Episode 433: Best AI Productivity Tools for Realtors in 2024

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On the 433rd episode of Mail-Right, about writing tools that use large language models or collectively being referred to as AI. Robert Newman is the founder of InboundREM, an SEO company that provides real estate website development, SEO consulting, and services directly to agents and brokers. Jonathan Denwood is the joint founder of Mail-right, a CRM and lead-generative platform that creates fantastic-looking websites through WordPress. This episode dives into different AI tools and how they transform traditional real estate practices and help agents work smarter to achieve unparalleled results in today’s competitive market.


Jasper is one of the leading platforms that helps write quality content and long-form articles. The main thing about it is that it’s quite expensive. The basic version, Creator, costs $49, and the upgraded one is Pro at $69. It’s mainly for teams where different people can keep the same brand style. It’s for designing how things look on a screen. The design looks really good, better than most similar tools. It helps make content good for search engines. You can give it a list of words, and it will use them in the article.

However, Google already has technology like Bard, which is a big language model. They’re trying to find ways to penalize big language model content. They’re not saying it aloud, but if you’ve been watching their updates this past year, they first asked for content directly from the website owner, like videos. Videos aren’t at the point where most people can make an AI-made video that looks real.

You can use Jasper for SEO, but there could be issues unless you make changes, additions, or deletions—about 30% of the text. So, adding a video you made yourself to the page, Jasper wrote is important. Also, consider adding custom-designed infographics or interactive things that aren’t made by AI. As real estate agents, you have many choices like mortgage calculators, search bars, and other useful tools.

Also, remember that today’s suggestion might work fine; using Jasper could help, but in a year, it probably won’t. You’d end up with a quick fix and needing to redo everything on your site. ChatGPT 4 also creates good content. It gathers the best information from across the internet and combines it into something new, which is why it’s effective. Hopefully, Jasper can update itself, unlike current models that rely on old data from years ago, which isn’t ideal for cutting-edge content.

Moreover, here’s what doesn’t happen in SEO. Most people usually target a main keyword like “real estate marketing companies,” but many smaller keywords are related to it. Everyone focuses on this main keyword. But buried in those smaller keywords, you might find the best company for real estate agents earning less than $100,000 a year. This kind of article is rare. Who would focus on such a specific piece of content? But it would be really useful if someone did. Creating that content would benefit many people, especially with Jasper’s help.


Probably one of the best-regarded SEO analytics tools currently available on the market. It does things like measuring how many backlinks you have. It does things like properly segmenting your keywords into semantic keyword groups. It has a very interesting way of measuring domain authority and allowing you to understand or make a good guess at how authoritative a domain will be.

About four years ago, they started their own content campaign, which has been extremely good, where they’re making some of the best SEO-related content you can get. All you need to do is subscribe. It’s free content that you get. Many agents leverage their tools and do educational content that leverages Ahref’s tool.


Grammarly is like having an automated editor that combines AI with human-like corrections. It helps standardize your writing while offering different styles to choose from. Grammarly can help you fix grammar mistakes. It’s especially useful for professional writers because it corrects your writing in real time, almost like having an editor next to you. It’s not perfect, but it’s about 80% accurate.

Grammarly Premium costs $12 per month. If you pay for a whole year, it’s $30 per month, so it’s better to pay yearly. It’s one of several online services you subscribe to and is worth the cost. They offer extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and other popular browsers like Edge. It works on all the main browsers. They also have a PC and Mac app, which works well.


Its Pro version costs $99 and can rewrite others’ text so they can’t tell it’s copied. It also checks for copying from other sources. If someone writes for you, you can check parts of their text to ensure it’s not copied. It has good AI detection too. For example, if you use text created by Jasper or similar tools, it can tell if it’s AI-generated. Quillbot is one of the reliable tools for AI detection, unlike other tools that are quite unreliable.


Hemingway helps you not write too much, like using too many words. This tool helps you write content that is easy to read in North America, aiming for a seventh-grade level. You can use it for free, but the paid version is much better. It gives you other ways to write. It helps you make content that more people can read easily.


SEOWriting is free to use for up to five articles. For a monthly starter pack, you get 50 articles for $19. It does an okay job, although not as good as Jasper unless you’re using Jasper’s top-level plan. This tool is for semi-professional use and is aimed at SEO experts who are fully committed. SEO experts have promoted it a lot on YouTube. It can also create images for articles, which it does pretty well. However, you need to check them yourself. The quality of writing isn’t as good as the best tools out there. So, make sure to check its generated content. Don’t rush in without understanding what you’re doing.


Runway helps you edit videos easily. It provides suggestions on where to naturally split the video, dividing it into smaller parts, like 10 or 20 videos. You can also add text to the video. Videos created on Runway can be used on TikTok and Instagram. Runway also includes tools where you input a short script and it makes a video from that. It creates a video based on your instructions.

The standard version costs $15 and the pro version costs $35. If you’re serious about making videos, especially as a real estate agent, this is a great deal. It helps you create more videos that you can use on many platforms.

Doll E3

When using Doll E3, you have to type in suggestions, and you might need to change the suggestion a bit. But for what it does and the price, which is $20 a month, it works pretty well. The problem with Doll E3 is that it doesn’t have an intuitive interface. But despite that, it is still usable compared to other tools. Many other tools that make pictures using AI tech have really bad interfaces.