10 ABSOLUTE BEST Real Estate Youtubers for Agents & Investors

best real estate youtubers and coaches list
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The Gold Standard of Real Estate YouTube Content

I’ve been scouring all the Best Real Estate YouTube Channel articles, and I have to say I’m a little disappointed. If you want a bunch of bingeable, luxury real estate tours with high production value, you’re sitting pretty.

But if you’ve been looking for a highly-curated list of the best YouTubers for real estate agents and investors, you might join in my disappointment.

I’m talking about actionable, expert coaching from veteran professionals who communicate in a highly digestible way without relying on fluff and gimmicks.

Expert Coaches and Model Agents

My list features realtors and investors that continue to teach me things through their jam-packed content. That’s saying something because I’ve been at the front line of the real estate marketing and technology world for a long time.

One of the biggest rules of communication is “Show, Don’t Tell.” So my list includes not only great real estate coaches, but YouTubers who walk the walk. They lead by example, and I encourage you to model your strategies after their content.

10 ABSOLUTE BEST Real Estate Youtubers for Agents & Investors

Best Real Estate Coaching YouTube Channel

1. Tom Ferry Coaching

🥇Best Channel for Real Estate Coaching

Tom is a phenomenal presenter. He knows people, and he knows agents. What I also enjoy about his channel is the diversity of content formats. He does expert interviews, TedTalk-style presentations, Q&A sessions, and much more.

Beyond that, he covers more philosophical topics like building a limitless mindset in addition to his more detail-specific content like leveraging Instagram polls to generate listings.

Overall, however, his channel almost feels like a TV show, which makes his content highly-bingable. Check out the video below to see what I mean.

Best Real Estate YouTubers for Investing

1. Bigger Pockets

🥇Best Channel for Beginner Real Estate Investors

If you’re relatively new to real estate investing, then you can treat Bigger Pockets as the ultimate resource. It’s great for tips, strategies, mistakes to avoid, guides, and step-by-step processes.

2. Flipping Mastery TV

🥇Best Channel for Wholesaling and Flipping Houses

While there are plenty of YouTube channels on wholesaling and flipping real estate, Jerry Norton stands out above the competition. He’s likable, transparent, deeply knowledgeable. Plus, he provides a dizzying amount of free resources beyond his video content.

Here’s just a fraction of what he offers:

Jerry offers so much excellent and free content, he will feel like your personal mentor. What more can you ask from a real estate YouTuber?

3. America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

🥇Best Channel for Commercial Real Estate Investing

The wealth of expertise Michael Bull demonstrates on his channel is flat out impressive. He covers legal and contractual issues, market reports, terminology, expert interviews, investing strategies, financing for every CRE sector thinkable.

All of his content is packaged with high-production value and the effortless delivery that comes from decades of knowing your stuff.

I chose to showcase the video above for its wide appeal. But one thing to love about Michael’s channel is its advanced and deep strategies. It’s an ideal resource bank for those who need more than beginner content.

Free eBooks for Agents

Free eBooks for Real Estate Agents

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Best Real Estate YouTubers for Agents

1. Keeping It Real with D.J. Paris

🥇Best Channel with Top 1% Real Estate Agents

Top 1% Agent? Check.
Highly-effective communicator? Check.
Strong collaborator with other industry leaders? Check.

I’ve been featuring D.J. whenever I can since I discovered him. I interviewed him on the Mail Right Podcast and featured him twice on my article 7 Real Estate Legends Tell Their Best Money-Making Secrets.

He has earned his highly enthusiastic and loyal followers all the way through. He also deserves a much bigger audience. In the video below he interviews Gogo Bethke, who went from barely speaking English to having a team of over 200 people.

Few things are more helpful than listening to two industry experts have a deep conversation about real estate marketing techniques. Jump on the Paris bandwagon to enrich yourself and your business.

2. InboundREM YouTube Channel

🥇Best Channel for Reviews on Real Estate Technology and Services

One area where I excel the most is providing extremely transparent and helpful reviews of real estate website providers, CRMs, lead generation platforms, and the like. My company, InboundREM, focuses on providing the best SEO-driven lead generation websites in the world.

Best Channel for Luxury Real Estate Marketing

1. Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

🥇Best Channel for Luxury Real Estate Coaching

Interestingly, there aren’t many luxury real estate coaching channels out there. There are plenty of luxury real estate coaches, but they often don’t market themselves on YouTube.

The best that I’ve found is the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, which is actually more of a podcast adapted to YouTube. Below is a short video explaining a great hack for breaking into the luxury market.

Best Real Estate Channels for Learning YouTube Marketing

1. Krista Mashore

🥇Top 1% Real Estate Agent Nationwide & Captivating Real Estate Coach

Krista has leveraged YouTube video marketing to build two multi-million dollar businesses. Her channel teaches real estate professionals how to copy her success. In the YouTube short below, she echoes what I’ve been underlining for years…

YouTube video marketing is twice as powerful and half as hard as you probably think. For many, the main obstacle is getting over your inhibitions about being in front of the camera. But just like riding a bike, it will get you where you’re going MUCH faster once you get the hang of it.

What I love about Krista is that she wants to inspire people to the point that the main problem they have is navigating overwhelmingly rapid success.

If you’d like to find out more, you can read our spotlight article on Krista Mashore or visit her channel below.

2. Jordan Schilleci, Houston Realtor

🥇Model Real Estate Agent YouTuber

Jordan is a Content Queen. I’d suggest that you scroll all the way to the bottom of her YouTube videos, but I don’t want you to get carpal tunnel. Same for her blog, which has over 500 posts.

Basically all of that content is from the last 2 years. I’ve featured Jordan on my YT Channel already (below), but I recently reached out to Jordan to ask about her secrets for being such a happy hustler.

The video above has over 150,000 views despite being only 10 months old and 3 minutes long. Not only that, it also must drive leads like crazy because the title targets a search term that is perfect for lead generation.

To find out more ways to emulate her success, click below to visit her channel. You can also read our spotlight article on Jordan’s methods.

3. Will Friedner, Living in Montana

🥇Model Real Estate Agent YouTuber

“95% of my leads come from YouTube, and about 95% of my YouTube traffic is from one video…I should have started a YouTube channel 10 years ago.”

Will’s YouTube Channel “Living in Montana” is another great example of a real estate YouTuber with immediate and explosive success. After 10 months, his channel had gained 36,000 subscribers and over 3 million views. After another year, those numbers doubled.

I encourage you to read our article on copying Will’s success. I also interviewed Will on the Mail-Right Podcast, which you can view below.

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