Pros and Cons of Google My Business Page

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Pros and Cons of Google My Business Page

For this Mail-Right episode, Jonathan and Robert discuss the pros and cons of the Google business page. They talk about the importance of establishing your discount and dive into the new marketing tactics entering the real estate market. To start, Jonathan explores the benefits and problems with Google business tools. Google has successfully improved its business page by making it more powerful and linking local searches. With businesses especially that have specific Geo area of influence, for real estate agents who have correctly set up their Google page and took into consideration Google Maps integration, you’ll be one of the businesses in the first top of the searches. But because of the promotion of hyper-locality, Google created categories that customize results according to proximity.

Online Reviews and Customer Feedback

Another factor that influences a company’s search ranking is customer feedback. Real estate companies and brokerages that have the best reviews and citations acquire more traffic as Google can show results recommending the best firms in the area. Nowadays, more and more search is going mobile allowing for more flexible search packets that rely on keywords. For the end consumer such as you, it is a pleasant place to be in as mobile results showcase the local business in the area. Real estate agents like yourself must learn to utilize keywords like real estate agents, best real estate agents near me, or best real estate agents in the area.

Google URL Builder

In addition to keywords and hyper-locality, Google offers a campaign URL builder feature included in the analytics. The Google campaign URL builder is a tracking URL tool you can use in your Google My Business profile, which essentially allows you to aim your traffic at any page on a website you want to study. An efficient way to utilize this is by turning your about page into a landing page. Spice up your about page by writing a charming introduction and an active call to action to direct the audience to your desired page. Client reviews are also helpful for your visitors. It can be tempting to do your business in Google business alone, but it’s not always the most practical. Learn to utilize its sizeable audience and tools it has to offer.

Big Real Estate Companies

The digital space has also revolutionized the sales process of real estate. People have now figured out how to commoditize real estate services. Big real estate companies like Redfin KW and Zillow now offer different sales models that attract clients more. Some opt for discounted service prices; others host auction-style bidding for properties and have uploaded all home sales online. Robert and Jonathan further encourage real estate agents, especially new ones, to invest in digital. Once you have established a strong local brand and begin distributing more higher quality information, making your next sale will come easy. Mail-right shows you the top tricks of the trade in the real estate industry. Visit and get started on your lead generation today!