Part 1 – 10 Companies Making The Best Real Estate Websites in 2020

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Mail-Right Podcast Episode 227: Part 1 – 10 Companies Making The Best Real Estate Websites in 2020

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I share my thoughts with Jonathon on the Mail Right Show on what I think are the Top 10 Best Real Estate Web Development Companies in 2020. As per my previous list, there has been one replacement, which is Luxury Presence, which takes the spot of Resi. The list as it goes is as follows:

We’re planning on splitting this list up into multiple podcast videos as we plan on providing a right amount of content into each platform so that if any of our users plan on getting a website developed with one of these companies, they have a good idea of what they’re getting beforehand. So let’s start with the type of real estate websites a realtor should know.

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Branding Websites

The first website type is branding websites that are geared towards luxury websites that feature beautiful designs and eye-catching visuals. Companies that excel at these types of sites are Luxury Presence and Agent Image. These sites typically serve as contact pages or landing pages where you can funnel potential leads from various sources into signing up and getting their contact information. These types of sites typically do not feature good inbound marketing or funnel strategies, which means they don’t do well with organic traffic. Agents who usually do two to three transactions annually with sales volumes that can reach in the tens of millions will do well with this type of website. You won’t get as much traffic on them, but they do promote you quite well with the visual quality that they provide whenever you bring in customers to look at your brand.

Lead Generation Websites

The second type is lead generation websites. These sites have quite a broad definition in that most of the top 10 companies would say that they make lead generation websites. However, lead generation has varied subcategories. For example, your site can do lead generation through organic search results, paid advertising, social media, and more. Most of these developers typically have one mechanism at generating leads and usually follow that model to all their customers. Some providers that offer custom work include Boom Town, Real Estate Web Masters, and Inbound REM. Others typically have a product that they provide for all their clients, which is usually a framework or search platform that works with IDX to generate leads for their clients.

In terms of providers, I would say BoomTown is on top of the list, followed by Real Estate Webmasters. BoomTown especially offers an excellent CRM platform and an all-inclusive system that works well for agents and teams. My company InboundREM I would say in the middle of the pack, but we are not nearly as expensive as the two mentioned as the license alone for Boomtown would cost about $1,500. Other companies on the list, such as Bold Leads, Sync, Kavi Corp, all provide a straight-up landing page website, which is where you direct paid traffic to generate leads for their client.

IDX Search and Content-driven Websites

The next category would be IDX search websites and, lastly, the content-driven sites. The two people making content-driven websites on the market right now are Easy Agent Pro and Inbound REM. I would say that Easy Agent Pro works best for real estate professionals who have time to invest in their website. They provide fantastic educational programs to help you use their platform correctly and gives you the tools you need to succeed in content marketing.