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Best Secrets from Real Estate Podcast Legends

I’ve had seven absolute legends on my real estate podcast, The Mail-Right Show. They taught me some powerful moneymaking techniques:

  1. How to get 50-80% response rates on texts to real estate prospects
  2. The number one video marketing tactic from an agent that used it to generate 75 transactions in a single year
  3. The simple but easy-to-forget action that will increase your lead-to-sale conversion rate by 85%
  4. The technology trick an agent used to sell 11 million dollars of real estate in 90 days
  5. The one podcast EVERY agent should listen to. It will change your career (Guess what, it’s not mine!)
  6. The secret goal-setting method focuses your subconscious on the RIGHT metrics for success. (Hint: it’s not production or revenue)
  7. The most significant single piece of content ever generated for homeowners with over 450 ideas on how to improve their home for sale.

Now I want to pass those techniques on to you, all in one place.

2 Lessons I Learned From Hosting a Real Estate Podcast

I co-host the Mail-Right show with Jonathon Denwood. It’s a podcast about real estate marketing, mostly digital marketing. I was asked to co-host the show after I appeared as a guest on Episode #134 to talk about real estate SEO.

Since then, I’ve learned you can get almost ANYBODY to do a podcast. We’ve had guests that otherwise wouldn’t take our call if we paid them $10,000 dollars.

What inspired this blog post is the second thing I learned after getting these literal real estate legends on our podcast. They will tell you almost ANYTHING about their methods or success if you ask them the right way.

So here are the 7 real estate legends who gave out the best advice in 19 months and over 100 podcasts. I encourage you to bookmark this blog post and re-read it at least 10 times.

Real Estate Podcast goal setting secretD.J. has a real estate podcast called Keeping it Real. The podcast started by interviewing Chicago’s top 1% of real estate sales producers.

As it gained popularity, D.J. expanded the show nationwide and then globally. The podcast provides help and advice from the agent and brokers that set the pace of the entire industry.

One more thing. D.J is in the TOP 1%. He’s grown a real estate team from nothing to 650 agents/brokers in just eight years at the time of the original show. That makes him one of the fastest-growing real estate brokers in the U.S.

The Best Free Marketing Giveaway I’ve Seen

My real estate podcast guest John GiffenJohn was the Director of Broker Operations for Benchmark Realty, one of the south’s fastest-growing brokerages and one of the fastest-growing independent real estate companies in North America.

He is a WORLD class trainer and educator with so many awards and certifications you would get bored before you read a fraction of them. John also produced one of the most helpful websites I have ever seen in my 13 years in real estate marketing.

Among many FREE resources, he has a document titled 450 Ideas to Sell Your Home Faster. You could use this document for years for email marketing. It’s an almost endless stream of useful information for homeowners. Or use it as a template to create your own document for your own marketplace.

If you got John’s permission (which would be easiest for realtors), you might be able to use it as a content magnet. In other words, you could use it on your website.

Bonus Tip: Open Houses Are Hugely Undervalued

Another highlight from this real estate podcast is how to leverage the power of open houses in a market where many agents don’t believe in them.

“When agents tell me they aren’t interested in open houses, I’m just gobsmacked.”

We discuss an amazing free, value-add, guerrilla marketing strategy that leverages open houses onto the digital space. You will dominate local Google search results, outranking even Zillow.

Go to the 16:15 minute mark to discover how open houses are still a super viable option in a digital marketing world.

Additional Resources

Since John has been so good to us, be good to him. Consider buying his book Do You Have a Minute? It took years to produce and the effort shows.

John could be one of the great inbound marketers in real estate. But he’s focused on also being one of its great educators and drivers of growth. Benefit from his resources!

70-80% of New Prospects Answer His Text Messages

Michael Hellickson Real Estate Podcast Legend #236Michael was a top-producing real estate agent before he was out of high school. Literally a one-percenter. At the height of his residential real estate career, he had 750 homes under contract.

He left retail real estate to focus on and grow a coaching business, now the number one coaching business for real estate teams worldwide.

What was his octane-fueled advice that got him on this list? A tip I have tested and found to be just as powerful as he said it would be? Here goes. How would you like to get a response on 70-80% of the text messages you send to new prospects? Sounds pretty good, right? It’s a three-word text message:

Is this [Prospect Name]?

I want to emphasize I had some of my clients test it and it worked exactly as promised. When you get a phone number with a lead your FIRST text should be. You’ll get a response almost every time. This is why real estate coaches have a job.

Bonus: 83% of New Prospects Answer His Phone Call

That’s true even after they ignored your call the first two times. I could just tell you that secret. But I want you to go to the 10:15-minute mark on the podcast below because Michael will get you hooked on his coaching — and that’s great for your success.

How to Sell 11 Million Dollars in Real Estate in 90 Days

Steve Pacinelli Real Estate Podcast LegendStephan Pacinelli is the Chief Marketing Officer at Bomb Bomb, a video email service that got it starts serving real estate agents.

The idea behind Bomb Bomb is simple. Send an email that has a “clickable” video inside the email. It’s a unique technology that when used correctly increases email open rates, engagement, and impact.

Stephen shared a story about Jimmy Burgess and him creating one personalized video a day using Bomb Bomb, Google Earth, and Google Street views that netted him 11 million in sales.

I am going to show you EXACTLY how he made these videos in the tutorial below.

If you’re interested in this amazing technique, here’s the transcript from my example personalized email video.

Personalized Transcript Example

“James, this is Robert Newman. I know it’s been a little while since I’ve spoken to you, and obviously things are pretty uncertain right now in the days of COVID.

A couple years ago we talked about listing your home, and I want to let you know where the market is standing right now. Obviously this may not be the time to list, and I’m not even suggesting that. I’m stuck at home with some time on my hands, and I thought I would attempt to be of service.

I want to let you know that two other homes in your neighborhood have sold. Their sales prices were about 13.7% off what they were last year, which is about 30% more than what you bought your home for in 2010. Homes that sold were right over here on Calhoun Avenue, this one right here, which is 2544 Calhoun.

And of course this one here on Tyrone, which is on your street. That one is a little smaller than your home, so the sales price should be roughly equivalent if we try to list your house. It sold three weeks ago for $975,000.

I know you’re mostly stuck at home. I picked up this list of 450 Ideas to Sell Your Home Faster. If you’re stuck there anyway, maybe this might interest you. If so, go ahead and respond and we’ll shoot that PDF over to you. Thanks a lot! Appreciate it! Goodbye.”

More Advantages

If you use this method, complete with Bomb Bomb, Google Earth, and the 450 Ideas list, you’re guaranteed to look like a consummate real estate professional. This highly personal and surgical technique is indelible.

Another benefit is that it gets your feet wet with video marketing. I cannot overstate how powerful video is for generating leads. Your website should have an introduction video. Webpages on regions you serve should have neighborhood tours. You should post live-watch parties to Facebook and Google My Business. The list goes on.

The sooner you can get comfortable on camera, the sooner you can take your real estate marketing to the stratosphere.

The Top 1% Use This Simple Goal-Setting Method

Real Estate Podcast goal setting secretD.J. has a real estate podcast called Keeping it Real. The podcast started by interviewing the Top 1% of real estate agents and brokers in Chicago.

As it gained popularity, D.J. expanded the show nationwide and then globally. The podcast provides help and advice from the agent and brokers that set the pace of the entire industry.

One more thing. D.J is in the TOP 1%. He’s grown a real estate team from nothing to 650 agents/brokers in just 8 years. That makes him one of the fastest-growing real estate brokers in the U.S.

“Super starts don’t focus on production. They focus on making one good connection per day, 365 days a year.”

9-Minutes of Jam-Packed Video Marketing Advice

Speaking of the Top 1%, Krista Mashmore is very much in that select and rarified group. She’s a real estate coach AND a real estate agent.

In 100 interviews she is the only agent/broker that used YouTube to generate a huge percentage of the leads, which turn into the 75-150 homes she sells per year.

She doesn’t have a single favorite strategy, but she shares 10-15 great ones in a single video. If you are a driven agent/broker, this single video can add an enormously valuable lead generation strategy to your arsenal.

How to Double Sales Off Online Leads

Mitch Ribak Real Estate Podcast SuperstarI’m ending this list with MY PERSONAL FAVORITE real estate marketing podcast in 100 episodes. This is the must-listen episode for every team, broker, or brokerage.

Mitch Ribak is a true marketer. He has owned a telemarketing company servicing real estate clients. His own brokerage is the #1 sales office in Brevard County, out of 500. He’s done the groundwork, so you don’t have to.

  • Texting will get a response 35% of the time
  • Calling a lead within 5 minutes reaches the prospect 21% of the time
  • Call within 24 hours, and you’ll reach the prospect 20% of the time
  • Calling every other day for 8 days will reach the prospect 70% of the time

In this one interview, Mitch goes on to define different types of online lead registrations and shares his thoroughly tested numbers for those particular lead types.

For instance, if he has a property inquiry (rather than, say, a website registration), he will call that lead 1-2 times a day because that lead type turns into an immediate sale 15% of the time.

Don’t text. Don’t email. Call every day and you’ll get 85% better results.

Want to learn exactly what Mitch Ribak’s team says on those phone calls? Tune in to the 17:08-minute mark to discover the best response to the most common rejection, “We’re just looking.”

Free eBooks for Agents

Free eBooks for Real Estate Agents

Download any or all of our real estate marketing eBooks. These books contain cutting edge information, deep-diving case studies, actionable hacks to skyrocket your business.

Own Your Website!

Digital marketing is the best form of real estate marketing, period. But here’s the rub. Almost all real estate website design companies force you to lease your own website from them.

Each month, you pour money into digital marketing. Within a few years, the website can easily become worth $200,000 or more, but you won’t own it. In fact, you have to pay for the right to keep using it.

We think that’s patently unfair. Our clients own their websites, and that’s part of the reason they enjoy exceptional long-term ROIs of 12:1 and even better.

I’m Not Done Helping You!

Curious to know what other game-changing information I have learned in over 100 real estate podcast interviews and 13 years of talking to and doing business with the Top 1% of all realtors nationwide?

Head over to my services page and see if you qualify for a free consultation with me.

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