272 Mail-Right Show End of Year Review

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Our Christmas & New-Year End of Year Special Podcast: Reviewing Our Best Guest Interviews

In the 242nd episode of The Mail-Right Show, Jonathan and Robert had a recap of the best guests on the podcast in 2020. The two hosts have excellent backgrounds. First of all, Jonathan Denwood is the founder of Mail-Right, a marketing platform used primarily by real estate agents to ease their first three years. While Robert Newman is an expert in the field of SEO, mainly focusing on real estate content. Throughout the episode, they discussed the most notable guests that they had in the past year. The guests enlightened them and the listeners of the show about real estate. The top 10 guest interviews have similar yet different methods of being well-known in the real estate industry.

Charisma and Technology

Jonathan and Robert remembered several episodes that featured Peter Lorimer, Christophe Choo, Zach Hammer, and Malcolm Lawson. Peter is a British man from California and shares techniques in utilizing and honing your charisma in the sales world. In episode 257, Peter explained how he sells properties using his charm and personality. He uses his charm to attract clients, and he has taught over 200 agents the art of attracting buyers. You can see his team being active on social media platforms. Different shows have already invited Peter to talk about his success in real estate with this type of personality. He partnered with Ylopo, which boosted his image. 

Christophe, on the other hand, is a highly successful multi-millionaire, Hollywood-based real estate agent. He’s been in the business long enough to know the ins and outs of the industry. He does not need to show-off like other LA luxury agents. His appeal, experience, and expertise are his keys to landing good deals. He makes sure that he has a great relationship with his clients. He spends lunch with them, communicates with them constantly, and he tries to build a great connection with them. He’s focused on developing a deeper rapport with his clients other than business because it gives him a more profound knowledge about his clients’ preferences. He ensures that his relationship with clients is well-established before selling properties. He works wisely, and he does not spend the majority of his time selling. He is the top influencer in all real estate agents, according to Robert. He shares techniques for doing videos for your real estate and how to sell them. Catch him on the 250th episode as he talks about selling $300 million property off from a video. 

Another famous real estate bigshot is Malcolm. He is known for using Facebook to teach others how to sell real estate properties. Over 4,000 people do real estate videos that are helpful to all agents and prospective buyers. He is responsible for thousands of successful sales, and he did it all for free! Lastly, Zach Hammer shared how to use personality in closing deals. It’s important to be humble yet knowledgeable. Knowing the answers to his clients’ inquiries increases his chance of selling multiple properties because they get the answers they need instantly.

Personal Experience

In the episodes that featured Will Friedner and Ricky Carruth, the audience learned about the accumulation of experience that can hone your knowledge and skills in the field of real estate. In episode 263, Will guested on the show and shared great tips that real estate agents should do in their first year in the field. Personal experiences are his basis for these tips, and he can vouch for them. Will Friedner is an agent in Montana who boosted his leads through his local Facebook page. He has almost a million views in his Facebook groups. Will is not the techy kind of guy, and his videos are not too perfect. His videos showed how to live in Montana for prospective clients. This episode is informative, but not in the wrong way. Listeners can fully digest what Will is trying to teach, how to use the tools you have to engage with the people to stop for a while and enjoy what you are sharing. 

In contrast to Christophe, Ricky got into coaching while still being able to sell properties. When he puts his mind into one thing, he puts his 100% effort into it. He is now making a name in the field of coaching. He started off working extremely hard to sell properties and to know how to advance in the business. He shares techniques that are old-school but are known to be effective means to close a deal. He still closes a deal even without the use of social media. 


In this field of real estate, knowledge is the key. Dr. Lee Davenport is one of the most knowledgeable in the area. She shared pieces of information on the show that even Jonathan and Robert did not know about. Michael Hellickson is the one that is full of knowledge. During his interview, he was very well-prepared. He learned from his past mistakes and shares them with his agents today. 


One of the best types of interviews in The Mail-Right Show is when guests share the innovations they made to improve the world of real estate. For example, Chad Barczak is a well-experienced CEO of IDX Broker. He used this platform to develop an incredible service, mainly to real estate agents and web developers. He keeps a low profile despite his massive success in the industry.

On the other hand, John Geffin, the director of Benchmark’s broker services, built the fastest growing real estate business in Tennessee. He invented tangible tools that his agents and members use. John is known to be hands-on in sharing and teaching his experiences and innovations in real estate. He publishes books, blogs about different techniques and engages his salespeople on becoming effective in their jobs. Readers, viewers, and listeners can learn a lot from him. You can check out doyouhaveaminutebook.com to know more about him. 

You can learn more about the techniques these experts have when it comes to real estate being tuned in to this episode.