring the optimization of your brokerage’s lead nurturing.

Read some hand-selected BoomTown reviews below.

Negative Client Testimonials

Dissatisfied customers typically reference these problems:

  • Billing issues, like baiting-and-switching, overcharging, or being just plain cost-ineffective
  • Poor quality leads with lots of fake phone numbers
  • Glitchy UX

I might guess that some of the clients dissatisfied with the billing were already stretching their budget and therefore were more likely to be inflamed by less-than-stellar results. 

critical review of BT ROI

To be fair, it’s important to point out that there are only 4 highly negative BoomTown reviews out of about 500 on G2. 

Note that both are small businesses, not mid-sized or enterprise clients. The client above complains about something we’ve covered here pretty extensively. 

You can get a similar product for much cheaper, and small teams should absolutely consider companies like Follow Up Boss, Ylopo, and Real Geeks

negative customer testimonial

Micheal seems mostly upset with the lack of customization on the website and the poor customer service. He should have known BoomTown provides template websites.

A Teachable Moment

Perhaps these BoomTown client reviews serve as a lesson. Hopes of a 10X ROI may lead clients to pay more than originally planned. Clients should be honest with themselves about their team’s expertise in lead conversion. 

If your agents aren’t talented at working PPC leads, you place yourself in a position where you will feel like you’re overpaying for BoomTown. The simple fact is, if you’re just interested in PPC leads, Real Geeks can do essentially the same job for a fraction of the cost. 

Plus, BoomTown hasn’t updated its website design in years. It’s not like you’re paying much more for a far better designed website.

Custom Website Alternatives

If you want a custom or even semi-custom website, go to a company that specializes in fully custom WordPress sites. Think Agent Image or Luxury Presence, but know you will have to integrate your own CRM.

Semi-Custom + SEO Packages

Across the board, the real estate website builder market has had trouble nailing a tricky task: building a custom or semi-custom branded website that actually generates traffic. 

In 2021, InboundREM tried its hand at this delicate balancing act. We’ve happy to say that our SEO-focused luxury branded websites are gaining immediate traction on Google. 

Read about Erika Borunda’s wild success here.

BoomTown Website Examples

Below are a fairly standard BoomTown website examples, the first from KRCH Realty. The second example is from Five Doors Real Estate.

As design goes, this is the kind of template real estate site that new clients should expect. 

Home Page

Boomtown Website example home page

IDX Map Search

Boomtown Website Example IDX page

Home Page

five doors real estate website example home page from BoomTown ROI

IDX Map Search

Boomtown sample website IDX map search

10X ROI Case Study

It seems that Chad Priestly in the video below is no longer a BoomTown client. Strangely enough, it seems most of the brokerages featured in the BoomTown Success Stories are no longer clients. But Chad attests to a 10X ROI when he used the company. 

If you watch the video, he mentions that leads commonly leave fake phone numbers and names. Of course, this is a symptom of poor-quality leads. 

Again, it’s a reminder that very strong ROIs are possible if you have a competent and tenacious team in place. That leads me to a final reiteration of my conclusion about potential BoomTown clients…

Boomtown ROI Login

You can access the BoomTown Login using the link below. What’s relevant about this is the terms and conditions link located on the lower left.

While not unusual BoomTown clearly tells you that YOU do not own the data and may not remove it off THEIR platform. They on the other hand may use THEIR data any way they please. While not unheard of, this unusually egregious data privacy feature favors BoomTown and makes it damn near impossible for you to win any dispute regarding the data collected on thier platform. IE. You have to hope if you want to move your data that MAYBE Boomtown will be cool about it.


BoomTown is best for large brokerages of at least 20 agents that specialize in converting PPC leads through long sales funnels and phone dialers.

Small or medium teams should consider platforms like Real Geeks or Ylopo for similar quality leads at a much better price point.

Thanks for checking out our comprehensive 2023 BoomTown review. Leave a comment with any questions you might have!

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