Mastering Facebook Lead Ads for Real Estate Agents

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264 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Ricardo Bueno

In this episode, we’ll be discussing mastering Facebook lead ads with our Special Guest Ricardo Bueno. He’s a Marketing & Technology Director with over ten years of experience in the real estate industry. He’s been speaking from the stage at Inman’s Real Estate Connect San Francisco and C.A.R. Expo and has worked with leading software companies such as Diverse Solutions, the makers of Cloud CMA, and W+R Studios.

All about Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads is one of Facebook’s major campaign directives. Ricardo just made use of Facebook’s own lead capture forms to capture profile information automatically. Using a laundry list of keywords, he performs audience marketing, which works wonderfully for his lead generation efforts. The only challenge in using Facebook ads nowadays is that they narrowed all the things he can do due to new restrictions added to the feature. Despite recent changes, Facebook Lead Ads presents a cost-effective opportunity to build one’s brand and generate high-quality leads.

How to Use Facebook Lead ads

When one is creating Facebook lead ads, one must get to the page where they will start their campaign objective, click lead ad, then go through the steps of creating their ad. You’ll check the necessary audience targeting and specify your budget. When they get to their call to action for the ad, they typically get to have a copy, their image, a headline, and a Learn More activity button. The learn more button triggers a pop up that is pre-filled with the user’s contact information. You can add or reduce the steps involved to optimize the process better to fit your marketing needs. The more questions you add, the higher quality leads you’ll get. However, having too many steps may decrease the overall number of people signing up using Facebook Lead Ads. You’ll have to figure out what’s a good balance that works well for your campaign.

How Facebook Lead Ads Generate Leads

If you’re an active Facebook user, you surely have seen the many sponsored ads on your timeline. Clicking these will take you to a copy page with their content or offering and notify you of the necessary authorizations when asking for information. As Ricardo said, the lead forms are customized to what works best for real estate clients. These leads are then pre-qualified using different questions that provide useful information to the agent. Once completed, the leads are then transferred to Zapier, which provides a useful CRM tool for the realtor.

Effective Strategies

Before running ads, Our guest Ricardo said that one has to have an effective follow-up strategy in place and a game plan on how to attack and nurture the leads you’ll be getting. A lack of response, no response, or a lack of engagement are some of the worst ways you can waste leads from Facebook. Brokers need to keep in mind that it is their follow-up cadence and get aggressive within the first 7 days to try to engage the leads in some way, shape, or form. Identify which opportunities are ready and connect with the lead to establish the relationship. Since Ricardo understands the marketing or technology landscape better than the vendors understand themselves, he used tech stack analysis when looking at a broker’s technology. He then finds ways to make better use of their existing systems and create automation whenever possible. His process works similarly to Jonathon’s process and highlights how Facebook can effectively generate business in real estate.

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