Learning How To Do Facebook Messenger Bots Correctly

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Real Estate Technology and Marketing

There is a free course called the ultimate lead machine that could help someone with marketing. It is a culmination of various influences from interactions with top agents. Most agents do their marketing and lead generation focused on deals. As technology gets dynamic, more companies are entering in this sphere. Top agents could take the advantage to extend their reach by marketing to people who are not in the market for a transaction. This process would require a long term view. There is a need to balance this with marketing strategies. Agents will be doing marketing for a while before they could see the deals as an outcome.

Real Estate Information and Marketing

The basic idea to be able to get deals for people outside the market includes the information that you are presenting to them. You might not want to send them some specific real estate information. You could discuss this type of information to those who are actually in the market. You could lean the discussion towards topics like lifestyle as long as you’re putting out interesting and exciting information. This strategy is already used by blogs in platforms such as Zillow Porchlight. Another way is to narrow down a topic locally into a specific niche. It is like presenting yourself as a local market expert in that particular topic. Your goal is to connect with these people as they also connect with the things that they like in a community.

Nextdoor and Zillow Porchlight

Nextdoor is a social media platform which is exclusive for homeowners of neighborhoods. To join, you have to verify your home address to confirm that you are part of the area. Some local real estate agents take this opportunity to post on this platform about their blogs. You can post market updates together with some exciting news and updates about the neighborhood. You can improve your hyperlocal results as you do reviews for nearby restaurants in the area. Zillow Porchlight is a blog by Zillow that discusses different value-added content about real estate. There are blogs about home improvements, DIYs, moving tips, and lifestyle, which is suitable for various online marketing strategies.

ChatBot and Facebook Messenger

At present, there are several messaging platforms. Facebook has its messaging platform as well called Facebook Messenger. The cool thing about this is that you can develop programmable chatbots. They are bits of code that can communicate with the users automatically and sequentially. One can automate these chatbots into some level of conversation to arrive at the result that you wish. Examples of this include getting a cab or taxi, getting reservations at a restaurant, and paying for bills and shopping. You can integrate different transactions using a chatbot in Facebook Messenger.

Potential of Chat Bots in Real Estate

Applying the idea behind how chatbots work in messenger applications, chatbots could also be used to do things for real estate professionals. Some agents turn to use of chatbots for emails. Messenger bots can automate the conversation at a certain level. Clients still prefer talking to a real person than a bot. You should always take some phone calls to discuss matters with your clients after he arrives with a specific inquiry with the aid of a chatbot.

Bonus Content: Setting up a Marketing Campaign

The technology behind chatbot applies to any marketing campaign. You could set it up by yourself through coding, or you can use builder free software such as ManyChat. It is available for a free version and a paid version which is about ten dollars a month. There are some extra tools and paid campaigns for the paid version. Another option for doing marketing campaigns is hiring someone to manage it. People are just hanging out in social media. Some people will try to reach out at any time, so it is better if you are prepared to take those phone calls and answer their emails.

Bonus Content: Hiring a Coach

Hiring a coach will be beneficial for a business. They could help you develop new marketing strategies. It would be an additional cost, but there are instances that it will be necessary. Depending on the level of workload, instead of having a coach, another option is to hire an expert to do the job directly.