Building Tribe Locally Using an App called NextDoor

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How to build community online, that’s what we are going to discuss on this episode.

There are lots of app in the store that you can use to build a tribe or group. And today’s topic will be Discussing platform that will help you do that and build your group.

Facebook is one of that app, you create a Group, Invite other people around the area and let them share and invite others to join. Ask questions, share answers and opinions, build discussion or event and in due time you’ll have your own trusted tribe or people in the group that can be a prospect.

Disclaimer, It Takes Time but keep publishing content and Don’t be aggressive. You will gain tractions.

People search a group and If your group is active , they will join besides its “FREE” No ads needed to be paid.

Next door, it’s an iPhone and Android app that was established in 2011. They are slowly building up and the company is based in San Francisco. This app is very useful and helpful, an app where if you’ve moved to a new area, it will help you find someone or neighbors with the skills you need.

Most Americans don’t really know their neighbors, they don’t know who to trust with but they want community, a tribe or group of friends. Next door is a free app to download, it’ll Find a trustworthy babysitter or recommended house painter, it’ll help you spread the word about a lost dog, organize a neighborhood watch group or quickly get the word out about a break-in, share information during a natural disaster, receive information from local public agencies or even find a new home for an outgrown bicycle

One other thing that will be discussed by our very own inboundRem CEO Robert Newman  is about Reputation Marketing. So stay tune and watch the video below: