Episode 276: Ideas for Lead Generation, REALTOR, and Tips for New Agents

Episode Timeline

In the 276th episode of the Mail-Right Show, Robert starts the podcast by letting everyone know that they will be featuring Alisia Krastel. She is an experienced real estate agent. She also coaches moms interested in improving their careers in the real estate industry without spending too much time at work to have quality time with their families. Alisia herself is a mom of three, so she knows how hard it is to be a working mother. With this in mind, she decided to focus on providing tips and tricks to real estate moms!

Real Estate Moms’ Number One Problem

Robert starts by asking Alisia what the top problem is for moms in the real estate industry. She quickly answered that it’s probably doing things that are not supposed to be done. Often, moms selling real estate listen to other people’s advice who cannot relate to what they have on their plates. A working mother has a different set of goals to achieve in one day, so their work ethics might be a little different from a single person’s schedule. Even though they are in the same field, they still have other things going on in their lives, so these moms have to do things according to how they allow themselves to. They need to stop taking advice from people who should not be giving them any.

Staying On The Right Track

Alisia is a mom of three kids, and for a while, she became a stay-at-home mother. At the time, her husband’s job was in question, so she decided to turn things around. She was facing a dilemma of what to do to become the sole earner of the family. By helping real estate moms, she suddenly became the breadwinner without compromising her time with her kids. She provided them with everything they needed and wanted, all while generating a net over six figures. Now, Alisia has two businesses, two different brands, and a Youtube channel. She emphasizes that if she can do it, she’s sure that other people can achieve their goals as well.

Jonathan asked her about Imposter Syndrome and how to combat it. Alisia recalled that she has already experienced it. She used to doubt herself and her ability as a coach and a real estate agent. She emphasized that once this happens to other people, that’s when they start suppressing their emotions until it pops in their faces. She also stressed that she made the syndrome her friend instead of treating it as her enemy.

Choosing The Right Platform

Alisia Krastel decided to utilize Youtube as her primary platform to communicate with her audience because she honestly did not want to spend a ton of money. She also did not have too much time, so choosing Youtube was out of necessity. Because the platform is free and pretty easy to master, she could succeed by basing her channel on people, time, branding, and other things.

She learned how to optimize her Youtube account by hiring Sunny Lenarduzzi to coach her. By getting help from a professional, she did not have to figure things out on her own. It made the process easier and quicker, and it goes to show that working smart is a great advantage for your business. By having the proper thumbnail, tags, and video titles, she could get her money back and make a living for her family.

By having a coach or a mentor, one could thrive in their chosen field. Alisia also emphasized that as long as you find the right person, do your best to learn from them and avoid getting advice from someone you would not want to be in the shoes. 

Succeeding in Her Field

Jonathan then asked Alisia to give some tips based on her experience to mom real estate agents to become more effective. As a mom, she advises other parents to do things differently. Stop trying to put a square peg inside of a round hole. Instead, do things the other way by focusing on their caring side.

The first tip that she shared is that it is essential to know that mothers have a maternal instinct about problems even before they happen. T this is a great advantage as a real estate agent because it allows them to fix the issue ahead of time instead of worrying at the last minute. Moms have the talent of needing the permission to do things their way – whatever it may be. Next, moms have to figure out what the results will be. They need to focus on their 80/20 rule and carefully analyze what is under 80 and what should be under 20. This rule helps moms balance their time more efficiently to avoid spending too much time doing unnecessary tasks. 

What Should Be Prioritized

As a real estate agent, moms have to focus on three things: people, branding, and speaking up. For the first part, Alisia emphasized that moms have to know the people they should spend their energy on. Don’t waste it on people who won’t get you any referrals and new clients. As for the branding, it will help you leverage the business that you have. For example, if you’re out having some family time, your brand will be doing the work for you. Even if you’re currently not active at work, they see random things that they associate with your business. Lastly, speak up. Let your audience know about you and your business. Make sure that wherever you go, you let the people you communicate with about yourself.

Alisia recalled that it is essential to stick to your branding, but don’t force it. She emphasized that one doesn’t make up their branding; it finds them. For real estate moms, they associate Alisia with Mother Hustler. It is everything that moms do, that’s why her brand works so well. As for her real estate business, she has a crab for her brand, which is unique and is directly associated with her company. Now, she’s known as the Crab Lady and the Mother Hustler! One thing that motivated Alisia to pursue a career in real estate and Youtube: her drive. She stated that she got her passion for doing what she likes from her mother, who had her at 17 years old. Until now, she’s driven to become successful and prove her doubters wrong.