Low Cost Guerilla Marketing

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Guerrilla Marketing At Low Cost For Real Estate Agents

This episode will be discussing guerrilla marketing at low cost for real estate agents. Guerilla marketing techniques could cost you for about $50. So for this discussion, the reference of guerrilla marketing is going to be digital. Digital means it is something a person can do online.

Leveraging with Facebook and Instagram

The discussion should begin with digital marketing. An excellent example of this is doing sphere marketing using Facebook and Instagram, which are almost the same thing as social media platforms. Facebook has a feature that allows you to extend your reach to the friends of your friends. The sphere of influence is not limited to your friends or subscribers. It adds up with the connections outside your social media account. It is recommended to have pocket listings. It pertains to an exclusive listing. You can post this on Facebook or Instagram that makes it a cheap way to market a property within your reach. You could get double benefits by promoting listings in these two separate platforms by performing the data entry once. This tactic is better than just selling the listing.

Using Target Neighborhood

In case you that you don’t have a listing. You may apply another tactic which involves getting something from a target neighborhood. It is like describing the listing as something beautiful that you like. As a realtor, you can pick anything off the MLS for a listing agent has already done listing the property. Then you can point out some things that you like about this property on Instagram and Facebook. Also, this tactic could grow your sphere of influence. You could make yourself an expert about this listing in your advertisement.

Call to Action and Active Rain

For the first tactic, you don’t need to have a website. What you need to do is to include your contact details like email address on your Facebook and have a clear call to action. It’s a guerilla marketing tactic that would require you to get in touch with your client. You could hold an open house or invite them for lunch or dinner to initiate a conversation. The people in the neighborhood may have some referrals. Often, when a property gets sold, three to four properties in the area get sold in less than a year. It usually gets the other houses in the area to be in the market.

Using Active Rain is another form of guerrilla marketing. It is a real estate blogging platform. You could create a profile wherein you can blog, and others on this platform can read these blogs. It is recommended since you could create blogs for free, and you can extend your referral network and build your reputation in this platform.

Going Live

This tactic is perfect for those who have been focusing their marketing strategies in social media. Facebook Live, specifically, is an old tactic that allows leveraging of your list. At present, Facebook has shut down access to Facebook marketing pages without payment. Nonetheless, this feature is still working for Facebook Live, which gives you access to your audience as you do your live videos. YouTube also has this feature where you can do live videos for your promotions without paying any advertising fee.


Nextdoor is a social media platform that works in particular for neighborhoods. You can join this platform as you confirm your address as part of a community. In this platform, you can perform market updates combining it with some news and interesting posts and updates about the neighborhood. You can do a live broadcast of any real estate business – related matters and say that this is happening in the region.