Episode 377: Best On-Page Real Estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2023

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For the 377th episode of Mail Right Show, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman dive into some on-page SEO strategies that can go onto your page and discuss how realtors can effectively utilize them. Robert Newman is the founder of Inbound REM, an inbound marketing agency, and a real estate SEO specialist with a decade of experience. Meanwhile, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail Right, a company that builds beautiful websites on WordPress and provides a suite of digital tools in a single, simple-to-use package.

1. Titles and Headers are Everything in SEO

Five years ago, Google developed a natural language recognition system called semantic keyword recognition, but quite complicated to understand. They’re doing 80 % of their semantic or natural language recognition of the post’s title, the page’s title, and subtitles in Google Speak.

80% of the system recognizes the post’s title, page’s title, and subtitles in Google Speak and then takes the keyword density and recognizes all the relatable keywords to the signpost you put up, also known as semantic keyword recognition. But what does this mean? If you spend two hours thinking and researching to create a page title and dedicate 20 minutes to writing a thousand words, approximately 80% of your content’s recognition can be attributed to the effectiveness of your page title. They also pick up semantic keyword depth from how many headers you have in your content. When Google’s semantic keyword system looks at the keyword density and discovers that the right number of words are being used, you produce something relevant for that signpost, which is good as titles and headers are everything in SEO right now.

2. Multimedia and Image Optimization

If you are looking for a creative way to send other signposts, there are other ways in which Google can pick up these signposts off a webpage.

More often, on-page signals include multimedia, which are huge on-page SEO factors, such as graphs, charts, and images. Infographics are still significant and productive. Other multimedia elements are spreadsheets and clickable elements on a page that improve the signals you send. But an actual strong signal is a somewhat creative or self-took image that is appropriately tagged but still an incredibly powerful signpost inside of content. Moreover, real estate SEO strategies, like image optimization, are another big hack, and if you want to get some good images, Canva is a great source.

3. “How To” Titles

One thing that is taking off on the on-page trend is “how to” titles. Kyle Handy, for example, gets 80,000 visits to his site per month for content like “how to videos” or “how to blog posts.” And it is also due to how he keeps his post simple and speaks directly to real estate agents about “how to”s.

4. Utilizing Video to Make Visitors Stay Longer

Google has been leveraging AI more and more inside its search ranking. When creating something on the page, the biggest hack is to make something that will make somebody stay on your website a second longer. Website visitors are more likely to stay on a website when they engage with video content, typically 30 seconds to two minutes, depending on its quality. So video is very important because 30 seconds to two minutes is forever in the internet world. Great real estate sites rarely have hang times from users for longer than one minute to one minute and six seconds. And that’s above average. The average is 30 seconds for a real estate website.

5. Integrate Interaction Features on Your Website

Some examples of user interaction features are toggle drop-down boxes, videos, chat boxes, and social media shares. You can plug many tools into most WordPress sites that allow you to have social media iconography on the page. You can also include comments and responses, calculators, newsletter signups, contact forms, drop-down FAQs, IDX and interactive maps, internal and external links, quizzes and surveys, and client review carousels. These are all things you can utilize to enhance the value of your website to the world at large.

Digital marketing usually works by the tens of thousands. You’re measuring the success of videos by thousands of views, and so do rich informational content. Moreover, interactivity was essential to Google; you should ask your clients for input. Make sure that you’re trying to engage your audience. Ask them on the blog to communicate with you. Anything that engages your audience will probably be the number one high-quality sign for SEO. But for sure, creating interaction between you and your audience is one step closer to creating a customer relationship. You’ll likely get a response if you categorize the broad categories and make it as fast by using a button instead of typing. You can use radio buttons, which can be done in 5-10 seconds. You’ll get somebody to hang on to your blog for a while longer than that.