How To Write Content That Generates Great Quality Leads!

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Content Writing

For the fundamentals of content writing, it matters what you’re writing. This statement is opposing some who believed that the content of a blog doesn’t matter as long as Google can read and recognize it. Your goal should be to write something interesting and exciting to your readers. There are two types of contents: one is evergreen, and the other one is a regular post. Evergreen refers to a piece of content that you intend to keep posted on the website for over a long period.

Narrowing Topics

Content writing is about authenticity. It reflects not only as a real estate agent but also as a person. Most writers are afraid of narrowing their audience since they think it will miss some clients who are interested in reading a broader topic. In contrast, narrowing a topic means getting into a specific niche. You have to write for a particular person. Even if you have an idea on the broader sense of an area, it is still better to write something more specific to make it more personal. The reality is if you are writing for everybody, you are writing for nobody. You have to connect with them to create a better relationship with your clients.

Distribution and Promotion

The biggest mistake in content writing is that people are writing excellent and beautiful material, but they don’t do anything to promote and distribute them. You can distribute these posts in various ways such as sending it through emails and posting it in different social media platforms. The content could also be embedded into an infographic version or video version that links it with the main content. One could look for media platforms to be able to produce the content or share them. In posting content writing blogs, you should write descriptions that would take the blog into the lead.

Key Articles for 2019

Hot topics or key articles for 2019 deal with some environmental issues such as climate change that might have an impact on the real estate market. These include disaster and risk management in the neighborhoods. People are also concerned about destructive storms, earthquakes, and other natural phenomena that may affect the property. Articles about disaster recovery and the insurance industry could be fit for this demand and interest. Real estate agents should be diligent when it comes to an understanding of the risks associated with the locality.

Adding Content Elements

Formatting plays an essential role in making a blog post. It has something to do with the readability and attention of a reader. Adding content elements to blogs such as images and videos helps on its presentation. A good recommendation could be a big header image and another image later on the middle of the post. One could also use pictures after each section so that readers could have a little pause while reading the text. It should look like authentic storytelling.

Bonus Content: Influence in Real Estate

People keep on asking about the top trends online, the influencer in this space, the persons who have big names in social media. This scenario happens, and everybody talks about it. In the real estate business, the concept of real estate is beginning to enter into their consciousness. Some agents are in the market long enough, and they established a referral network. New agents are trying to make an impact, but it’s difficult since they have to connect in ways that are not traditional. There is a generation gap between the younger and older agents who are resistant to these changes. Big companies or brokerages don’t have a positive or negative value attached to their names. The agents have connections, and they earn recognition. People with independent companies in the local market employ organic ways to focus on their particular area. It is all about being an expert in your field.