Building and Launching a Local Real Estate Brand in 2019

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Building and Launching a Local Real Estate Brand in 2019

A big part of digital marketing, no matter what the industry is personal branding. Personal branding is the process of setting yourself apart from the competition through developing a reputation and impression of your organization. This episode, Tonya Eberhart, founder of BrandFace and America’s Top Selling Real Estate Auctioneer Michael Carr, shares their experiences on the power of personal branding on businesses. With their mantra, “People don’t do business with a logo. They do business with a person.”, Tonya and Michael surely are the best people to talk about branding. Tonya first dove into personal branding when she spent 18 years in the media. Almost two decades and many successful brands later, she founded BrandFace®, a personal branding firm comprised of a book series, training series, and speaking series that is designed to help real estate agents differentiate themselves — inspired by business owners who became the face and voice of their businesses.

Personal Branding

With personal branding, real estate agents must be aware of the critical steps needed to be integrated into their brand to achieve their objectives. The first step in developing a personal branding is looking for a brand identifier. According to Michael, a brand identifier is a marketing hook, like a tagline or slogan. Once you have figured out your brand identifier, the next thing to do is building the brand around that point of differentiation. Finally, the third step is the development phase. In this step, everything is pulled together with graphic design and with messaging. And then, we make sure that the new brand is displayed correctly and consistently across all your marketing platforms.

Another thing to note with personal branding is setting yourself apart from the competition. With how saturated the industry is with realtors, it can be hard to identify your unique selling point or niche. But even in small towns, you can still find your niche. Your niche doesn’t always have to be your ideal customer. So your niche could be what specific trait or service you want the client to think when they think of you. You could be known for your responsiveness. You could be remembered for the fact that you embrace and understand inclusivity or that you can sell the lifestyle of that area like nobody else. It could be your expertise in waterfront properties or condominium properties. Or your niche could even be your unmatched negotiation skills.

Creating Content for your Brand

Concerning the kind of content you create once your branding has been successful, it has to be engaging enough and can pique the interest of the audience to know you more. This virtual handshake allows clients to understand what they’re going to be dealing with before they ever pick up the phone. Websites to have that video introduction, especially a personal one like us sitting here talking to each other, creates a more profound impact on lead conversions. Personal videos increase lead conversion by up to 400 %. The brand face shows the best way to develop and maintain your branding on their website