Gaurav Gambhir, Building a Successful Real Estate Team

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What are the strategies on Building A Successful Real Estate Agent Team

Our guest for today, very skillful and smart man Gaurav Gambhir will share his success story about building his own team and becoming a successful real estate investor and agent. A little bit of an introduction about Gaurav, he was graduated in Drexel University under computer science, business and mathematics course. He uses his knowledge and passion for pursuing real estate and leads him to be successful in this field.

He began on his real estate career year, 2002. He started by getting and hunting for leads. He also learned that for you to become successful you have to team up, leverage and consistently give values to people. He is fortunate enough to be a part of Gary Keller’s top 100 people.

Furthermore, in this discussion, he will tell us how Social Media affect real estate, what is the difference between a tech-enabled agent and an agent enabled tech. What is the difference between functionality and fiduciary? The targeting ads in Facebook that he uses, or have he used vendors and does it work well for him.

Gaurav will tell us his experience and give us a piece of advice on how videos strategy helps him out on his success. And what are his goals? What Branding and Marketing he uses? Is it Branding, Word of mouth? Does his strategy on selling, renting or buying real estate effective?

You’ll find out more, by watching the video below or you can directly reach him out at  and/or his email is