Episode 427: Boomtown vs. Cinc Pro Review for 2024

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In the 427th episode of Mail Right Now, Robert Newman and Jonathan Denwood provide a comprehensive review of Boomtown and Cinc that will help agents decide about their next real estate system. Robert Newman is the founder and CEO of Inbound REM. This inbound marketing company provides real estate website development, SEO consulting, and services directly to agents and brokers. Jonathan Denwood is the joint founder of Mail-right, a CRM and lead-generative platform that creates fantastic-looking websites through WordPress. This episode dives into Cinc and Boomtown’s features, pricing, and user experience to gauge which platform is best to use based on budget and team size.

What is CINC and its Ideal Target User

Cinc is a powerful system that helps individual agents, industry teams, and brokerages. Although it is powerful, using it can also be complicated. It would help if you had more training, as you must spend almost 30 hours training while being charged.

Today, Cinc has been less about real estate lead generation systems and more about a total backend automation system. They currently have unique banking integrations, property management integrations, mortgage integrations, and HOA (Homeowners Association) integrations, essentially customer relationship management (CRM) tools for each service. Like many others, they are focused on something other than being a real estate lead generation system. They use a different system called Cinc Systems, which is connected to their real estate products. They started with real estate products, developed various backend tools to support real estate services, and then created a separate website and services for these tools. Their development and innovation efforts are concentrated on integrations not directly related to the typical real estate agent, aiming for a global reach. Cinc has the actual tools. Cincpro differs from some of their other projects, which were last updated in the last few years. Cincpro is a simpler version of these tools that connects to an essential real estate website.

The main problem with Cinc is that its website offerings could be more user-friendly. However, it focuses on integration for top brokers who need an all-in-one solution for their backend operations. It is also working on a real estate lead value index. This index suggests that every dollar spent on leads should result in a 13% commission.

Sync is a comprehensive solution designed for complex systems. It’s ideal for businesses with intricate back-end payment structures that link to their front-end sales processes. This includes large teams with complicated financial arrangements, such as multiple affiliate partners, mortgage brokers, loan officers, and business referrers. If you can navigate through Cinc, create a CTO-level expert, and complete the necessary training, which often has a fee, Cinc is an excellent choice.

What is Boomtown and its Ideal Target User

Boomtown is a simple lead generation platform for small to medium-sized sales teams. It helps those who actively seek new clients. Boomtown is built on WordPress and has multiple sites. It has a better-looking website than Cinc. If you’re an individual agent, a reasonably large team leader, or a broker who analyzes data and tracks where leads come from, Boomtown is a good choice. You need the right mindset, knowledge, and resources to use it effectively. If generating leads is your focus, Boomtown is the better choice.

Compared with Cinc, Boomtown is much easier to use than Sync. While Cinc is easier for small and medium teams than large teams with complex back-end situations.

Key Strengths of Cinc and Boomtown

Cinc is an excellent choice if you are looking for a sophisticated and well-developed back-end system. Its platform has about one hundred features, offering a strong solution. By evaluating these features, Cinc has the tools and capabilities needed for a smooth and efficient back-end experience.

Boomtown and Cinc are two different CRM platforms with unique features. Boomtown is known for being easy to use but is often seen as too expensive for what it offers. Once a leader in the CRM world, Boomtown has mostly stayed the same in the past eight years. Despite having a nicer website and IDX, it has yet to keep up with industry changes. On the other hand, Cinc is a powerful platform, but setting up and syncing its features can be costly and time-consuming. This complexity is a significant drawback for users needing a simpler, more affordable solution.

Which option on the functionality-price matrix provides the best value?

Choosing between Boomtown and CINC is crucial for medium-sized regional brokerages. These brokerages usually have dedicated marketing and analytics experts who rely heavily on Google paid advertising for meticulous tracking. They require a versatile backend system, making Cinc a preferred option due to its comprehensive capabilities.

On the other hand, smaller teams focusing solely on paid advertising might find this approach limiting. Combining it with specialized content could enhance effectiveness, where Boomtown shines with proactive strategies and robust growth-support tools.

Regarding pricing, Boomtown previously excelled with innovative advertising, such as integrating ads directly with Craigslist. Over time, however, it has lost some competitive edge. Integration is also increasingly vital, an area where Boomtown historically falls short despite some custom development options.

Cinc, though user-friendly, lacks Boomtown’s website value. Boomtown’s multi-site approach means users don’t fully own or control their websites, posing challenges if they switch providers after investing in domain authority. In 2024, Cinc will offer better value for efficiently handling complex tasks.

Both platforms are costly, which may deter some potential users despite their strengths.

What are the particular peculiarities of Cinc and Boomtown?

Boomtown and CINC are two well-known management platforms with strengths and weaknesses. Boomtown, founded by Greer Allen, focuses on creating a highly interactive workplace environment. Allen’s main investment was in a central building to foster team collaboration. Boomtown is praised for its thorough training process and strong team support. However, its outdated customer service policies and difficulty transferring data to other platforms can be challenging.

In contrast, CINC operates with a dual CEO structure, indicating robust management. Their customer service is slightly better but still needs improvement. Boomtown and CINC are slow to adopt modern marketing strategies and lack extensive content libraries and informative videos. The technology they use is also seen as outdated. Despite these drawbacks, both platforms remain influential in the market, although competitors like Chime offer similar features at a lower price. Both companies’ primary challenge is making their products and services accessible, easy to understand, and user-friendly.

KvCore stands out as the easiest-to-use system with the most extensive user base. In the real estate industry, KvCore leads by offering a wealth of user-generated videos in which agents share how they leverage the platform to generate income, providing valuable insights. In comparison, Cinc is gradually expanding its video library with recent additions. Despite updates from Cinc University and its CEO, KvCore maintains its lead due to its extensive content and substantial user base. This highlights the importance of comprehensive resources and community support in the real estate market.

For those looking to learn KvCore, its popularity is evident. Many real estate agents share videos demonstrating how they achieve success using KvCore. For instance, a video from nine months ago shows Cinc’s initial steps in building a video library. Cinc University and Cinc Shorts also provide real estate training. Recently, Cinc’s CEO made headlines with news of a settlement with NAR, a significant public announcement given Cinc’s size, possibly around a $125 million acquisition. Despite being a considerable player akin to NAR, Cinc occasionally loses focus on user-centric online information, similar to Boomtown.

Which platform would provide the best value for agents or brokers?

Cinc is an excellent choice for real estate teams that handle multiple aspects, such as property management, sales, leasing, renovations, and construction, especially those with complex backend systems. Take Tarvin Realtors in New Jersey, for instance. They cover all these areas across New Jersey—buying, selling, renovating, and dealing with commercial properties.

Platforms like Boomtown are invaluable for smaller to mid-sized teams without a dedicated Chief Marketing Officer or Chief Technology Officer. These tools offer essential customer service and management features, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied clients. Investing in tech support is crucial for these teams to benefit from training and personalized assistance, making Boomtown an obvious choice.