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Going Super Local With Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Part 2

SEO Local Search and Video

In this topic, the term ‘video’ refers to YouTube, which is a Google-owned company. Taking photos and videos using a mobile phone using their operating system somewhat instruct the phone to create additional information which commonly refers to metadata. This feature of a mobile device can be disabled, but metadata is automatically recorded by default. Uploading a video on YouTube includes a geo-location tag which provides for the coordinates of the precise location where you took the video. A video uploaded could get citations, reviews, and geo-location tag that could improve your hyperlocal search results. This reason makes uploading a video into your website gives your business an advantage in the competition since only a few combines videos in doing business listings.

Google My Business

It is essential to set up a Google My Business page. One could easily create an account for this Google application. A real estate agent can post here that may include photos and videos. Similarly, what happens when uploading videos also applies when uploading photos. It is a means for Google to confirm your location through metadata from your photos and videos. There’s also a master page where you can view the insights and see all the searches that your business is getting.

Physical Address for Google My Business

On creating a Google My Business page, it may require you to provide a physical address. Some people might have included various addresses in a city that might confuse Google. This address primarily refers to your ‘location’. For starting agents, this could be a long term investment, thus building the page to rank well in terms of location is essential. To keep it simple, use your home address for this purpose.

Using Google Applications

The more Google applications you use, the more Google gets familiar with your business. Google Photos and YouTube is helpful to increase the citations of your website. Google has also made these applications available to mobile devices such as cellular phones. It is also essential to make sure that the email address that you’re using matches across all your Google applications. Furthermore, the use of a Gmail account is better than the other email service domains to be able to use these applications.

Curaytor: The 19 Fastest Ways to Get Listings in 2019 (1-6)

Curaytor has released a list of things or tips that should be done this to get more listings this 2019. First on the list is to call your past clients and swear to share some good news. This tip could be something specific that has a reasonable and robust impact on your client. Planning on how to arrive at a good conversation could also aid you in this tip. Second is to send the email they’ve shown in this article. This email could be helpful, but you may still seek advice from experts for incredible ways to this. It would also work, depending on the client.

The third one involves posting an Instagram story poll. Instagram is so visual and incredible, and it could be the best social media platform for the real estate industry. Number four on the article is to go live on Facebook from a neighborhood entrance. Facebook sends out notifications to your subscribers if you’re going live. Similarly, YouTube has this feature, and it doesn’t limit the value. Number five on the list says to start each day prospecting for sellers. This tip is nothing less or more than a broker telling you every single day in the brokerage. Lastly, for this episode, number six refers to search Zillow’s make me move listings. A lot of people are using this to get a list of interested sellers.