Episode 372: YouTube Strategies Realtors Can Utilize in 2023

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For the 372nd episode of Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newnan, explore several YouTube strategies for realtors to generate leads. Video is where we’re going, and in 2023, we’re starting to see people listening to and doing YouTube videos. This episode delves into using YouTube to post videos and strategies to create content that builds traffic. Robert Newman is the CEO of Inbound REM, an inbound marketing firm, and has worked in the real estate SEO field over the last decade. On the other hand, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail Right, a platform combining various digital tools into one convenient, user-friendly package.

Utilize YouTube for Video Posting

Video can keep discoverable and capture attention for years, setting it apart from platforms like Instagram and other channels. As a realtor, it is crucial to focus on the long-term value of utilizing YouTube as a medium to establish a strong presence. By consistently creating engaging video content, you can cultivate a lasting impact and continuously attract viewership for years. Moreover, 95 % of your competition in your region, city, town, or wherever you are, aren’t doing video or will never do video. And if you don’t get into video in 2023, you’re missing a golden opportunity. In case you don’t know, 80% of the content that everybody in the US consumed last year was video.

Select Your Niche

Decide on the type of content you want to focus on, rather than trying to do various types of content and concentrate on that particular type of YouTube video. You can improve your skills with each video you create by focusing on your niche. And then, when your channel gets known, you can slightly mix it up with some other type of YouTube content. However, if you wanted to earn traffic and calls to a new channel, it would make sense to do area interest videos and then the specific videos broadly.

Traffic Building Videos.

The number one conversation among the 10,000 people sharing ideas about real estate videos and YouTube is why their videos are not generating calls.

Some agents’ video contents have 300 000 views on their channel for they’re doing the “top 10 reasons people relocate to a certain city”, the “ten things I love to hate about this city,” or “you better know this before you move to city X,” yet on a scale of 1 to 10, the chance that somebody will call you from one of these videos is about one out of two. These contents work well in videos, especially for the TikTok market, as they can effectively showcase the highlights of an area through editing. However, these videos have low conversion rates because they may not directly target individuals who are actively searching for a home. While they provide valuable lifestyle information, viewers may need more time before making a purchasing decision.

That being said, one type of video that gets the most calls are neighborhood tour videos where you drive around a neighborhood, talking about the inventory, which, number one, clearly identifies that you’re trying to sell that inventory or list that inventory. Second, it paints you as an expert in that viewer’s area of interest. Thirdly, you can highlight your expertise; if you’ve done much business or sold many homes in the area, talk about the history of selling homes there. Neighborhood tour videos often receive fewer views than other real estate videos, so you only see a few happening online. They differ from the typical video, as they require additional effort and dedication, where an agent gets in their car, sets up their camera correctly, makes sure people can hear, and then drives around. To those unfamiliar with YouTube or video production in general, investing time and resources into producing such videos is perplexing, especially when analyzing the analytics. Nevertheless, it makes sense when one realizes that viewers may only watch a handful of interesting segments, but it is through the entirety of the video – which includes driving around and talking about the houses – that the content is appreciated. It is also linked to SEO principles that different content appeals to people at different stages of their purchasing journey.

The ten features highlighting CityX in videos attract those considering visiting the city. However, those thinking of moving to the city might be further out on their purchasing journey or buying stage, and have a city in their mind and might be looking for a neighborhood or property, and neighborhood video would appeal more to somebody further along that journey.

Another type of video content you can do is about becoming the digital Mayor of your city area town. An example would be a rater interviewing local businesses; though it’s not directly linked to real estate, it can contribute to building goodwill. The content creator establishes a positive reputation and receives business referrals by promoting these businesses through interviews with their owners. Furthermore, the businesses promote the YouTube channel, increasing traffic.

Reasons Why A Video is Not Generating Leads

Many real estate agents wonder why they spend so much time and effort getting a million views on their videos, only to find that their website’s case study generates more money. The reason is simple: most agents need to know what types of videos attract potential clients. They need to understand the different video categories and their effectiveness. They also underestimate the importance of creating an introductory video for their channel that clearly shows who they are, good or bad. Make sure you allow people to connect because videos have a powerful impact, and people tend to buy from people they like.

One thing that separates those who do well on video from those who don’t is sharing an about video that dives into who you are, your history, and your business’s mission. Agents that stand out highlight their comprehensive range of services, including property staging and meticulous preparation for selling. They utilize drones to capture stunning aerial footage and high-quality photos even in regular markets and showcase them on multiple online websites. These agents convey their passion for the profession, discussing industry challenges without naming specific individuals or companies. By showcasing their unique offerings, they differentiate themselves and offer something unique to potential buyers.

Another example is that luxury agents often spend in listing videos, only to sometimes claim that these videos are ineffective in generating calls. It is important to remember that listing videos are there to brand your client, especially in the luxury market. Clients expect high-quality videos for their properties, which will be shown across major video platforms so that people interested can view them. But don’t think you’re going to get any calls off it. Not that it will never happen, but they are very rare.

Repurposing Video Content on Different Social Media Platforms

Now, one remaining thrilling aspect of a video is that you can repost your old videos. For example, you have some older videos stored on Screencast-O-Matic. Recently, you decided to upload these videos to Instagram, and to your surprise, they are getting a good number of views, ranging from 500 to 1,000, despite being created many years ago. It’s a simple process: upload them, tag the videos, and post them on Instagram to attract attention, which can also be done on other platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest. A video is an effective tool today, and once you become familiar with uploading videos on platforms like YouTube, you have a tool that can greatly enhance your business and maintain audience engagement on various media, including Facebook, by repurposing your existing videos. If you have virtual or personal assistants, you can assign the task of uploading these videos to the desired platforms by granting them access to your work computer. This way, you can get a new series of views on something you may have done a while ago.