Top Real Estate CRM’s in 2019

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What are the Leading Online Real Estate Marketing Solutions in 2019?

We continue our discussion on the top real estate CRM’s in the market in 2019. We’ve finished reviewing several CRM options available to real estate professionals in our previous episodes we showcased the pros and cons of platforms such as AgentFire, Curaytor, Placester, Easy Agent Pro, and kvCORE. Our discussion has led us to the conclusion that none of those platforms provided all the things we were looking for that made us recommend them to our listeners. We’re concluding our series on this topic by providing a list of platforms we think provides a comprehensive suite of services that would help realtors with their business.


Websites from BoomTown have an ideal landing page that targets lead from paid advertising from Google Search. Upon getting to their website from Search, visitors are asked to register early on to promote lead acquisition. They have a relatively simple home page that is similar to most of the sites they’ve built. Leads generated from this process are sent to your team in a user-friendly CRM. Managers are then able to delegate the leads to their team and have an overview of the entire life-cycle of the customer once they register into the platform.

The platform is excellent at helping realtors manage leads they generate from their website. They also provide excellent customer service. The $1,500 per month payment includes an Account Manager which trains your team on how to properly use the platform as well as be available when you have questions. If you decide to use BoomTown, you also need to consider the cost of paid advertising as this is not included in the license fee of the platform. You should expect to spend a minimum of $3,000 per month with them.

Real Estate Webmasters (REW)

Real Estate Webmasters has gone through several changes in its platform over the years. Although not all changes are for the better, they are still a reliable CRM option for realtors. REW has an excellent page building feature where realtors are given a practical guide at making neighborhood pages that consistently rank. The frontend of REW websites are some of the best in the business, and their consistent performance is probably because the team behind the platform knows how to build websites that rank organically.

Backend-wise they are also first-class. A good example is when a lead looks at a property and it goes to the CRM you already have the option to call or email them, and as you contact the customer, you can then add notes for future reference. They have a functional platform that is easy to use. The major downside of REW is that they are the least friendly real estate website, provider. Their contracts typically range between $30,000 to $60,000 and any change you request on your site will probably cost $2,500. It is perhaps the most expensive and least customer friendly platform, but they are probably one of the best website builders in the real estate industry.


BoldLeads is quite different from the first two. They do not provide a website, but they do offer a great CRM. BoldLeads is a real estate lead generation service that happens to include a CRM. They combine a funnel with your actual lead generation efforts. This funnel is a set of steps that their platform will follow to follow-up with your leads. The funnels in BoldLeads can go as long as two years to ensure maximum engagement of all potential customers. If you’re looking for a website, BoldLeads is not the platform for you. They are more for realtors looking for an affordable $500-$1,000 CRM and lead generation platform.

Real Geeks

Real Geeks is an excellent option which provides an excellent package, including a stable website, built pages, CRM, and mobile-friendly features. Although they do not offer the best features compared to other providers, Real Geeks provides a lot of features. For the money, you’re spending you are going to get a great website and CRM. The sites they provide though are built for paid advertising where your leads will most likely come Facebook and Google ads.