2024 IDX Broker Review: Websites, Pricing, Comparisons

IDX Broker Review - Websites, Pricing, Comparisons
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For the sake of transparency, I should mention that I have been using IDX Broker for 15 years.

My company creates SEOfocused inbound lead generation websites for agents and brokers, and we customize all of our client websites with the IMPress WordPress plugin. 

However, that DOES NOT mean this 2023 IDX Broker review is biased. Just the opposite. The tool is amazing for certain kinds of agents, but definitely not for everyone. Let’s talk about who should and who shouldn’t use IDX Broker.

Video Review (Example Websites & Personal Testimonial)

Who Should Use IDX Broker?

Let me give you the bottom line right here at the top. IDX Broker is THE BEST IDX tool for agents and brokers who need significant customization.

If you have developer chops or work with someone who does, you’re sitting pretty to make full use of the plugin and maximize your ROI. 

In other words, it’s my (expert) opinion that you should go for the IDX Broker Platinum WordPress plugin OR use a different service. The IDX Broker Lite platform doesn’t allow for full customization, and there are better alternatives out there. 

The tool is especially useful for SEOdriven lead generation websites and luxury branded real estate websites.

Who Shouldn’t Use IDX Broker?

If you’re not looking to customize your IDX, look elsewhere. The Platinum Plan is too expensive if you’re not going to take advantage of its features, and the Lite Plan doesn’t outperform the competition.

If you don’t need customization, consider Showcase IDX or iHomefinder IDX. You’ll save money for a comparable tool. You can check out a comparison between these three companies below. Use the sidebar Table of Contents to jump down!

WordPress Plugin

The integration with WordPress is what makes IDX Broker shine. The plugin is called IMPress for IDX Broker. 

  • Suite of standard widgets like lead login, signup, city links, showcase, carousel, and even map widgets.
  • Create an unlimited number of custom widgets through HTML, CSS or JavaScript.
  • Standard features like a search bar and listing page extras.
  • Suite of customizable WordPress themes (templates)
  • Basic Lead Management interface appears directly on the WordPress dashboard

Free eBooks for Agents

Free eBooks for Real Estate Agents

Download any or all of our real estate marketing eBooks. These books contain cutting edge information, deep-diving case studies, actionable hacks to skyrocket your business.

IDX Broker Pricing Plans

IDX Broker is expensive compared to other IDX systems like iHomefinder IDX and Showcase IDX. However, the added cost is worth it to anyone with the ability to take advantage of its customizability.

The Platinum version starts at $90/mo, and the Lite version starts at $55/mo. Your monthly bill will depend on these factors:

  • Base price
  • MLS fees
  • Number of users on your account
  • Optional add-ons

IDX Broker Lite vs. IDX Broker Platinum

IDX Broker pricing plans and features list

Customer Reviews

“IDX Broker and WordPress fit like a glove."

Positive Client Testimonials

The only review website with client testimonials about IDX Broker is g2. There are about 25 five star reviews available. I’ve gone through and found a few that are especially helpful and honest.

Negative Client Testimonials

The review below is the only detailed negative review I could find online. As you can see, it refers to a specific problem concerning down time. Customer Support explains that many companies were affected by a widespread DDOS attack.

Customer Service

One thing we appreciate about their business model is that there are no annual contracts. You can cancel your month-to-month contract anytime (2 days before the monthly renewal date) without hassle. 

My own company, InboundREM refuses to nickel and dime our customers. We don’t use contracts that ball-and-chain our clients. It’s just not how we do business. And I personally appreciate that as a customer, generally and specifically of IDX Broker. 

They offer call, email, and chat support with extended business hours Monday to Friday.

Example Websites

Check out the example IDX Broker websites below to see the difference between the standard template and how a develop can customize the WordPress plugin.

Clearly the template is boring, but the custom options allow for some very sexy real estate listing pages. To be clear, these are from my client websites.

Fully Customized Neighborhood Listing Page

sample custom IDX website

Fully Customized Property Listing Page

sample IDX page

You can view more IDX Broker example websites on their official website. 

iHomefinder vs IDX Broker vs Showcase IDX

We’ve covered extensively that the main pro of IDX Broker is the customization ability. If that’s unnecessary for you, consider Showcase IDX vs iHomefinder. 


Both offer welldesigned MLS pages with a suite of listing page extras. For example, Showcase IDX offers:

  • MLS info
  • Recent activity
  • Private commenting and sharing
  • Market Snapshot
  • Walk score
  • Bike score
  • Local demographics

iHomefinder offers:

  • Walk score
  • Great schools
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Lead capture
  • Sold listings
  • Pending listings
  • Pocket listings
  • Market reports


Their pricing plans are quite similar to each other and IDX Broker. Basic plans start around $50/month, and Premium plans are in the $80$100 range.

How InboundREM Can Help You

Apart from deep-diving articles like this IDX Broker review, InboundREM builds websites. But not just any websites. We specialize in SEO-driven inbound lead generation websites. 

The difference between SEO leads and paid leads is that the former takes longer to get rolling, but the long-term ROI is WAY BETTER. 

Read about how we achieved a 10x ROI and 70% GCI increase within 2 years for Bret Wallace. Or how Erika Borunda ranked on the first page of Google for 40% of her targeted communities within 9 months!

Get in touch to learn more about the amazing benefits of building a lead generation machine instead of continually paying for low quality leads.

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  1. Gabe Sanders

    IDX Broker is no longer the platform that it used to be. I have been trying to get them to fix new listing notifications (which are not being sent from one of my accounts) with no success for going on four months now. Tech support is basically non-responsive other than the rare email that they are “aware of the problem and the developers are working on it”. If I decide to leave this platform, it will take me months to transfer saved searches for well over 5,000 leads., redesign new interfaces, and update web and WordPress sites. I’m most likely going to ditch the platform and call it quits with real estate. I’m guessing the new owner Elm Street is responsible for this. I would stay away from these companies.

    1. Benjamin Wagner


      Thanks for the insights about your experience! I believe Elm Street took over IDX Broker about 3.5 years ago. But yes, new ownership often causes issues, and customers often get caught in the crosshairs. We hope you check out our other reviews if you decide to change providers.

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