EPISODE 310: The New Placester, Inc.

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EPISODE 310: The New Placester, Inc.

John and Robert featured Seth Price on the 310th episode of the Mail-Right Show. Seth Price is an entrepreneur, CEO, and startup advisor with a track record of success. He is currently the Vice President of Product Management at Placester, where he oversees Agent Management Tools, the Codeless Website Builder, and Concierge Custom, a new platform that enables real estate agents to outsource marketing workflows and one-off creative projects. He is one of the people that brought hot light to some high-quality, large-scale content marketing to the real estate marketing space. This podcast revolves around Placester Inc.

What is Placester Inc.?

Placester is a comprehensive business platform for real estate agents that includes elegant lead generation websites, lead management, email marketing, marketing automation, analytics, and 24/7 support. The Placester platform enables real estate agents to develop their companies online and on mobile through seamless MLS connectivity, natural language search, and eye-catching aesthetics. Placester offers a comprehensive suite of apps and add-ons for highly effective email marketing, digital advertising campaigns, lead management, and task automation.
Capital Ventured Back: What is it, and how does it work?
Venture capitalists (VCs) are the most glamorous and appealing source of financing for many businesses. They are well-known for investing early in high-growth companies, and many of the world’s most famous entrepreneurial success stories attribute their rise to venture capitalist support. Venture capitalists can provide enormous funding, counsel, and stature simply by their existence. They merely have venture capital backing signals that your business has a good chance of rapid and profitable growth, at least in the eyes of venture investors.

What is the term “Self-Funding”?

Self-funding is the most common method of financing new enterprises. Self-funding your business refers to the process by which you (the business owners/founders) furnish the first capital required to establish a firm using your resources.

Advantages of self-funding your business:

  • It is the quickest and most convenient method of obtaining funds. Nobody needs to be persuaded, and there is no need for approval.
  • The benefits of self-financing your business include knowing exactly how much money you have available to run it and not having to spend time securing more capital from investors or banks.
  • Self-funding your business provides you with significantly more control than other types of financing. Additionally, this implies that you do not need to repay or rely on external investors or lenders, who may withdraw their support at any time.
  • When the time comes to wind down the venture, no competing interests need to be resolved through negotiation.

The disadvantages of self-financing your business:

  • At the startup stage, limited resources might constrain the scale and scope of a company’s operations.
  • Insufficient resources may potentially restrict the future expansion of the venture.
  • The only person who is at risk is the entrepreneur. If the venture fails, the entrepreneur is responsible for dealing with all of the consequences.
  • It is possible that the entrepreneur does not possess all of the skills, expertise, and experience necessary to launch and expand the venture successfully.