How to Become the Top Producer in Your Local Market

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Best Practices for Top Producers

Understanding Value

Earning the trust of your clients is essential. You will begin in the business, being invisible to your future clients. In these cases, you need to turn yourself into something visible. You need to introduce yourself to them because they would need to take the risk of doing business with you. In business, agents should understand the value that they bring to their clients. Agents can present their services to their clients together with a letter and their business card. They could also appear more visible and credible with testimonials and reviews from their past clients.


A vital element of your service package is the marketing message. It must include the involvement of your clients. In any business, ratings are very significant in the field of marketing. In this new era, people usually ask about your Google rating. Ratings are number one when it comes to marketing proceeded by testimonials. A video can be the best medium to present testimonials. You may also apply some tools like Google AdWords to your marketing campaign. Getting excellent content and posts into social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn may help boost your branding. It is essential to take note that nowadays, marketing costs a lot of time compared to money.

Micro or Granular Marketing

Marketing also requires a target audience, which can be narrowed down into micro targets. You have to get granular in your marketing strategy. As a real estate agent, you need to know your target audience or the geographic area that encompasses your business. You should be unique than the general real estate professional in your area. You should be relevant, significant, and specific to your target audience and niche. Creating videos and getting reviews from your past clients will aid you as well.

Key Ideas: Five Disciplines

Achieving exponential growth is possible by developing these five disciplines. They include disciplines of strategy, mission, execution, people, and business development. For the mission, it is essential to know your main objective in doing business. The word ‘love’ is a common term in the business world recently. It indicates your passion for your mission. People will find it difficult to buy into your vision if you don’t know your mission. As a real estate agent, you could achieve exponential growth by having a purpose or mission beyond generating money and providing excellent service. This purpose could be something for the community, which is value-adding and builds progress.

Strategy and Building a Team

Strategy, as a discipline, involves the entire organization or company. Most people in the business industry are clueless about its true meaning since they interchange it with the word ‘tactic.’ One crucial aspect of a strategy is to consider building a team. In business, people don’t hate their work, but they might be disengaged. There should be a distinction between hate and not loving. When it happens, you need to strategize on employee engagement. You got the people you deserve. People in business should not expect to run a company with a handful of top employees. You need to engage with them to avail their service for your business. A tip for obtaining exponential growth could be strategizing on building a team of massive performers wherein employee engagement is vital in its execution.

Bonus Content: Building Trust

Building trust with people is essential to business. One way to achieve this is to define your expertise and send it to people. Once the expertise is demonstrated, you have established 80% of the trust you need to make a sale. You should convince them to explore your knowledge with your services. People trust the expert; thus, every realtor has more knowledge than they think they have. Marketing is communication and education. You have to combine the two elements to get their trust and do business with you.