Discussion About SEO Continues Part 2

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This is the continuation of discussing how SEO help in real estate and how does it work.

What you should do before doing SEO?

There are 3 qualifications before you can start doing SEO.

First is to have a real estate experience. Real Estate is one of the best ways to make money and create wealth. Most of the real estate owners and agents are building a website to generate leads and clients.  Second is to have a lead generating system and last but not the least, is to have a strong passion for real estate.

We will show a sample of a standard website on the video below:

We will also answer how important is knowing and having your MLS data on your website, utilizing IDX, and quality of search of a website? Discuss all about PPC or the Pay Per Click which leads to paid advertising.

Have you ever notice some websites that are extremely slow? That is simply because they have a lot of pop-ups and ads on it. And it causes a not good user experience. Most of the people nowadays, checking information and searching online through their mobile phone so Google is now looking into how to make a site loads faster and Google is doing mobile-first SEO. Furthermore, Google released an Accelerated Mobile Page which will enable you to create websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms.

That’s cool, isn’t it?

To know more about the SEO and Sample Tools and Website that you can use. Watch this video.