50 Highly-Effective Designs for Real Estate YouTube Thumbnails

examples of good youtube thumbnails for real estate agents
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The Importance of Thumbnails

Many real estate YouTubers know that thumbnails are crucial. They vigorously nod their heads when they hear thumbnails are absolutely key to their success.

Then they spend another year grinding out content with mediocre thumbnails.

Face palm. Yeti-sized face palm. Maybe even a T-Rex face palm because it’s as ridiculous as that image.

If you’re a real estate YouTuber and you haven’t dialed in your thumbnail game, then make it your new priority immediately. 

YouTube Thumbnail Statistics

Check out these enlightening statistics based on authoritative studies with huge data pools. These results come from analysis done by YouTube. 

Checklist for Expert Thumbnails

  Large, clear, expressive faces
  Tell a story, give an opinion, scare the viewer, create mystery, or ask a question (Ideally 2+ if possible)
  Keep it simple for the eye (simple background, clear face, very short text)
  Bold fonts in big sizes (mobile-friendly)
  White and/or yellow text
  A varied range of 0-4 word texts (0-2 is best)
  Use color contrast to make things pop
  Put a slight blur on the background to make the face pop
  Use backgrounds that allow white or yellow words to pop

Click on each section below to see more model thumbnails.

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