Episode 344: Hyperlocal Video for Real Estate Agents

Episode Timeline

For the 344th episode of the Mail Right Show, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman introduce the hyperlocal video, a new and unique way to do a neighborhood tour. Robert Newman is the founder and CEO of Inbound REM, an inbound marketing agency, and has more than a decade of experience in the industry of real estate SEO. On the other hand, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail Right, a platform combining a range of digital tools into a streamlined, user-friendly package. They create a semi-custom or fully customized WordPress website and offer a suite of marketing tools to help generate leads.

This episode provides a template to follow and possible questions to ask to give a better understanding should anyone want to do a neighborhood tour video.

Hyperlocal Video and Google Earth View

Hyperlocal video is a relatively new style of neighborhood tour video. It features two people— one could be the real estate agent, and the other could be the brand ambassador who graciously agreed to share knowledge about the neighborhood. In the video, you can use Google Earth View, which is very powerful in conjunction with stepping somebody through a specific community because of its graphic. Additionally, it creates a sense of presence for your audience in the topic you are discussing.

For instance, the video focuses on the neighborhood of Lakeside, Reno. You can use Google Earth View to show your video the Lakeside neighborhood’s aerial view. You can show the nearby recreation centers from homes, how big dwellings are in the area and their scope, or if there are a couple of prominent buildings in the neighborhood. The video shows what a professional marketer is putting together for top-end clients. Yet, viewers have a chance to hear it and figure out the information about the neighborhood.

Questions to Ask Regarding the Neighborhood

While shooting for the neighborhood tour video, you can do a Q&A regarding the neighborhood. You can ask the following questions to the neighborhood ambassador while walking through the area using Google Earth View.

Neighborhood Homes. Ask the agent to explain what kind of homes you can find in the neighborhood. Is it a diverse and established area where you can find family homes, apartments, or attached houses? Are homes developed recently or in the early 80s? You can also ask if it is a gated community, the square footage of homes.

Price Range. The second question you can ask is about the price range in the neighborhood since prices vary depending on the properties and real estate market situation.

Appreciation. Ask about the appreciation over the last 5 or 10 years.

Neighborhood Home Buyers. Ask some questions about the neighborhood’s buyer demographic. Are the people who typically purchase homes in the neighborhood families, CEOs, business owners, celebrities, young people, or retirees?

Reasons for Buying House. Inquire about the factors that lead people to purchase properties in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood FAQs. You should be asking the most frequently asked home buyers’ questions regarding the area’s properties.

Listing Availability. The availability of listings. When you are doing a video demo of the neighborhood, you should be clear that the video is created in 2022 or a recent year because there is no doubt that there will be more inventory in the following years.

Seller Motivation. One of the questions you should always address is how motivated the seller in the area is. If the seller is very motivated, the offers could be dying down, or the seller would want to keep the prices high. A certain percentage of people will be desperate to keep the home appreciation they have got and sell it before prices drop.

Proximity to Facilities and Activities. Ask if homes in the neighborhood are within walking distance of the things you love and need. Inquire about the neighborhood’s appearance. Does the area offer much greenery, making the community a great place to live? It would be best to ask whether the homes are near sights, schools, local businesses, and churches.

Local Providers and Utilities. The last question you can ask is how and who are the local providers in the neighborhood. What are the utilities in the area? You can also ask about the moving companies and appraisers. The objective is to encapsulate some of this information in three to five minutes when doing a video.